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  1. Hi everybody,

    some of you may know that I am contemplating of making the move from Sydney to Brisbane. I am single, female, in my early 40s and work in the healthcare industry (physio background, currently working as a rehab advisor for an insurance).

    I am at a point where I feel it's not making any financial sense to stay in Sydney.  People always say that the higher salaries make up for the higher living costs (esp. rental costs), however, this is not really the case in my industry (healthcare) - I would probably earn a similar salary in Brisbane.

    Now, here's the catch - from my own experience (I lived in Brisbane for a few years up until 2012), employers often prefer local applicants, hence, interstate applications will hardly lead to any success (unless you're highly specialised or if there is a severe shortage).  Therefore, realistically, I could probably get into contact with a few employers but my gut feeling tells me that most of them will tell me to get back to them once I am in Brisbane.

    My 2 questions are: How did you manage your interstate move? Did you have a job to go to or did you find it beneficial to actually be there in order to be seriously considered for positions?

    My other question refers to the current job market in Brisbane, especially in health (not necessarily just physio but overall, the healthcare industry) - how hard is it to find a job? Is there a lot of competition (given that Brisbane currently experiences a surge in interstate migration) or is this not applicable to the healthcare industry? I feel that just looking around on SEEK sometimes doesn't tell you the whole story so would love to hear any personal experiences.


  2. Thank you all for your replies!

    First of all, I should have added that even though I am a physio, I have moved away from the clinical side and into a more corporate role - from that perspective, Sydney has more work opportunities (e.g. insurance, medical device companies etc.).

    @Johndoe: Joining the Defense Force has honestly never occurred my mind and it wouldn't be possible anyway as I am not a citizen.

    @Quoll: TBH, Canberra is not on my list, probably for the reason that I love the ocean and warmer climate - also, I wouldn't have any social network over there and starting all over again on my own is not something I am keen on. I have friends in both Sydney and Brisbane so it was always a choice between these 2 cities.

    @Goofy2018: Thanks for your feedback, that pretty much sums up my experience/impression as well. The big pro for Brisbane is obviously cheaper rents/real estate and an overall relaxed lifestyle. But the downsides you mention (esp. lack of "mature" singles, mentality and lack of job opportunities - most of the decent paying jobs seem to be State Government - ) are exactly the ones that hold me back from making the move.


  3. Quote

    Have you thought about Melbourne?   It's still a big city, but it has a very different vibe (much less obsessed with property, for instance).   House prices are about two-thirds of Sydney and so are rents.   Leases here are 12 months rather than 6.  The social life for someone your age would be great, and there's lots of work in the physical therapies AFAIK. 

    To be honest, I haven´t really considered Melbourne - love to visit but I never really pictured myself living there. I am actually not really a big city person - this is probably why I have been living on the Lower North Shore and the Northern Beaches in Sydney as they are quite leafy and quieter. For me, having access to lush bushland, beaches, running tracks etc. is clearly a priority over nightlife and bars (even though I love a lively community feel with cafes, restaurants etc.- and occasionally having the option to throwing myself into the action when I want to...).

    I also prefer the climate in Sydney and Brisbane over Melbourne and the surrounding area.

  4. Hi there,

    I am currently in a situation where I will have to move out of my rental apartment in Sydney on the Northern Beaches. I only moved here 8 months ago (only got a 9 months lease) and the lease won't be extended as the owner needs the place for a family member. This will now be my 4th move within 2.5 years since moving to Sydney!! I had to move out from my previous rental as well (after 6 months) as the owner wanted to sell the place. Even though I really like the Northern Beaches (or Lower North Shore where I previously lived), to be honest, I am slowly starting to lose my mojo... The fact, that you can never really feel settled due to the lack of long leases, is starting to drag me down a bit. I am sure, I will find another place but then again, what happens in 12 months when the lease expires... I am 41 years old so definately not keen on a nomad lifestyle anymore and I am craving for some stability. The only way to achieve this is to buy my own place which is not realistic in Sydney with a single income (no partner). Therefore, I have been playing with the thought of moving to Brisbane. Not only because of having the option of buying at some stage but also saving more money due to lower rents and having a slower pace of life.

    So apart from looking at rentals here in Sydney, I am also considering to rent a furnished studio (no fixed lease) here in Sydney, put my stuff in storage and try to look for a job in Brisbane (background is physio, currently working for an insurance company).

