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  1. jumpingjellybean

    Boxing Day

    Normally have hangover recovering from Christmas Day. But this year very reserved (adult) went for walk to beach. Had a paddle at beach. Saw dolphins. Brought some fish and chips for lunch, and bottle of wine for later. And walked home. Got slightly sunburnt. One million times better than a UK Boxing Day at any rate.
  2. jumpingjellybean

    How has Australia changed your health?

    Has the climate cut on seasonal illnesses? Don’t quite understand your meaning here exactly ?! But certainly sufferer less flu in winter if that is your meaning? Has the outdoor lifestyle helped to improve your general fitness? YES Does the different food and diet have an impact? YES Does the extra sunshine lift your mood and sense of well-being? YES
  3. jumpingjellybean

    French's Forest / Forestville people

    Mmmmm If you cannot afford the North Shore rents.........then not quite sure how you will afford the Northern Beaches. Plus the public transport and traffic congestion is one thousand times worse than the North Shore. On the PLUS side, the Northern Beaches is the BEST place ever to live in terms of lifestyle. :smile:
  4. jumpingjellybean

    Where to live

    Like it or not - Sydney will be your best option for work and school.
  5. jumpingjellybean

    That's not a lizard this is a lizard.

    Wow What a gorgeous glorious reptile. A little on the small side to my regular garden visitor; but a wondrous sight to behold nerveless.
  6. jumpingjellybean

    That's not a lizard this is a lizard.

    WTF Please don't use my (user) name in vain
  7. jumpingjellybean

    4 months to go...starting to panic...argghh!

    You lucky bugger........be excited.
  8. jumpingjellybean

    Time to fess up ...

    Oh yes; I know all too well!!
  9. jumpingjellybean

    Time to fess up ...

    Say no more. I understand your dilemma completely.
  10. jumpingjellybean

    My travel thread

    2016 Dates: http://www.visitbroome.com.au/discover/facts-figures/staircase-to-the-moon
  11. jumpingjellybean

    Time to fess up ...

    It was cold and therefore shriveled. Please tell me that was NOT your excuse!
  12. jumpingjellybean

    Time to fess up ...

    Ooh ehhhhhh - what strange company you keep to hear such as discussion!
  13. jumpingjellybean

    My travel thread

    Agree 1000% with you.
  14. jumpingjellybean

    Time to fess up ...

    Attempted?! The mind boggles. Did you get stage fright and could not continue?
  15. jumpingjellybean

    Whats for Dinner/Tea?

    I am detoxing this week (after weeks of burning the candle at both ends), so dinner will be an alkalizing green smoothie for me; it tastes MUCH better than it sounds. :smile: