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  1. abey1

    Resident Return Visa and citizenship

    Thank you everyone for your responses. Appreciate very much
  2. Hi good morning hope someone can assist me with this i applied for citizenship in December 2020 and my permanent Resident visa travel component expires in October 2021. Should I apply for RRV if I don’t receive my citizenship by then? thanks Abey
  3. abey1

    Citizenship questions

    You can get the citizenship certificate by sending proof of your pr it’ll take about a month Then can apply for the passport
  4. abey1

    SC190 Obligation Warning

    How do you know you have completed 2 years? Is it 730 days in the particular state or how do you calculate it?
  5. abey1

    Current cost of living in Perth

    Hi I live in Perth and can tell you what we pay 1. Utility bills electricity gas and water they bill quarterly synergy is the supplier for electricity and for gas there are few suppliers Alinta, kleenheat and simple energy (newest one) we live in a 3x2 2. Our car is insured with RAC I think they are the biggest insurance company in Western Australia and you can get lot of other member benefits. In addition we have a road side assistance Hope this helps to some extent [emoji106]
  6. abey1

    Occupational H&S Adviser

    Hi 251311 Environmental Health Officer occupation is available in Northern Territory for 489 regional visa
  7. abey1

    WA Driving licence

    Yes you can!
  8. abey1

    Form 80/1221 queries

    You need to provide your full employment history along with gaps in between (if you have any) there cannot be any gaps between two employment.
  9. abey1

    Work Experience before B.sc Degree is counted?

    No only post qualified experience counted
  10. abey1


    You need to have the job offer for your skilled occupation or for a similar one To my knowledge you need not work for the same place for 2 years To my knowledge it will not affect your visa Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Hi your occupation (ICT Project Manager) is on CSOL for WA & NT Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. abey1


    We insured the car from Toyota. And the insurance cost is based on the car value, where u live and your age. You can pay it in installments. Also we got a road side assistants as well. It was about $70 pa. But not sure how it is in other states.. Everything is settled now except for jobs [emoji51]. Still looking out! Hope your move goes smoothly! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. abey1


    We too migrated to Perth only a month back and below the was some of our initial expenses capital + rent for 3 months 1 rent - 4500 2 furniture and kitchen- 3000 3 mobile - 80 monthly 4 internet- 60 monthly 5 car 6000 6 food 1500 monthly 7 fuel 200 monthly Except kids expenses. ( no kids for us) Fantastic furniture has a good collection and good guys for kitchen appliances Mobile s we used Vodafone and internet belong. It's better to keep some money in a savings account otherwise without knowing you may have send all you had! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. abey1

    January 2016 - 189 visa applicants

    In my opinion it's very important to view the place before making a commitment. Coz most of the time the real place is different than the photos you see in internet. So be careful. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. abey1

    190 visa Processing Time

    Being an HR professional myself, it took little over 11 months from the date of applying to the grant. Not to worry you will hear something good soon! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk