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  1. Unless the rules have changed they just need to be out of Australia we were asked to give our departure date and flight details and were given a date to leave before (we went to Fiji) our residency was granted as soon as we were there but you should allow a few days, a week to be safe in my opinion before returning.
  2. Congratulations Jimbob007, what a wait! we never realised at the time how lucky we were - 3 years Good luck to everyone still waiting.
  3. nyorksgrannie

    Transfer of funds Uk State pension

    Many thanks Ramot, I am not sure if there is any relevance but Barclays closed a lot of their overseas branches, Sydney being one of them and they just have a Corporate office now. Not sure why this would affect our UK account though but the impression we were given was that it would be a temporary arrangement to keep the account open, our state pensions are paid into there and I have used it to send gifts etc., but that also has become more difficult as companies want Uk billing address for card payment. I use Paypal when I can now, or just pay in Aus Dollars. I do find the pin sentry gadget useful though for accessing account details. Many thanks for your help.
  4. nyorksgrannie

    Transfer of funds Uk State pension

  5. nyorksgrannie

    Transfer of funds Uk State pension

    Many thanks rammygirl, Jetblast & MarisaWright, We assumed others with UK accounts gave a close relatives address, still in the UK. We don’t have any close relatives left there, just elderly cousins. We were originally told the bank wouldn’t send replacement debit cards overseas but did get them to do it after several requests.We have been with the bank in question a long time, with hindsight should have transferred to another whilst still in UK. We will continue with our present system thanks to your help! We love it here but so much still to learn!
  6. nyorksgrannie

    Transfer of funds Uk State pension

    We no longer have a uk address
  7. nyorksgrannie

    Transfer of funds Uk State pension

    Hi I hope some of those that used to contribute to this site that got visas earlier than us might still pop in and read updates from time to time , hopefully someone will know the answer. We have up to now had our uk state pensions paid into a uk bank account and then transferred to a currency transfer company who arrange the payment into our Aus bank account, if we close the uk bank account which we will need to do, does the pension office transfer through a bank with higher transfer fees to us?
  8. nyorksgrannie


    Try posting on Parent visa forum, we did our health checks in Australia, we got the impression from the Doctors there that there was no concern over our medicals but I don’t think we had a letter saying that, things change so hopefully someone on the forum can help you that has gone through this process more recently.
  9. Re SuzanneW - listing holidays When we were at this stage I found it useful to check photographs to prompt my memory, we had most on computer and some records of flights etc on a filed travel itinerary, also look at any stamps in your passport. It is time consuming putting all the dates in but better to do it than have questions later. Good luck
  10. Hi Catlady you are very lucky, we have found Bulk billing practices thin on the ground and people having to wait a long time to see the Drs. The Drs we used to go to near our daughters however did sometimes bulk bill at their discretion when it was a short follow up appointment for instance and we too have found the Drs good here and X rays etc done amazingly quickly at PRP. We are about to start at a new Drs practise having moved into our renovated house and I understand some of the Drs there only bill privately so will have to choose carefully as it is a fairly small practise, we are not in a city. I hope you are enjoying life in Queensland.
  11. Yes it is and we pay extra for dental .
  12. Re health insurance in Aus, it doesn’t cover everything like in Uk most Drs/surgeons charge more than the health insurance allowance and you pay the balance. I recently had a fall and the specialist I was referred to was based at a private hospital, Medicare paid for some of the medical fees but I had to pay the surgeon days in advance of surgery (which was minor but still cost a lot) and then reclaim from medicare who only pay part of the amount charged. Bupa paid the hospital fees but not the surgeon, anaesthetist etc. This would explain why private insurance costs less than the Uk but all Australians are encouraged and expected to have it and are penalised when they don’t. Medicare doesn’t cover dental, Bupa who we are with and pay extra for dental, pay a fraction of total cost, for example I chipped a tooth, it didn’t need any anaesthesia ,was a quick job ,the fee was Aus$ 325.00 Bupa paid $80.20 I paid the rest. The service is usually good but you should be prepared for the costs involved as most on this site may well be fit, but are not young.
  13. Just seen your posting, great news after all this time, congratulations, I hope you will be very happy in your new home when you have sold and packed up. It is hard work organising it all but so worth it when you get here, being with your family and the weather helps too!
  14. Just seen your good news, at last! many congratulations and good luck with the house sale etc.
  15. I would try not to worry about it too much, all the scaremongering and politicians/bankers with their own agenda cause the lack in confidence, once the deal is done they will have to get on with it. Great Britain was and still is Great and is not going to collapse over Brexit. I think houses prices will rise when confidence returns after Brexit. Good luck to everyone in the queue I guess we are lucky that we got our visas in three years, we didn’t think so when we were in the queue though as we thought it would be two years, at least now people have a more realistic idea of the wait involved.