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  1. Team AB

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi We had the same issue. Our MA challenged the request for this and for an employer letter confirming two further years' employment (a pernamanet contract of employment had been submitted) on the grounds that it was "outside policy". No further documents were submitted and nomination and visa were both granted a few days later (yesterday). Hope this helps.
  2. Team AB

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    No, sorry, I don't fall under that category so can't offer any hope in that regard.
  3. Team AB

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Thanks, Praveen Processing centre was NSW PESE and it was necessary to do skills assessment as had been on 457 for less than two years. We are on-shore if that helps. We know you have been waiting since 12 August and hope your time comes very soon. All the best.
  4. Team AB

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    We have been silent followers of this thread since the beginning of the year and are pleased to report that PR has been granted today. We will update the spreadsheet later but we are TAB on the October tab. We hope our approval will give some hope to other direct entry applicants and wish everyone all the best in the their own applications.
  5. Team AB

    Removal company - Naughty, Naughty

    We completely fed and watered our team for the duration of their visit. Unfortunately, it didn't make any difference to the additional charge
  6. Team AB

    Removal company - Naughty, Naughty

    Hi. We have a similar story, I'm afraid. From one of the well-known companies posted about on Poms In Oz. We were estimated at c.1,300 cu ft and, apart from a few things, shipped what we had told the estimator. We had a 40ft container. We were also told that items would be dismantled etc to reduce volume. The packing team arrived a week ago and all looked okay. We walked them round each room to show them what should and shouldn't be packed and emphasised that we didn't want to incur additional charges by going over our estimated volume. No problems say the packing team, "you'll be within your 1,300 cube". The packing commenced and all seemed to be going well. They were nice guys to have around and worked really hard. However, some items were packed that shouldn't have been, some of the boxes we saw weren't packed to 'capacity' and some items weren't dismantled. When we mentioned this we were reassured that it wouldn't be an issue as "you'll be within your 1,300 cube". The container was packed and left on schedule. We breathed a sigh of relief that all had gone, seemingly, smoothly. Then..... we receive an invoice for c.£400 for an additional volume of 200 cu ft!! We argued all the points above but were told that the packing team aren't able to say what the final volume is. Ultimately, the removal company can hold your shipment to ransom so we have paid the additional charges under protest. So, I'll offer readers of this some advice. Remember that the packing team can promise the earth, but, once they're gone you're back to dealing with the office. Make sure that you tell the team to unpack anything that has been packed in error and insist that items that should be dismantled are. It's understandable that the packing team want to get home to their families asap, but remember that you're paying the removal company a LOT of money to carry out your move. Happy to let readers of this know the name of the company in question. Just PM us.
  7. Hi All Having browsed the various threads on here for the last few months looking for helpful information, we understand the need for information to be accurate and reliable. With is this in mind for future browsers, we felt it right to say that we have just had a fantastic experience with Gavin from Techs On The Move (http://www.techsonthemove.co.uk). Obviously we can't say if it was the case last year, but he is definitely MARA registered (number 1466786). He is based in Sydney, was always available to talk about any and all queries/concerns we had with the migration and job-seeking process. He never put any pressure or hard-sell on me and never made me any promises regarding employment. We found him to be extremely honest, efficient and reliable. He secured a great job for me within a few weeks of initial contact, processed the 457 visas for our whole family (which were granted in only two weeks!) with apparent ease and, very importantly, we paid NOTHING for his services either for recruitment or the visa applications. In short, we would whole-heartedly recommend that any mechanics looking for new employment opportunities in Australia contact him for a (no pressure) chat. We'll also point out that we're not affiliated to techs on the move in any way, just very happy 'customers'. All the best to future browsers :wink:
  8. You're very welcome, T22row. We're happy to help. Let us know how you get on and good luck
  9. Hi T22row We didn't see the question about beasties coming! :wink: As we've said, we're not actually over there yet, but, from what we've been told, there should be nothing for you to worry about in the cities. As for working differences. Much like the UK, there are state of the art workshops and some that are not so state of the art. The dealership I'm going to has just spent $$$$ completely modernising the workshop there and, from what I've seen, it looks absolutely fantastic. A standard working week is 38 hours a week in the trade out there and, certainly we're I'm going, there is no expectation that overtime will be worked although additional hours are there if I want them. This is different to where I am now in that working overtime is expected. A lot will depend on where your husband finds a job, the size of the dealership etc so I can only tell you what I know of where I'm going to in Melbourne. Other posters on here may say different based on their own experiences. Gavin at techs on the move would be able to give your husband really good overall info and, in our experience, will be happy to speak to you about any queries/concerns you have too. Hope this helps :rolleyes:
  10. No problem at all, T22row, if you think we can help with any other questions, just ask. All the best to you.
  11. Yes, it's all very confusing when you first start out in the journey! I can only go on our own experience, but, for the 457 visa, all I needed was my master technician certificate. Didn't need to do the skills assessment or the language tests. We spent a lot of time reading threads on expat forums, but, in all honesty, everyone finds their own route so it's not a one-size-fits-all. My advice would be to contact techs on the move and just have a chat with them about current opportunities they have. They won't put any pressure on you and are definitely not into the 'hard sell'. I should mention that I'm not affiliated to them in any way, just a very happy 'customer'.
  12. Hi. Yes, we used them and couldn't speak highly enough of them. They've helped us with EVERYTHING from the silliest questions right through to visa application (they are MARA registered). First step was a chat over Skype about opportunities and the differences between working and living in Australia compared to the UK. This chat is without any pressure whatsoever. How much it will cost you completely depends on what costs the new employer is willing to cover, but my new employer has covered most. I'm going over as a Master Technician in December. Hope this helps. If we can help further, just ask. Wishing you all the best
  13. Hi T22row I don't know if this will help, as we haven't moved yet, but if your husband is seriously looking to make the move, we have had a fantastic experience with techs on the move. Check them out on their website.
  14. Team AB

    Cost of container

    Hi adele244 We've had four companies out in the last couple of weeks and prices have ranged from £3,400 to £4,200 for a move from Lincolnshire to Melbourne. Hope this helps.