    Apart from the obstacle of finding a job in Brisbane, my only concern would be the fact that I´d be moving on my own. I have been living in Brisbane a few years up until 2012 and while I loved the lifestyle, I found that it's very family orientated and sometimes, as a 30-something single, felt like an outsider. However, given that Brisbane seems to undergo quite a bit of transformation at the moment, I have been wondering whether this is still the case.

    I´d be interested to hear from other people who moved to Brisbane without family/partner and your experience in terms of building your social life??

    Would appreciate your input!


  5. Hi Ozzie, thank you so much for your reply, that sounds great, your post actually makes me want to pack my bags straightaway and move up to Brisbane :)

    I used to live there a while back so I am familiar with the climate there and honestly, I didn't find it too bad, except for a few days that were really unbearable.

    One thing that strikes me here in Sydney (in comparison to Brisbane): As the city is so big and it takes ages to travel from A to B (especially crossing the bridge), I find that most people tend to stay in their suburb area and don't socialise as much with people from other areas - as a result, I sometimes find Sydney quite insular. I never really had this impression in Brisbane - obviously, it's much smaller and easier to get around, but it never really occurred to me back then that people wouldn't travel to other parts of Brisbane to see friends.

    Interesting to read that you said that it was hard to secure a rental - my observation is that there is quite a bit of oversupply at the moment and  see quite a few newly built apartments/townhouses where 2-4 weeks free rent is on offer when you sign a lease. I suppose, it depends on the area and the specific complex?

    The option that I will have a much higher disposable income (due to lower rents) is quite attractive though, I must say...

  6. Hi there,

    I have been living in Sydney for about 2 years now and after spending some time on the Lower North Shore, I moved to the Northern Beaches (Narrabeen) a few months ago. Oh my...what a beautiful place! I love the outdoors, beaches, national parks etc. so I still feel like I am on holidays - at least during the weekend. My current job allows me to work from home a few times a week so I don't have to endure the lenghthy commute in the city. BUT (there is always a but...) I am paying a premium price for my lifestyle and for what I pay for my (admittlingly modern and big) 1-bedroom apartment (which is also close to the ocean), I could obviously get a bigger and much cheaper place up in Brissie. I am 40 yrs old (female) so I kind of feel that I can't live like a 25 year old anymore - but should make a few sensible decisions regarding my financial future. At the same time, I do enjoy a bit of luxury/convenience and at that age, I don't want to tough it out in a shared home or old/run-down apartment just to live in a nice location. Also, being from overseas, I usually get visitors who stay for a few weeks - and my father usually travels to Australia every year and stays with me for about 2-3 months, so an extra bedroom would be a plus. So from a financial point of view, everything is pointing towards Brisbane. I recently visited a friend over there and was amazed how  many new apartments/townhouses are being built - and they are good value (in comparison to Sydney) - in Brisbane, I could even look at potentially buying one day (which is unrealistic in Sydney - especially with a single income). I used to live in Brisbane for a few years (until 2012) but the city appears to really have come out of its shell.

    So I have been looking for job opportunities over there but so far, nothing has caught my eye yet (I am a physio but working for an insurance company at the moment). I am aware that Sydney has a lot more job opportunities but they are obviously more spread out and I don't know whether I would be up for a daily lengthy commute again. Not so keen to move back closer to the city as I love being surrounded by nature. I know that I would miss the Northern Beaches terribly but then again, Brisbane is surrounded by some pretty amazing beaches and national parks - but obvioulsy with more travel time involved (for the beaches).

    So I am finding myself in a bit of a dilemma and I wondered whether anybody else has made the move (especially singles) and how did you find living in Brisbane? Thanks for your opinions!

  7. Ok - little update:

    I actually had a look at a gorgous 1 bedroom apartment in Narrabeen a few weeks ago and I got it;) I will be moving next weekend so I am sitting in between boxes right now.

    In the end, I decided to stay in Sydney for now. The combination of personal and professional reasons outweighed the reasons for leaving in the end (which, I have to admit, were only the high living costs). Brisbane will still be there in a year or two, should I get fed up with Sydney in the future.

