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  1. Hi all I have recently applied 189 visa and I put my martial status as divorced, as I went through a divorce exactly a year ago. Currently, my case is moving forward, it looks like a CO been allocated. Me and my ex-wife are recently getting back together and thinking of re-registering our marriage for the sake our kid, Is it too late for me to fill in the "change of circumstances" form and change my martial status as married after re-registering our marriage? Would it make things more complicated in the eyes of the CO and delay my visa ? If I re-marry to an ex-wife, the partner visa requirements such as the condition that the subjects must live together at least 12 month, to have shared property etc etc still apply or the conditions can be more lenient? We do have a child together and jointly owns a property etc Can someone please suggest on this , thank you very much
  2. Tsoglog Busgui

    ACS letter validy at the of invite or EOI submission date

    OK, but does this means my newly received invite is also invalid too? IM ok with applying re-assement but, It will be devastating to re-submit the whole EOI again Can you guys please share your thoughts, thanks
  3. I have an unfortunate dilemma, I Submitted my EOI on May 18th and got an invite on July 6th, But my ACS letter is expired on 5th July, My question is ACS letter needs to be valid at the time of the invitation or the visa application date? Can someone share some thoughts please
  4. Dear Seniors I was graduated in 2011 from an Australian University and since then I worked 1.8 years as a professional. I'm about to submit my EOI for 189 visa and I'm claiming for 5 points for Australian work experience. I heard/aware the fact that ACS nowadays deducts "years" from applicants work experiences to deem people as skilled etc. My question is, will I be eligible to apply under "Post Australian Studies skill assessment"?? If I'm eligible, then there is a chance that my 1.8 years work experience all count. So, I can claim 5 points. Because, skilled met date for this category is "the date of the graduation". Please advice, thank you
  5. Tsoglog Busgui

    EOI application help- Work experience points

    Yep, I've done so, Cheers
  6. Tsoglog Busgui

    EOI application help- Work experience points

    Thanks, I'm not intending to claim any points under my "work experience". Still, I would like to include ( have to?) my work experience when I fill in the EOI. I do have a valid ACS letter for positive skill assessment, though,
  7. Dear Senior members I'm filling in a new EOI for 190 visa.I have 60 points. But when I fill in the forms it would give me 65 points because of my work experience I don't want claim 5 points for my 1.7 years work experience, since ACS would deduct 1 year, so it would be a false info to DIBP eyes, How people get around this issue? I want to put my work experience but I dont want to claim 5 points for that, Help please , Thanks
  8. Tsoglog Busgui

    ACS letter validity period

    Okay, thank you, Your right, thanks again for the help.
  9. Tsoglog Busgui

    ACS letter validity period

    Thank you , Okay, so as long as the lts valid at the time of invitation, I hope i will get it, I got it on the 3 July 2013. It says its valid for 2 years. Also, Im claiming 5 points for Australian work experience, It seems ACS also assesses it as well, which I need to submit soon, When ACS assess the work experience, would my skill assessment duration extends also? Or do I have to make separate application again ( another 500$) Thnaks a lot Ozmaniac
  10. Tsoglog Busgui

    ACS letter validity period

    Guys, My ACS letter is expiring soon in July this year, I'm planning to make a 189 visa application one months before it expires, Would it be any issue, Please let me know
  11. Tsoglog Busgui

    Critical Misunderstanding VISA Lodged 189 - ACS Assessment

    Sorry, I have no agent. I tried to get some refund, Unfortunately, it wont be any, So basically 5000$ wasted, You guys know how Im feeling right now
  12. Tsoglog Busgui

    EOI- Skill-select invitation confusion

    That is seems to be the case, Thanks for the help
  13. Tsoglog Busgui

    Critical Misunderstanding VISA Lodged 189 - ACS Assessment

    I have in a same boat as these guys, I've requested my application to be withdrawn, When we apply again, do we need to have a new EOI invite as well? Well, that is some agent told me that, Im not sure how it works but, Thanks for help
  14. Tsoglog Busgui

    EOI- Skill-select invitation confusion

    Dear Members, Last year March, I got an invitation from Skillselect and subsequently I made my application, Unfortunately, I had to withdraw my application earlier this year because of some circumstances, Now, I'm planning to make an another application soon, My question is, after an application is withdrawn, what happens to my EOI? Does it become invalid? Do I have to re-apply EOI in order to make a new application? PLease help me , thank you