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  1. Rajes

    Pearson PTE Test taken yesterday - feedback

    Hi all, I'm taking PTE test on July 23rd . kindly wish me good luck .......................:notworthy:
  2. Hi Supercow, do you holding on with the PTE material, as I need it.
  3. Rajes

    PTE Academic Test vs IELTS Academic Test

    Hi ema, According to my agent, PTE Academic test been accept by Australia government , perhaps they my agent asked me to take PTE test instead IELTS. Good luck Raj
  4. Rajes

    190 EOI submitted. Eagerly awaiting Invite

    Hi Hodgies Thanks for your reply. hope I can do better and get my desirable result. Rajes
  5. Rajes

    190 EOI submitted. Eagerly awaiting Invite

    Hi Yashsr Thanks for your prompt reply and hope I can get result as your. Did you took any additional tutorial with anyone for this PTE test?
  6. Rajes

    190 EOI submitted. Eagerly awaiting Invite

    Hi Yashsr How you find the PTE test, as I planned to take PTE test soon, I have taken IELTS twice but unfavourable result. Therefore decided to sit for PTE now. Could please tell me more about the PTE test. Raj
  7. I aiming for 7 each if IELTS, 65 each if PTE. However how could you get such a impressive result for all you attempt.? I really impressed with your results.
  8. SuperC, I ever sat for IELTS before , but I just got L-6, R-7, W-5.5 , S-6.5, very disappointed. Therefore wanted to try PTE now. I planned to take the test around end of Jun'15.
  9. Rajes

    TRA Skills Assessment

    My first submission of TRA was unsuccessful, than I has requested for review and got positive reply in 3 month times. So do not worry , will get favourable result. Raj
  10. Rajes

    PTE exam

    Hi All, I'm going to sit for PTE test soon , can anyone share your experience. Thanks Raj
  11. Hi Orlando, good luck for you PTE exam, do update me your experience . :wink:
  12. Hi SuperC, nice explanation and very helpful information too. I just got my successful TRA result and planned to take my IELTS exam. However I changed my mind to PTE after read your post. Thanks a lot. Hope PTE result will favour me.