    The place in Narrabeen is lovely, a very big and modernised 1 bedroom apartment (that´s why I was happy to  compromise on the 2nd bedroom) and I even have a private backyard. The best thing though is the location: It literally takes me 1 min to walk to the beach! And I´ve got the lake on the other side. The apartment was on the more expensive side for a 1 bedroom place - however, I still pay less rent then what I am paying now.

    By the way, winter is probably a good time to look for a place on the Northern Beaches - they are having trouble renting them out in winter (I have seen apartments who have been online for several weeks now).

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  8. Well, I am still undecided and weighing up the pro´s and con´s...

    I have to say, I do adore the Northern Beaches and having the option to work from home most of the time, I could avoid the lengthy commute. Financially, I am aware that I would be better off in Brisbane - however, should I wish to change jobs later, there are definately more opportunities in Sydney (and potential salary growth) so that´s a disadvantage on the Brisbane side...

    What I will do is to go a few inspections in the Narrabeen area to get an idea of my options there - maybe I am lucky. If not, Brisbane is not a bad option either.

  9. Thanks everybody for your posts - really helpful.

    I am not really considering the inner suburbs (e.g. Balmain, Surry Hills) even though I love visiting them for a night out or go for breakfast etc. But for me personally, they are too built up - if I don´t have nature or water around me, I will get quite down. Plus the quality of apartments (compared to the rent you´re paying) is usually not good, but because there is so much competition, people are willing to pay high rents.

    @ DukeNinja: I am obviously single with no kids but I personally think, the Lower North Shore is beautiful for young families, very safe, green and a relaxed vibe to it. Out of the Lower North Shore suburbs, I would probably rate Lane Cove the most family friendly. If you can afford it - go for it.

    I am not too fussed about night life (clubbing, cool bars).

    I think what really gets me is the fact that Sydney is just getting a bit ridiculous on the real estate front - no chance to ever buy as a first home buyer with a single income. Renting is expensive, we all know, but that aside: it´s the lack of security that really gets me: I moved into a beautifully renovated apartment in Wollstonecraft, just to be advised - after just 3 months - that my 6 month lease won´t be extended as the owner wants to sell. My previous apartment was already on the expensive side and after 12 months, my rent increased "by only 15 Dollars because you are such an excellent tenant". That´s the kind of reasoning in Sydney...

    Looking at Brisbane, it definately seems to be a renter´s market (more supply than demand) and that would give me more bargaining power. I am very much an outdoorsy person so I am ok with the size of Brissie.

    Even though the Northern Beaches are lovely, I think what puts me off are the high rents and probably fierce competition for good rentals which will only increase...

    Looks like I can transfer to Brisbane with my company - so as much as I love certain parts of Sydney, I think, it´s time to make the move up North... For $500 I can get a nice Townhouse close to the city.

    Thanks again for your replies!

  10. Hi,

    I am hoping to hear some opinions about my situation:

    I lived in Brisbane for several years but moved back to Europe in 2012. Moved back to Sydney end of 2015 and have been working for a company in the CBD (Wynyard) since. Initially, I lived in Kirribilli and then just recently found a great rental apartment in Wollstonecraft. However, after just 3 months, I got notified that I will need to vacate as the owner wants to sell the unit ( only had a 6 month lease) so I need to find a new place to live again. To be honest, I am getting a bit frustrated renting in Sydney (quality of apartments, price, lack of certainty etc.) so I have been contemplating moving back to Brisbane lately.

    My company´s heartquarters are in Brisbane so there might be an option to transfer or even work remotely from interstate - and the salary would likely be the same. So financially, it would be a no-brainer, really. I currently earn around 95k (incl. super), single, female, 40 yrs and I am managing ok paying $700 pw for a 2 bedroom apartment - although I would like to reduce my rental expenses in the future as I find them a little beyond my budget. Obviously, I haven´t lived in Brisbane for 5 yrs but from what I observe is the fact that rental prices are falling due to oversupply. It would even be feasable to buy something (obviously not possible in Sydney).  I quite enjoyed living in Brisbane, the lush/green feeling about the city, the relaxed way of life and having gorgeous beaches to go on the weekend.

