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  1. Hi all I am looking to apply to the ACWA for a skills assessment for Welfare Worker. It states the requirement for the below: Certified copy of qualification (or letter of completion) from an educational institution showing start date and actual date of when the applicant was deemed to have completed the requirements of the courseCertified copy of academic transcript of results I only have the actual certificate for the qualification which shows that I was awarded xyz qualification and issue date etc - it obviously shows awarding body etc, but does not show start date and actual date of when I was deemed to have completed the requirements. I also do not have a copy of academic transcript of results. This is all I was given on completion. Any advice anyone can offer please - will I need the additional info as stated or will they accept the Certificate? Many thanks
  2. Ozhope

    Qualification Assessment Query??

    Errrrrm so is anyone able to offer me any advice please? :wink: I have no no intention of naming anyone. My experience is personal and their skills and ability do not come into play and they have been recommended by many on here and they clearly do a great job for most people and should I have received a positive VETASSESS result I have no doubt I would have a very happy customer! I simply found their communications not to my satisfaction and as a returning customer, I asked for phone call back to obtain their advice so I could talk it through. They chose, to email me with a response which is fine, they gave me advice, based on the question I asked and it wasn't wrong advice by any means! I wanted to talk about it, as I'm not risk adverse and feel it maybe worth a punt as it is a different assessing body! My other gripe is that the Support Worker job is no longer on any state lists, given they knew I was working to bolt on additional units to go back for re-assessment, I believe an agent who delivers good customer service, would perhaps have mentioned this. I believe they also missed a trick to ensure I returned to them when I was ready to re-assess, as right now I am unlikely to return as they didn't pick up the phone and speak verbally as I requested and shut me down with their email response and didn't even bother to say, look forward to hearing and working with you when you finish the additional units required! anyway I have contacted another recommended agent from on here and will await their response. I have asked for a phone call so really hope I get the opportunity to discuss it verbally with them, instead of emails! Thanks
  3. Hi all I wonder if someone maybe able to assist please. I hold an NVQ Level 4 in a relevant field to Community Worker job. Last year I had this Assessed by VETASSESS and got a negative result based on my qualification not having enough credits and GLH, they assessed it as relevant qual. This was not something my agent had ever before come across, as an NVQ Level 4 has always been assessed as equivelent to a Diploma and glh and credits did not play a part. I am currently bolted on units and glh to the qual but it is taking ages and may take longer than July. I am now looking at Welfare Worker as an option for 190 visa. Same qualification level required. My question is if anyone would have any knowledge if it is worth attempting to have my qualification assessed for Welfare Worker through AWCA in the hope that they would not look at GLH and credits - given that my agent had not previously come across this? I realise it is risky, but would just like a bit of advice? Could i just submit the certificate that does not show glh and credits? I was working with a well known agent who is often recommended on here, I wasn't terribly happy with their level of support and contact when applying and I emailed last night asking for them to ring me to to talk about it so I could decide if it was worth a punt. Rather than talk they emailed back to say that it required the same level of qual that was rejected through VETASSESS. I realise it is a long shot, I realise it is risky, but given that no-one was aware of the glh and credit requirement previously it may not be the case with all assessing bodies perhaps? I maybe clutching at straws, but you have to have hope and keep exploring avenues! Thanks in advance for any responses.
  4. Ozhope

    Negative VETASSESS Outcome - help please

    Thanks BrisVegas for your quick reply and PM it is much appreciated. Really not sure I have any grounds for appeal although I simply cannot understand how anyone is supposed to know the requirements of credit values or GLH for NVQs if the information is not available in the open domain and only compares a Diploma with an NVQ Level 4 with no further info. My my agent has not come across this before n does not appear to have any advice to help! I'm hoping they come up with something. hopefully someone will be able to offer some help to me. Thanks again
  5. Ozhope

