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  1. AussieMum

    Playgroups for babies 6months +

    Once you've narrowed down to where you'll be living (as Coffs to GC is about four hours drive), the local council will have details of playgroups in the area, as will local FB groups.
  2. AussieMum

    Where to start? Perth and Perth living.

    They don't (or at least aren't supposed to) touch anything, it's a visual check only though they can ask you to move things out of the way so they can see. It's a condition of entry of many shops (ie, written on a sign at the entrance) so if you don't like it, don't shop in those places. Simples.
  3. AussieMum

    Melbourne suburbs for young families

    But that's only to the CBD and depending where in Geelong you're starting from, eg, northern suburbs vs further along the ring road/train line vs nowhere near the ring road/train - most tradies who live in Geelong also work here or perhaps in the western suburbs unless they specifically work in commercial construction (and even then, there's been a lot of work in that area in Geelong in recent years with Epworth, TAC, Worksafe, etc, building here).
  4. AussieMum

    High school year start date for 2008 birth

    My youngest turns 13 in August (born in 2006, so roughly two years older than your son) and is starting high school (Year 7) at the end of this month with his age cohort. Note that I'm in Victoria and other states might be different.
  5. AussieMum

    HELP re Primary schools Bayside Melbourne

    Government schools must provide a place for students that live in their catchment area and can choose to accept students from outside that zone if they have space - their website will usually state if they are only accepting enrolments from within their catchment, otherwise if you contact them directly they will be able to tell you. This of course means that it can be extremely difficult to find housing in the catchments of the schools that are seen to be the "best" - bearing in mind that a school that is a good fit for one family or one child isn't going to be a good fit for another.
  6. AussieMum

    Less of the Mornington Penisula please

    I think we're well past the "getting" stage - no contributions to discussions other than to necro posts that are years old.
  7. AussieMum


    Because here in Victoria we've had Christmas Days some years with a top temp of only 15 degrees where you're digging out your winter clothes to wear! I'm a born and bred Aussie (married to a Pom) and my family has always done roast chook or turkey, corned silverside and ham. Hot meat and veggies if it's cold, cold meats cooked the night before and salads if it's hot. The thought of a beach/swimming Christmas just doesn't appeal to us, partly because as kids we had a pool but Christmas Eve through to at least Boxing Day was always spent at with my grandparents a few hours' drive away and about 60 km from a beach.
  8. AussieMum

    Bulk billing??

    Agreed. If I just need a medical certificate for paid sick leave or need after-hours attention (that doesn't warrant a trip to A&E), I'll go to a bulk billing doctor if I have to. We're lucky that we have one near us who does appointments versus walk-in and wait your turn. On the other hand, the practice I usually attend will bulk bill kids and pensioners, and they can choose to bulk bill other appointments too and forego the extra payment, eg, a quick followup visit to check a dressing or get results that they can't give over the phone. Re: repeat prescriptions, it depends on what it's for and how long it is since you've seen them for the relevant issue. We can ring our GP practice and request a repeat script (I think it's $5 or $10 for their time) and collect it the next day from reception - my husband does this for his migraine meds. However, some medications need the doctor to see you every time or every so often - sometimes it's required and sometimes it's them covering their backside due to possible side effects/complications, eg, drugs that can increase or decrease blood pressure.
  9. AussieMum

    Medical insurance vs Medicare Loading

    Something to bear in mind with this is that some private hospitals or specialists won't accept self-paying patients or only for certain procedures. This is because while they might have enough saved for a procedure if everything goes perfectly, it doesn't take much for things to go wrong and suddenly there can be VERY expensive things needed like additional surgery or specialists involved, ICU stay, extended inpatient stay and/or rehabilitation, etc, etc, which can blow the cost out from $10,000 to $100,000 or more. The other thing to note is that while public is excellent and efficient for life-threatening conditions and emergencies, people can and do spend months and years in excrutiating pain and with very limited function while on waiting lists and having surgeries cancelled and rebooked (to make from for emergencies) - things like joint replacements, for example, make your life hell but it's not going to kill you so if you're in the public system, you just have to wait your turn.
  10. AussieMum

    Anywhere I can buy a hot water bottle?

    I've never used boiling water in a hot water bottle. Hot water from the tap should be more than enough. But boiling water isn't going to start a fire the way wheat bags can if left unattended in bed due to the way they retain heat.
  11. AussieMum

    Australian income tax

    My mum cleans the offices of a local tax agent and they nearly all take time off in June to recharge their batteries before it gets crazy busy from July onwards. The deadline for either lodging a DIY return or being signed up with a tax agent is 31 October. https://www.ato.gov.au/Individuals/Lodging-your-tax-return/Lodge-with-a-registered-tax-agent/
  12. AussieMum

    Suburbs recommendations please.

    Lara on the northern outskirts of Geelong. 50 mins by train to Melbourne CBD, 20 mins to Geelong, 40 mins by car to Torquay and the start of the Great Ocean Road, 10 mins to the You Yangs forest park. Not too bad to get to Tullamarine for international flights and Avalon Airport is literally just up the road (going to be international down the track fingers crossed). New shopping centre with the essentials, not too far to large shopping centres in Geelong/Waurn Ponds/Werribee. New estates have a range of block sizes up to 1000 sqm, older properties are on the old quarter-acre blocks (though go for more as a lot of people are subdividing and building a second house in the backyard).
  13. AussieMum

    Can you bag a bargain home in your area?

    I'm on the outskirts of Geelong less than an hour from Melbourne. For that price around here, at least one and probably multiple of these factors are going to be playing into the price: old but needs work, new but low-quality build, limited number and/or small rooms, small land size, part of a unit/townhouse development (though may be freestanding), in a "lifestyle"/retirement village , or in a lower socioeconomic suburb (eg, Corio and Norlane have their good pockets and their less desirable ones). These first two are less than two miles from me. The asking price was $360K to $390K but no data yet on the final sale price. The carpet would have to go! https://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-vic-lara-127594170 This one is renovated but small with a courtyard as it looks like they've taken their old quarter-acre block and subdivided the backyard into a second house block that's ready to be built on. https://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-vic-lara-127708630
  14. AussieMum

    What's the deal with BYO and restaurants?

    A small place might have a BYO permit instead of a full liquor licence as it's cheaper. Others might stock bottled beer, etc, but have BYO for wine because that way they don't have the expense of having to have a decent-sized wine list for the occasional wine drinker.
  15. AussieMum

    Starting school

    At most schools the office will open after holidays either this week or next - I'd give them a call and ask as they will know if you pay a supplies fee to them and they source everything or if you have to buy things from a booklist yourself and your son takes them with him. If the office is still closed, they should have an answering machine that will tell you when they reopen. (source: mum of two and married to a teacher)