    I love Sydney as well but I just realize that I would probably prefer a slower pace and having more nature around me. I love living on the Lower North Shore and it´s super convenient to get into the  city - however, for what I have in mind, I pay a premium price. I am now contemplating between a move to Brisbane or to one of the beach suburbs in Sydney (Northern beaches or Cronulla... not keen on Eastern Suburbs - too crowded). I do have the option to work from home 3-4 times/ week so I could avoid the daily commute. In terms of lifestyle, I am pretty much an outdoor person: love my bushwalks, beachwalks, running etc. Not too fussed about clubs/bars but would like to have a good social scene around me with some cafes/restaurants. Also safety is an important issue. 

     I am leaning more towards the Northern Beaches (particularly the Narrabeen area) - just because there seems to be more choice (various beaches, Pittwater, etc.), however, Cronulla has the big plus of having a train line and being more affordable (would look at 2 bdr apartments for a maximum of $600/650 pw). I would obviously get more bang for my bucks in Brisbane.

    I would appreciate any insights from people who have lived/ are living in these areas re lifestyle, commuting, etc.

    Thanks in advance for your replies!

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  11. Hi there,


    I have been living and working in Sydney for a year now and am currently exploring various suburbs as I intend to move. At the moment, I live in Kirribilli which is a great suburb but you don´t get a lot of value for money there (ok, not suggesting, Sydney is good value for money anywhere...), most apartments are old, dark and have old appliances. I got lucky as my current apartment has been renovated but it´s still very dark and I decided that I need more natural light ;)

    Therefore, I would like to move into a modern apartment, they usually have bigger windows and just have a more "open feel" to it.


    I have started to spend my Saturdays exploring various suburbs and inspecting a few apartments. I quite like the area of Zetland and Waterloo, its proximity to the CBD, Centennial Park and Eastern Beaches but some areas of Waterloo/Zetland are not so great for commuting as the train station (Green Square) is often quite a walk. Don´t want to rely on a bus as I work in Wynyard and the commute will probably be painful and slow due to all the construction that is currently going on on George St. So train or ferry would be ideal.


    At the same time, I have looked into other suburbs, mainly the Inner West. Quite like the area of Erskineville, however, similar to Kiribilli, small apartments and very expensive.

    Not keen on Alexandria, just don´t like the feel of it, very industrial.

    Had a look at Rhodes and loved the Waterfront and the look of the new apartments - however, it was just a little too far out for my likings and I found it lacked a bit of atmosphere.


    I am a 40 year old, young at heart, female. Not into clubbing but like the convenience of having a few cafes/restaurants/shops nearby.

    Love running and nature - so could never move to a built up suburb like St. Leonards or Crows Nest. And not very keen on hipster areas like Newtown - these are the areas I love to visit, but don´t feel the need to live there.


    At the moment, I am looking at other suburbs in the inner west (I like Balmain, but similar to Kirribilli, lots of older apartments for $$$) and the area Abbotsford/Chiswick jumped into my eyes. These suburbs seem to have quite a few modern apartments and are right by the water. Ok, no train station - but a ferry wharf which would make the commute a pleasure.


    Now, I know I need to go there myself to get a feel for the area but just wondered if anybody can share their views about this area? Too isolated or nice place to live for a single person? Will probably get a car as well.

    My budget (ideally for a 2 bdr) is $700 ($750 at a push) and it looks like I would get something fairly decent there.

    Any opinions much appreciated!

  12. Thanks for your opinions!

    I have been looking daily at available properties (online) in Manly/Fairlight for the last few weeks to get a feel for the rental market there. So far, I am not very convinced about the available apartments within my price range (max of $800 pw for a 2 bdr), lots of old places with decade old appliances in bad shape...Maybe the market will pick up within the next few weeks when more people start moving again in spring/summer, I don´t know.

    I also had a look at the suburbs a bit further north, e.g. Queenscliff or Freshwater where you seem to get a little more value for money. I wouldn´t want to move to far up north but what are people´s opinion of Freshwater?

    I thought, it might be possible to take the bus to Manly Wharf and then hop on the fast ferry into the city so the commute shouldn´t be too long. Realistic? Would you recommend Freshwater for a single, 40 yo (young at heart) female who loves the outdoors and the beach but also doesn´t want to feel to isolated in a family-oriented suburb?

    I do have the option to work from home most of the time so could avoid a daily commute (maybe only 1-2x/week)...

    Would appreciate any thoughts on this...

    Will keep looking around Manly and Fairlight but might have to make a compromise...