    Negative VETASSESS Outcome - help please

    Hi BrisVegas & anyone else who can please help / offer advice to me Thanks for your response - we have received a response today from VETASSESS to say that the credit value and guided learning hours of my NVQ Level 4 Diploma is too low as their guidelines show a higher level of credit and GLH is required. My agent was not aware of this, has never encountered this before and I am at a loss as to how anyone could be aware of this or know exactly what guidelines they follow. The Country Educational Guide (as supplied by our Agent) which is the guide that assessors apparently use clearly shows that an NVQ Level 4 is equivalent to an Advanced Diploma which is the level required and stated! But it does not stipulate that they must contain a minimum credit value or GLH. There are very few NQV Level 4 Quals which have the ability to reach the required Credit value and Guided learning hours so I am a total loss how to move forward for this and feel like our dream is now over!! Even if I were to go for another qualification at a level 5 relevant to my field of work it would still not reach the credit value and guided learning hours that their "guidance" supposedly states is required! BrisVegas was your experience similar to this? Can you offer any help or guidance or let me know what kind of information you supplied for your appeal please - could you PM or reply on here please? I'd be most grateful. If anyone else at all can off me any advice at all I would be most grateful. Many thanks Ozhope
  6. Hi all we have today received via our agent a negative VETASSESS result. It it states that my NVQ Level 4 Diploma cannot be recognised as the qualification was assessed as below the required level! The required skill level as also stated in their letter for my nominated occupation is AQF Diploma. Our agent has sent a copy of of qualification comparisons which clearly shows that an NVQ Level 4 (listed on Ofqual) my NVQ cert is stamped by Ofqual, is equivalent to an advanced diploma. Our agent is going to ask for an explanation and appeal, however in the mean time can anyone shed any light or offer any help with this please. We are totally gutted at this point and appears to make no sense. Thanks
  7. Thanks for your responses, guess it is 12 + weeks. Jahooliab - hope you get yours soon! Cheers
  8. Ozhope

    Pearson PTE Test taken yesterday - feedback

    Hi Emilie Mine was basically based on a statement " the disadvantages of tourism can be equal to the advantages of tourism" write an essay about this. i started by saying that I agreed with the statement, that on first thought many would think there are no disadvantages and gave the reasons that some may not think there to be any disadvantages. i then went on to argue my case of why I agreed with the statement and gave reasoned cases for my agreement such as locals not being able to use all facilities of the town they live in, parking being an issue etc. I stated whilst tourism boosts the economy it also costs councils and government with increased use of emergency services, litter picking etc. if you get a similar statement that you have to agree or disagree on and write an essay on, my tip would be to give it a few mins thought and write down notes for your reasons / arguments either way and then begin composing things, paying attention to use of paragraphs etc. I found it reasonably easy to reach somewhere near the word count, but ensure you have a few more minutes at the end to read through, add words and strengthen the text and check your grammar. Hope that helps you, but ask away if you think I can give any more pointers. good luck
  9. Hi all We are currently on week 8 of waiting. Our agent advises it can be 12 weeks for a result, however I wondered if anyone had recent experience of processing times please? I know I have to be patient with all the waiting periods we are faced with, but a little bit of info helps :smile: Many thanks Jane
  10. Hi all Yesterday I took the Pearson PTE test and within 14 hours I have received my score, which is thankfully the required Superior English level. This is was the first test that I have taken, therefore cannot compare to ILETs. I can however say that I found it relatively easy and straightforward. I did did buy the sample tests and would recommend this so that you are prepared for the format of the tests. To paint a picture for you, I should say that I have always had a good command of English, do not struggle with spelling and grammar and feel quite comfortable with all aspects of English. I don't, however, have any higher level quals than GCSE and have not studied English since school, over 22 years ago! I would say say that unless your English is particularly poor, as long as you practice and prepare, you should not struggle to reach Superior level. During the the test you can make notes. This was good for the listening section, but probably only if you can listen and make notes at the same time. I found the listening part harder than the others, but still received a score of 81 for that part. Hope that helps someone. Please ask away if you have any questions. Jane