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  1. Jhouse101

    Quantity Surveying in Australia

    Hi Nando, I was in a similar position to you five years ago (albeit i don't have an MSc!). I generally found that Australian experience is desirable in most cases and not essential. I will caveat that though as 5 years ago the market was very different to what it probably is now...... UK QS's are generally pretty sought after I've found as the QS profession as a whole is still relatively new in Australia, compared the the UK where it is an established profession. Regarding the cost of living, I'm not sure where in the UK you are but before i left i was earning around £35k as a newly chartered QS in London. When i landed in Sydney, I started on a salary of $82k (PQS) which today is around £45k. Again though although you earn more the cost of living on the whole i find is more in Australia than the UK, so although you have more money coming in more money is also going out! If you're living in the suburbs rather than the CBD this will help. A contractors QS is known as a Contracts Administrator out here. I would say for a ballpark salary you'd be looking around $80k - $90k given your experience. Hope this helps. If you need any further information feel free to reply / DM me. Thanks,
  2. Hi, Anyone know of any motorcycle meet ups / socials in the Sydney area? Had mine for over a year now but looking to meet new people and share a hobby! Thanks,
  3. Hi, wondering whether to ship my car over from the UK or not... 2011 Seat Ibiza Cupra Hatchback 1.4 TSI Petrol 180BHP Automatic FWD 45k Miles Yes to Aircon GBP £8,500 Sydney Private Price Guide $16k (Based on VW Polo with same engine - lack of Seat's in Aus! Thanks!
  4. Jhouse101

    Mobile phone providers

    Optus > Vodafone > Telstra IMO
  5. Jhouse101

    My travel thread

    Canada is a lovely place too, going back there at the end of this year, can't wait!
  6. Jhouse101

    My travel thread

    Only a week unfortunately, going back there next year for 2 weeks....
  7. Jhouse101

    My travel thread

    Just got back from NZ, thinking about packing up here and moving over there, amazing place!
  8. Jhouse101

    Euro 2016 Coverage

    The Fox sports package now includes beIN sport and some of the games are being shown on there (the wales one tonight is at least!!)
  9. Jhouse101


    I flew Qatar Sydney - London over easter and then the return journey. Overall i was pretty impressed
  10. Jhouse101

    What to pack?!

    If you're coming to Sydney an umbrella!!
  11. Jhouse101

    First rental in aus??

    i had a really good experience, managed to view and get a rental within 2 days of landing Some of the bigger agents will ask for 100 points of ID to be submitted with a rental application (look this up on Google) but i didn't have to do this luckily. If i remember correctly i had to give a bond equivalent to 4 weeks rent plus two weeks rent up front... Happy hunting!
  12. Jhouse101

    October/November Cairns to Sydney holiday

    I would say fly, you'll lose loads of nights / days just sitting on a greyhound bus.....
  13. Jhouse101

    My travel thread

    ive just had to shut the windows and doors... Freezing! Didn't think i'd ever be saying that when its 20 degrees!
  14. Jhouse101

    My travel thread

    Only 12 degrees? its a balmy 20 in Sydney (and even i think this is cold now!)
  15. Jhouse101

    My travel thread

    JB Hi-Fi in North Sydney are looking for Xmas temps i seen today. Not been to Perth but would definitely say Melbourne > Perth first. Perth is closer to home, so saves cross country flights!