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  1. Hi All I have been offered a 12 month stint working back in the UK and I am thinking of taking it up but my 14yr old daughter is in Year 9 at school here in Sydney. I have a number of questions which hopefully someone can shed some light. Does anyone know what the impact a move to the UK will be on her HSC preparation? I would send her to school in the UK and from memory as she turns 15 this Oct so she would start 4th year of comprehensive school, which is year 10, I believe. Does the UK follow the same program of work as here especially for Maths and English so that she would not miss out on too much? Also what if the contract is extended for a further 12 months (that has not been discussed) how would that affect her HSC prep? Would she be able to take her GCSEs instead and would these count towards a University place here in Aus? TIA John
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    Year 9/10 pupil living 12 months in UK

    Thanks Quoll I did think along the same lines myself. i.e she does 12mths in UK and then when she gets back her she still has 2 years to "catch up".