  13. Thanks again for your input and especially Rolfeyroo for the real estate agent hint! I will definately have a look at a few places to get a better idea. At the moment, I am really torn...as I am an outdoorsy person, I am also considering Manly (see my other post - sorry for the confusion, I feel a bit overwhelmed at the moment), but having looked at a few places on realestate.com.au and walking around the suburb was a bit of an eye opener as most places within my budget were old, dingy and ugly...

    Still considering the inner west but it just seemed a bit too built up and crammed, whereas I feel that Zetland/Waterloo is a bit more open and with more natural light (despite the high density of apartments).

    One of the things that puts me off Zetland/Waterloo is the lack of a train station - but I suppose, depending where you live, an easy 10-15 mins walk to Green Station is not too bad.


    Do real estate agents actually help you to secure an apartment in Zetland, Rolfeyroo???

    That´s suprising to hear as I am used to competing with other potential tenants and the real estate has to do nothing except accepting applications ;) I suppose, there is a good constant supply of available apartments then?


    Thanks again for all your input! I suppose, I just have to make my mind up:)

  14. Hi there,


    I know, I´ve recently asked about various suburbs as I was looking at moving.

    Anyway, long story short: I have decided to move to Manly (or Fairlight) - at the moment, I live in Kirribilli and work in the city.

    I just wondered: what do you think is the best time to look for rentals in that area? I have been told that winter is usually a bit quieter which on the one hand means, that there are less rentals on the market, on the other hand though: there might be less competition with potential other tenants.

    My current lease expires in November. I am a bit unsure whether I should risk it and just try to find a rental in Manly around the time my current lease expires - but given, it´s in summer, I suppose, there will be more competition for a rental in a beach suburb. Or should I just suck it up and pay the penalty fee for breaking lease (4 weeks rent) when I could secure a suitable rental within the next few weeks?

    How did you organise your time in between rentals? Do you risk it that you might not find a suitable place at the time your current lease expires or do you just accept paying the break lease fee?

    Can anybody give me an idea of the market in Manly (when would be a good time to look for a rental)?

    Thanks for your input!

  15. Hi again,

    sorry, took me a while to reply, thanks again for your messages!

    I actually used the long weekend to explore a few places. I went to Erskineville - and yes, it´s pretty. It´s got a few nice few cafes/bars and lots of character - but then again, I am not quite sure whether I see myself living there. Definately would come back to explore some those restaurants and bars. But everything seems a little, well, crammed and dark. Maybe I´ve been to the wrong places but my impression was that there are not a lot of new/bright apartments in that area. I´ve seen a few on realestate.com.au, some of them just about being opened soon so there are only generic pictures. I had a look at the Sydney Park Village, a big apartment complex - but I don´t know, I just got the feeling, that it´s very dark.

    I suppose, this is something non-negiatable for me: a modern apartment with lots of natural light.

    I don´t mind travelling to bars/pubs, not bothered that much of having them within walking distance. For me, it´s more about convenience for my daily life.

    I have explored the Zetland area a bit more again and I can´t help but thinking that this wouldn´t be such a bad place. Yes, not much of a community feel, but really like the East Village for convenience (Coles, Asian supermarket, farmers markets, gym, bakery, butcher, fish store, little take-aways...it´s all there). While there are a lot of apartments, I don´t get the feeling of being "crammed in", it appears fairly open and some of those places catch a lot of sunlight. And there is even a bike path, everything is flat, so easy to ride to Surry Hills or Centennial Park. Ahhh, Centennial Park - another big plus! Really loved this place - great for running!

    Most of these apartments come with a parking spot, so another handy thing...

    I walked down Bourke St through Surry Hills today and ended up in Waterloo - quite a few nice apartments there too, even closer to the city and Centennial Park. I suppose, you have to pick where to live, I imagine some of these places could become quite noisy esp. when facing inner courtyards, but overall, I find the standard of apartments in Waterloo/Zetland significantly better than what I could get in other suburbs. Plus there seems to be a lot of choice so probably easier to secure a rental than in, say Erskineville.

    I have yet to explore the Glebe/Bay Run Area...


    Many thanks!

  16. Thanks a lot for your replies!

    I suppose, I will just have to look at a few places to get a feel for it.

