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  1. subdividedyoghurt

    Spanish police check

    Hi, I know this topic is old now but just in case anyone is looking for answers to this, I wanted to add my experience. I applied for it myself by normal post from Australia. The time taken from me posting off the form including proof of payment etc, to receiving the police certificate in the post back here in Australia was 1 ½ months.
  2. subdividedyoghurt

    Seeking reputable Mara agent for 457 to 186 TRT application.

    Hi MaggieMay, thank you very much! Good to hear that, as my instinct does recommend me to go the agent way also. I had been thinking today that probably it was unnecessary to be in the same city, but now hearing it from you is just extra confirmation and opens up more possibilities. I recognise a couple of the names you mention so will enquire with them directly. Thanks again.
  3. subdividedyoghurt

    Seeking reputable Mara agent for 457 to 186 TRT application.

    Or if anyone did it all themselves then that would be interesting to hear. If it makes a difference, my original 457 application was solid and only took two months, and that with a defacto partner on my application and we were never asked for any extra info or anything. My company is happy to pay for an agent but if we don't need one, then maybe I can save them the $ which could go towards any potential xmas bonus lying about .
  4. Hello, I am looking for a good, reliable and proactive registered migration agent. My situation is I've been on a 457 for almost two years, and they will sponsor me for the 186 through TRT. I am currently preparing my application and have sent off for my police certificates already. Currently doing my own searches for an agent of course but if it allowed to make recommendations on the forum then please let me know, which could be though PM I guess. The company sponsoring me has said the agent they were going to use isn't available but said they will look for somebody else, but as they are very slow at doing anything generally, I am taking the initiative and searching online and would like to recommend an agent to them. I'm aware of a couple of members on the forum who are registered agents, although I am looking for somebody more local- in Melbourne who is easily reachable and can pre-empt us on the do's and don'ts, what we need, what to look out for, generally informing us upfront of stuff rather than only mentioning it later when something turns up. Any good leads from personal experience , good or bad, would be most welcome! Thanks
  5. subdividedyoghurt

    UK, Medicare, 457 health insurance & tax lodgement

    Thanks also Samson and Quoll, these are all things to think about. Seems like I could do it on my own if I wanted to then by sending them proof of my medicare enrollment. I was close to considering cancelling it for the year ahead, but after thinking more, in theory it's just a few months until applying for a permanent visa which would be a lot of paperwork already. I'll keep it simple for them and maintain the same details as they've had from the beginning. Thank you again!
  6. subdividedyoghurt

    UK, Medicare, 457 health insurance & tax lodgement

    Yes, I do. It's a reciprocal one. Thanks
  7. subdividedyoghurt

    UK, Medicare, 457 health insurance & tax lodgement

    Thank you MaggieMay24, I am guessing it would be a lot of trouble and effort to get any kind of refund if possible. Even if not, I still might cancel it so I don't pay twice for the same thing for a 2nd year. It is more the howabouts of getting proof of not needing the health insurance anymore, or maybe I don't need any proof and I simply cancel it?
  8. Hi, I'm from the UK, and have been doing my Australian tax lodgement for the year. I am due to pay the ATO the 2% of my salary for the medicare (just levy, not the surcharge). But my issue is that I have also been paying for the 457 health insurance for the past year, the minimum one that meets condition 8501. However, I remember reading somewhere, some time ago, that once on medicare, this obligatory insurance necessary to get the visa in the first place can be cancelled as medicare meets condition 8501, and that one has to contact DIAC to get a letter or something? When I called up the insurance recently to enquire about this, they said I have to maintain the insurance and she got quite funny about it. Does anyone know if, and how, one can get exempt from this health insurance, and also, could I get a refund for the $1000+ I have paid over the past year for something I didn't need due to having medicare? (if the case). Also, I was questioning the need of applying for medicare in the first place, as it has worked out a lot more expensive than had I just had the health insurance.. I just did it automatically as everything I had read encouraged to 'get medicare'. I don't understand the ins and outs of the system obviously, so hopefully these queries are simple to answer . Thanks
  9. Hi Northshorepom, Thank you so much, what an excellent reply and just what I needed to know. I'm not sure if I'll need a skills assessment, but will assume yes to be safe. I wonder if it will end up taking as long as if I were to stay with the transitional route, but guess that's irrelevant now. You saying it took about 6 months is also encouraging, for when the process finally does begin. I am hoping to recycle much of the documents as for the original 457 application, but with added new Australian dimensions. Thanks again!
  10. Thank you very much Raul, appreciate a lot the speedy reply.
  11. Hello, I have been in Australia on a 457 for one year. Initially the plan was to apply for PR through the two year temporary residence Transition scheme, but the new plan is to apply for Direct Entry. I was told to expect it to take 6-12 months, and that was two months ago when they said they would apply for me. So far I have not been given any forms or anything to sign, and no indication as to if they have actually begun the process or not. 1.Has anybody been through this 457 to Direct Entry process, and what was the first thing that happened? 2. I am planning on a holiday early next year. I remember when researching the original 457 that there were recommendations about not travelling to/from Australia while visa is in progress in case it messes up the application somehow. Am I in danger of this if I were to go on holiday and at what point should I consider changing my plans? This is related to question 1 above, as if I leave for a holiday next week, I have no idea if I would be able to come back in or not as I don't know if my PR application has started. From what I can see I might require a Bridging Visa B. If they have not begun the process, I am considering asking them to wait until after my holiday before they begin it.. Thank you!
  12. subdividedyoghurt

    Did anyone regret changing employer halfway through a 457?

    Thanks for the replies so far. In order of reply: 1: No more than an employer has to their staff. I consider myself a moral and pleasant individual but I experienced some unpleasant things. Not bad by many standards, but to me it was. But being a good natured person I forgave them and imagined they were having a bad day. 2: Quite 3: This was my one of my favoured reasons for sticking .. . 4: Yes also true, hence one part of the dilemma. 5: I was looking at that, but my skills are not on the list which lets me do that unfortanately, so it would have to be employer sponsered as far as I know. Anyway, I'll keep thinking myself in circles for a few days more. Thank you again.
  13. Hello, I would like to ask the opinion of anyone who has gone through the 457 path to PR already, or in the process of it but with the complication of having switching employer half way through their two year time requirement please. > Was it worth it, do you regret not sticking with your original job, did changing employer make PR application more difficult? The dilemma is deciding between staying in my current job and having a more secure path to residency, or risking taking a new offer with a lot of unknowns, for a lot more money (30% more) and risking our trouble free path to PR. I have heard differing opinions on the role and I am most afraid of regretting it, as if I do, I will have literally wasted a year, and in worst case scenario, they sack me and I can't go back to current company. If I say no to the offer, I will probably forever close the door on that opportunity, as I already said no to them some years ago. Apparently they have a high staff turnover though, so it sounds like they offer good packages to get people in, and then you either cope and do well, or don't and get out. Simply, we need to decide what is more important- time, or money, as although it is true that we can have time without money which might not be ideal, if we have no time at all, then money is irrelevant. Time is important as we want to marry and start a family, but want to buy a house before that, and we need PR to do that, and I am not young anymore, so every year counts! If I were ten years younger, I'd accept the offer straight away. Also, we don't have much savings, and the increasement would make life a lot easier, even though it is going against our original objective and my own opinion of happiness is more important than money. As it stands, I am expecting to receive a new offer from current place today. An inkling in me says it will not be enough, but that I will still feel hesitation in saying goodbye to them if I move, and resetting it all. Any thoughts from anyone who has been through this already please? Thank you.
  14. subdividedyoghurt

    Beginner/ intermediate music groups/ bands?

    Wow, sounds like quite a journey too. That sounds very reasonable actually, that so many out there obviously want commitment. For me it's just a hobby of course, but I'm enjoying it more and more the more competent I get. Unfortunately, I'm not competent enough to be in an official band of some sort, hence looking for a casual learner friendly set up. I posted on gumtree earlier today as well, and within minutes I had what looked like a promising reply, but I later discovered to my shock I had somehow posted in the Queensland department.. hmm. I will let you know if I find anything! Thanks again
  15. subdividedyoghurt

    Beginner/ intermediate music groups/ bands?

    Thank you Suzukiscottie! I came across the Weekend Warriors website before but had forgotten about it. The other forum looks great and I look forward to looking through that Cheers.