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  1. So far that's exactly what we have done, we so,d in early July at a bit of a peak and are now awaiting our move in a week or two
  2. Which island? My husbands family are from North Uist ad we spent some time there, it is stunningly beautiful. The schools seem to have a good standard of education and I can't wait for school lunch. I should have my interview at the consulate in a few days, I have all of my evidence prepared so hopefully it is just a formality.
  3. RMac

    Scotland school age for each grade

    Thank you everyone, we are moving from Sydney in a couple of weeks, probably moving to the Clarkston/Newton Mearns area where my husbands family live. We have a cousin in Ayrshire, it looks lovely and well priced, I think when you come from Australia everything looks well priced. He has been going to part time pre school for almost two years, hopefully he can make the jump to full time school without too much trouble.
  4. RMac

    Scotland school age for each grade

    Moving to East Renfrewshire, Glasgow not sure of the exact suburb yet
  5. Hi, we are moving to Scotland in a month and as such my 5 year old (born June 28, 2010) will be going straight into school. I originally thought he would go into first grade and be the correct age but then a friend from the UK told me that they start first grade at 4.5 so he will be too old? Any ideas
  6. Hi, we we are moving to the UK in October and will be taking with us the proceeds from our house sale, we just did a test foreign exchange transfer through HSBC and they transferred at 45.6p instead of the current rate of 47.16. Can anyone tell me why this is and how I can get a better rate? With a 1.5 p difference we will be losing thousands. Thank you
  7. RMac

    UK rental from Australia

    Thanks, I am just nervous, I haven't rented for a while and last time I did was in the inner west of Sydney where 50 groups would show up to every rental
  8. RMac

    UK rental from Australia

    Hi everyone, I received some good recommendations last time I posted so I thought I would try again. We are moving to Glasgow in October (family of 4 + 1 dog), I originally was planning on booking an air BnB flat and putting the dog into a kennel for a few weeks while we sort accomodation out. I am now thinking it would be better for the kids (who have to go straight into school) if we were able to move straight into a rental. Has anyone had any luck doing this? I have been emailing agents but haven't heard back, is there a private rental website? Also how do people get around the UK credit checks? Can I get my bank to write a letter stating our loans are paid in full? Thank you
  9. Very reassuring Mrs Doyle, well thank you for all of the information, it's all happening now, our house sold in two weeks for a good price, due to an extended settlement on the house sale (I can't get my visa until we have the money) we are now looking at a mid October move date, we are all very excited, my husband is more relaxed than I have ever seen him and the kids can't wait to spend time with their cousins. My husband has found out that he will be able to keep doing his job (he is a software developer working from home) after we move so that takes some of the pressure off. I am planning on renting an air BnB house for a month if we have trouble getting a rental from here, the dog will go into a kennel and the kids will just have to home school until we are sorted. We are going to book a move cube because we are giving most of our hand me down furniture away. Currently planning a trip in the new year, flights are so cheap from the UK!
  10. Thank you LR I hope you are right, I am planning on offering extra rent and an extra bond, plus we will pay for carpet cleaning etc, she is a very well behaved dog but quite big and hairy so I think she isn't very appealing to landlords
  11. Thank you everyone, I have lived in Canada before and I found that it was a matter of buying really good winter clothes and just getting out and moving around. I also have a very active dog which forces me to go out for a walk every day, I found Scottish people to be genuine and warm so all in all we are looking forward to getting there and sorting housing out. My only concern is that we are taking our dog and rentals don't seem to allow dogs so the poor thing might be spending a bit of time in a kennel.
  12. We are going back, house goes on the market next week so the last few weeks have been a frenzy of preparation, we are really excited, initially we thought we were heading to Glasgow but my husband might be working in Edinburgh so we aren't really sure. I had a look online and there seem to be lot a of jobs in my field so we are just going for it
  13. RMac

    UK primary school query

    I can't wait for the hot lunches, no more making sandwiches for me!
  14. RMac

    UK primary school query

    In Australia my daughter is meant to do a work sheet activity, a spelling list and read a book every day for homework, as well as an online mathematics activity, she is only 6 years old. My husband and I have always been very relaxed about homework etc as we feel it is ridiculous but now I am stressing that she will feel behind everyone else
  15. RMac

    UK primary school query

    Thanks for your reply, my daughter is lacking in reading confidence and as such is sitting a little below average in her class, we have also decided to get her some extra tutoring just to help with the reading, I'm not really too worried about numeracy. I have heard anecdotally that schools are a little more advanced in the UK anyway, totally agree with what you say about UK state schools, they sound much better resourced than Aussie schools.