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  1. That's why we live in Perth, lovely all year weather, wages are good, average 4 bed with pool $500.000, just a 20 min drive from the city, low crime rate, we love it xx
  2. Yes joe anytime now, ours was 3 calendar months exactly x
  3. Hi, no we didn't upload 1221 because it's not always necessary, luckily they never asked us for that
  4. We went through an agent so they advised us x
  5. Hi, yes 3 months from when we applied, but we did not need to submit anything extra, everything was sent at the same time
  6. Hi lali, I had previously worked in Spain but I sent all my documents off together, it took exactly 3 months to the day for our 189 visa to be granted, we had no co contact just that our status had changed to visa granted, but I do know that once all your documents are in that is when the waiting process starts (well it was when we applied, which is over 2 years ago now)
  7. My partner only needed 7 across the board, I asked him and he said PTE is easier but it all depends on the exam conditions, with PTE he could hear everything that everyone else was saying so that was very off putting and it is all done by computer, Ielts test is more like exam conditions (that you had at college), and you also speak to a human, overall he preferred the Ielts, hope this helps
  8. Mandurah is a beautiful place, I love it there and have a friend who lives there so I go quite a bit, they have an excellent train service which will get you into Perth in around 40 mins, unemployment is very high in Mandurah so a lot of people commute, but it is a lot cheaper to rent or buy there and you are still so close to the ocean, we live in a town called Kardinya just 20 mins south of Perth and only 1/2 hr drive from Mandurah. If you need anything else by all means pm me, and if you want to meet up when you get here (which a few of us have) just let me know, I am a hotel receptionist down at Cottesloe beach so I am living the dream, hopefully your visa won't be to long now, good luck I'm off for a sunbathe now x
  9. Hi pm79, we came over as electrician, we went through an agency so they uploaded the form 80 and they received the email letting us know the application was successful, we have been in Perth for 16 months now and we love it, we both have good jobs have settled in very well, just saving up for the deposit to buy the 1st house, I know it's a pain the waiting but it sure is worth it x
  10. Hi if this helps anyone we applied for the 189 visa and it took exactly 3 months but we never had any co contact at all, just the change on our status, good luck everyone winter in Perth is beautiful and sunny x
  11. Aww I know it seems a long time, but it sure is worth the wait, just hang in there x
  12. Well said Maryrose, and we miss soccer to so we follow Perth Glory, you sit where you want all soccer fans together, have a few beers or wines while watching the match (no having to wait till half time), and as for footie Fremantle Dockers for us xx
  13. Aww like I say you will love it, we are in Perth nearly winter now and 30 deg tomorrow a bit bit different from Melbourne but it's what you make of it, enjoy x
  14. Where are you moving too xx
  15. We have found things are not a lot different in price, if you like primark, then here it's big W or Kmart, both great stores, we didn't ship any furniture over as we thought new beginnings new things we don't regret not bringing anything, but every one is different, I wish you and your family all the best, it's the best move we ever made x