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  1. Hey Poms, I have recently gone for a career change and looking for some work experience in telecommunications and cabling. I have just done my open registration course and I am prepared to work for free to get my 360 hours to become licensed. Fit and healthy 28 year old living on the Gold Coast. Any help would be great..or even any contacts you may have?? Thanks, Harry
  2. harrydalton

    PTE, General IELTS or Academic IELTS for 189 visa??

    Sorry I didn't read you initial question properly. I only needed to do General but I believe Academic is just an analysis of some data instead of writing a letter in the writing section. Not certain though.
  3. harrydalton

    PTE, General IELTS or Academic IELTS for 189 visa??

    Practice, practice, practice! I wouldn't bother with buying the books, I found the best stuff oNline I booked mine for 4 weeks in advance and did a bit of study every night. Probably a bit of over kill as I needed 7 or 8 and ended up with 8.5 (and English was not my best subject) but still really helped me out with my visa points. Still a bit of joke that we have to do a 3 hour exam! I would spend the most time on reading and writing, listening is easy and speaking you cant really prepare for, its just a conversation with the examiner. Good luck!! Harry
  4. harrydalton

    Anyone have any kitchen fitter contacts?

    I'm in Brisbane btw.
  5. Hello Poms, Been in Oz 8 months now and very close to getting my residency. I was a construction project manager in the UK but I've decided to take a slight meander in my career as whats the point in being stressed all the time in this amazing country?? So I have the CAD technician and PM experience behind me, few years laboring for carpenters in my family, now I'm just looking at the best way to learn the kitchen fitting /cabinetry trade? Do anyone have any contacts or have any advice on the training or route I could take?? Any help would be great and I'm feeling a little stuck and really want to make this work. Thanks UpTheWolves
  6. harrydalton

    Anyone in Brisbane June ?

    Sounds good, what sort of thing do you like to do when backpacking in Brisbane? I went to Cairns and did the great barrier reef as a kid but would like to do it again properly. I'm pretty much landing in Brisbane and starting work in construction. I've been to Brisbane quite a few times now though so if you decide to stay a bit longer or need any advice let me know!! Happy travels!
  7. harrydalton

    Anyone in Brisbane June ?

    Hi Hannah, I'll be arriving in Brisbane on 13th July and staying with my brother for a bit. Have you been before?? What plans do you have?? Harry
  8. harrydalton

    Best agent to use for Skilled 189 visa?

    Many thanks for your replies guys. I'm a Building Surveyor from Wolverhampton but I will be applying from Aus as I am going out there on a WHV in July for a year. I am going to apply on the construction project manager skill as that's what I've being doing for the last 3 years and I've checked the criteria and all looks good for me. I have no experience of the application but my 2 brothers and partners are Aus citizens and say they can help me. If it was a few hundred I think I would go with an agent for piece of mind but is it thousands??? Anyone know the risk of the skills list changing?? I know people are going to say it can change whenever! But what are the chances? Many thanks, Harry
  9. Should I use an agent or do it myself, how much should I expect to pay an can anyone recommend any? Thanks, Harry
  10. harrydalton

    Applying for residency after WHV

    I know yes, I have some more work lined up for the 2nd half of the year. I've started looking into skilled visas today. Thanks for your advice.
  11. harrydalton

    Applying for residency after WHV

    Ok thanks Bungo I'll get started now. Project manager is on the list so I will make some enquiries. Many thanks!
  12. harrydalton

    Applying for residency after WHV

    I've just checked and construction project manager is on there which I have been doing for the last 3 years
  13. harrydalton

    Applying for residency after WHV

    Right I'll get looking now. Thanks for the help. I was holding off you see until I settle there to be honest. Harry
  14. harrydalton

    Applying for residency after WHV

    Skilled migrant then?? I am a qualified building surveyor but I'll be working unskilled in construction (fed up of the rat race, meetings and sat on the motorway) but that's a different story. I can apply for an additional year on WHV anyway so I have plenty of time. I have one brother who is a citizen and one who is a resident so there is also a possibility of sponsorship. Thanks
  15. harrydalton

    Applying for residency after WHV

    Well yes and no. I'm a qualified Building Surveyor which I should be using as a skill, but I'm actually going out there and working for my brothers construction firm (unskilled).