    I have to admit, I haven´t considered the inner west. My impression was that there were lots of old, run-down buildings (which I don´t want) - and I definately am past the age where I want to live next to the party people;) But maybe I missed something so will definately have a closer look at the area. I am just a bit concerned that it might be too build up - I like going for runs so living near the water or a park is crucial for me, otherwise I just get depressed if I`m only surrounded by noise, traffic and buildings...

  17. Hi,


    I am currently looking at rentals in various suburbs. I moved to Sydney 6 months ago and live in Kirribilli at the moment. Now, you might ask, why move somewhere else, Kirribilli is great! Well, the thing is: I am renting a small, cute 2 bdr apartment and while the location is quite handy and beautiful, I am getting a bit tired of old apartments and would like to live in a new apartment where there´s usually a lot more light due to bigger windows etc.

    I had a look around Zetland and while the suburb itself doesn´t have the natural beauty of other popular suburbs like Kirribilli, Balmain, etc., I noticed that there are tons of modern new apartments. For the amount of rent I´m paying now (650 pw), I could have modern apartment with new appliances, concierge, swimming pool, sauna, etc. I first considered Lane Cove as well but the suburb itself just appears to be a bit too suburban for me - if I had a family, that would probably be a great place to live, but as a single, I am a bit concerned to be too far away from the action (even though I am not into clubbing anymore). Just find the southern side of Sydney more multicultural, more happening...

    The word that springs into my mind when looking at Zetland is: CONVENIENCE: Most apartments are within easy walking distance to the East Village, parks nearby and close to Surry Hills and the Eastern Beaches.

    While I agree, it lacks a bit of soul, I find the location pretty handy and the quality of apartments far better than in other parts of Sydney.


    I wanted to have look at a few places but would appreciate your input if you have lived or still living in Zetland. Any apartments/location to look out for? Any down sides or things to watch out for?


    Main thing for me is safety, not being surrounded by party people who keep the neighbours awake all the time and convenient location to shops, good access to the city and restaurants/cafes.



  18. Thank you for your input! Sorry for the late reply, the past 2 weeks have been super busy...

    I keep looking around the Lower North Shore area in general, but I just noticed that Lane Cove has quite a few nice and new apartments whereas most of the other mentioned suburbs (even though they´re nice) have more older style apartments. They certainly have their charm (as I live in one now) but I really would like to move into a modern apartment with lots of natural light... Most of the older style apartments are unfortunately quite dark and I find that quite depressing....Just prefer a fresher touch I guess.

    I was talking to one of colleagues who lives in Lane Cove. She´s 30 and single and quite likes it there. Bus transport into the city seems to be fairly good and she mentioned that there´s usually a good supply of modern apartments...sometimes even more supply than demand so it might be possible to negiotiate on rent a bit.

    Anyway, will probably have a look at a few places in the next weeks to get a feel for the suburb.

    Any further comments greatly appreciated!

  19. Hi there,


    I moved to Sydney 6 months ago and really love it so far. I am female, in my late 30s and came on my own. I managed to secure a small 2 bedroom apartment in the Kirribilli/North Sydney area within the first few weeks of my arrival and have settled in. My lease expires in a few months and I am thinking about moving to a different suburb. I do like the Lower North Shore and being so close to the city (where I work) - but obviously, you get more value for money further out. I prefer a modern apartment with lots of natural light - at the moment, I am renting a relative old unit which is very cute, but also quite old and dark. Since I plan to work from home from time to time, it´s important that the place has good natural light. Also, it´s important to have good access to parks, water etc.

    I do like the apartments in Milsons Point but they are more on the expensive side...


    I noticed that there are quite a few nice apartment complexes in Lane Cove. My rental budget is around 600pw. It looks quite nice, very green (I love running) and near the water.

    It seems to be popular with families though - and whilst I am no longer in the party/clubbing scene, I would like to have a few options to go out (cafes, restaurants etc.).

    I am interested to hear people´s opinion about this suburb esp. ease of commute to the city, atmosphere, vibe, etc.?


    Thank you!

  20. Hi there,


    I moved into my new place in Kirribilli/North Sydney a few weeks ago. It will be my first NYE in Sydney so I would love to watch the fireworks. Now, here comes the catch: I will be working on the 31st :arghh:... so by the time I come home (around 5:30 pm) and get ready to hit the road again, probably most of the popular vantage points around my area are already packed so I probably won´t fit in anymore...

