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    Partner Visa with a police caution

    Thanks, it really was out of character and to think a silly mistake only worthy of a caution where even the police said they where sorry and had to do it could have such an impact on both our lives is scary
  2. sellis82

    Partner Visa with a police caution

    I understand this, looking to probably enter under a working visa and work out our options once there (IE prove our relationship, be engaged by then), I have been offered an opportunity work wise in Sydney that is too good to refuse. The main worry is the police caution, we have applied and declared so I spose it's a waiting game. I would assume we would need to provide police reports and character references?
  3. Hi Guys, ive got a tricky one. im Aussie and I want to return home at Christmas with my UK partner. We are not engaged as of yet but I fully intend to be by then. We have lived in London on different leases (both have been stuck on long term leases) but have joint credit cards and bank accounts plus plenty of people to vouch for us. what are our options? also to put a spanner into the works she has a police caution. From what I understand you should declare this (all though it's not a conviction) As I understand if she hasn't been convicted multiple times or done any jail time she should be fine? She has plenty of personal referees and is a member of a well known society. Surely lesson learnt when young won't effect our life together? thanks