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    Registering relationships :)

    I just checked on the government website, we do not have any proof of living together for our visa, even though we have evidence of living together for around 6 months
  2. chris

    Registering relationships :)

    Hi everyone, I'm am in the process of a 457 visa, I have an agent who is doing the visa application for us (me and my defacto partner). Basically my MA has asked us to register our relationship with Queensland government, however we haven't been living at an address in Queensland yet for quite 6 months, only a few weeks untill it's been 6 months. We have been in a relationship for over 12 months and believe we have a good amount of other evidence including joint bank accounts, flight tickets to Australia, holidays, photos etc etc. There isn't really an option to wait untill it's been 6 months as I have under 4 weeks left at my employer as im on a working holiday visa at the moment, and I don't really want a gap in my employment! Could I have some suggestions for what others would do? And is it REALLY essential that we have this relationship registered?:wideeyed: Thanks, Chris
  3. chris

    457 Visa Confusion!

    Ok so my employer has offered me as a mechanic on a 457 visa, I am currently on a working hold a visa and have been with the company for 3.5 months. I am yet to be nominated but my employer is in the process of sorting that out (they have sponsored other employees in the past so shouldn't be too much of an issue). Basically my girlfriend went to a migration agents today that we were reccomended to, and they have quoted us a price of $9000! I'm sure this is a bit steeply priced. We are both from the UK and have believe we have sufficient paper work to prove we are in an ongoing de facto relationship (joint bank accounts, shared address etc). We'd both be happy at applying ourselves without the help of an agent, but is this the right thing to do? Do many people do this? Also I believe we are going to get certified documents of birth certificates etc, however they are in the UK. Is there a way around this? I'm worried that we haven't got much time as my visa conditions only allow me to work for o e employer for 6 months, I've already been there for 3 and a half so I guess I'm going to have to also apply for another bridging visa that allows me to extend the time I can work. Feel like there are so many issues!:chatterbox: Any infomation would be useful people! Thanks in advance