    Can anyone recommend a place around the Kirribilli/North Sydney/Neutral Bay area where you still have a chance to see the fireworks even if you arrive after 6/7 pm? I don´t mind if it´s away from the all the action, I´d be quite happy to just enjoy a good view in a residential area without the party crowds...does this exist?

    Tipps much appreciated!

  21. Fantastic news: I got the apartment in Kiribilli and signed the lease today - I am totally thrilled of course :wink:

    I think, Kiribilli will be great for getting around and my street´s a little quiet oasis so I have the best of two worlds.

    When I was taking the train to Crows Nest to meet with the real estate agent today, I couldn´t help but think: "This will be the most beautiful commute I ever had". Sitting in the train, driving over the Harbour Bridge and pass the Opera House every day - I think, it will take some time before that grows old ;)

    Thanks again for all your input!

  22. Little Update: I had a look at a real nice apartment in Kiribilli this weekend (of course, I wasn´t the only one showing up for inspection...). I must say, I really fell in love with this area - relatively quiet, but so convenient and quick to get into the city, not far from the harbour, great for walking, lovely quiet spots and I loved the Kiribilli village with its cute cafes etc.

    I have sent off my application so now it´s just a waiting and hoping game...

    But Kiribilli is lovely indeed!

  23. Thank you for your input, much appreciated!

    I actually get off Edgecliff Station and from there, it´s another 10 min walk to work, so even living around Kiribilli would only be 20-30 min of commuting which isn´t so bad. And I might even change jobs one day, so I would like to be fairly central so travel is easy in all directions.

    Randwick sounds good, I had a look at a few apartments on realestate.com.au and there seem to be plenty of offers (even though I tend to be rather picky these days LOL). I definately want to be near the water, so Lower North Shore or Eastern Suburbs are on top of my list. Surry Hills sounds like a vibrant inner city suburb but I think, it´s a bit too bulit up for my taste and lacking parks/water. I would like to go for runs without having to commute somewhere else.

    I suppose, I will have a look at some places to get an idea. Difficult to decide just via internet...

    Thanks again for taking the time!

  24. Hi there,


    Hoping to get some opinions, I know, this probably has been discussed before, just wondering about my speific situation:


    I moved from Europe to Sydney about a week ago, I have spent a few years living and working in Brisbane before that but always fancied living in Sydney for a while. I was lucky to secure a job from overseas and just had my first day today (working in healthcare).


    I am female, 39 years old and moved here on my own. Currently, I am staying with friends in Gymea Bay which is lovely, but a bit too quiet and too isolated for me. I work in Wollahra and most of my work colleagues seem to live in the Eastern Suburbs. I am just trying to decide where to settle. I have to admit that my wild days are probably over, I do like my privacy and don´t mind quiet nights during the week, but like to socialise during weekends. But more like going out for a few drinks, for dinner, movies, etc rather than wild nights/clubbing. I love the ocean and like to go for runs so living in an inner city suburb would definately have to cater for some running tracks...


    I had a look at Bondi Junction - it definately has some advantages (big shopping centre, train, relatively close to work) but am a bit concerned that this area is a bit too crazy and crowded for me. Coogee is nice too, again, appears a bit touristy at times. And of course, talking of value for money with regards to rentals...well, let´s not go there :twitcy:



    I had stayed with friends in Mortdale in the past and I quite liked the area around Oatley - nice village feel, beautiful park reserve with great running tracks and relatively easy access into the city. I am just concerned that I might feel a bit isolated there, it appears to be a family suburb, so not sure whether this is the right thing for me at the moment. But relatively nice apartments and more affordable than Eastern Suburbs.


    And then, there´s the Lower North Shore, especially the area around Kiribilli. Not quite sure why, but I love the idea of just crossing the bridge and being in the city (and getting a beautiful view). Commuting doesn´t seem too bad using the train.


    So, I am a bit torn...

    My salary will be around 85k plus super and my rental budget is around 500 p/w. I am looking at renting a 1 bdr apartment even though I could probably get a 2 bdr apartment for that amount in Oatley (which would be quite handy when visitors from Europe come over).


    Any opinions/tips?

    Thanks in advance!