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    Hi all, I have been wondering if anyone has recieved an invitation today (20/11/15)? Thanks
  3. Speedo

    189 visa completing it by myself

    Thanks, Pommie. I have been weighing up what to do and I think that might be a good idea. I'll just go check the immi website for the document checklist right now. Thanks again
  4. Speedo

    189 visa completing it by myself

    Hi Lorna, Thanks so much for the info. I wasn't aware of front loading documents, that was really helpful advice.
  5. Hi all, I have finally been able to submit my EOI as I now have the required 60 points. I am completing this process on my own without a migration agent and I just wondered if anyone could let me know what to expect next? I've been reading up on the date of effect so I believe I just have to wait my turn. I already have my skills assessment and my IELTS results. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  6. Speedo

    Points Claim for PR - Please Help

    I had a query similar to this. I wanted to claim 5 points for studying in Australia. I studied a post grad there. But I was told it didn't count as the course was only one academic year (It was a little disappointing as the course is only one academic year for studying full time). Cost me a lot to study there also. I don't know if that helps..
  7. I am Scottish and I've always had the burning desire to immigrate to Australia. Scotland is a great place with beautiful spots. The people here are nice - I may be a little biased there though. Our financial climate is much better than a few years ago. Education is free, even uni tuition fees. The standard of education delivered here is of a high quality. I work in education here and I've worked internationally and specifically in Oz as well. We get free prescriptions and the NHS is a great service, even though people moan about it. Our public transport is good, although we don't have 'commuter' trains like Oz does. This means if your traveling by train it can be a bit more expensive compared to Australia. Living costs are not too high.. Aberdeen is very expensive for rent and beats Edinburgh and Glasgow in terms of cost but nothing else. Also, the pubs here are brilliant. Running a car can be expensive - petrol costs, insurance and we have to get regular MOTS and services - something I didn't have to do by law in Australia if I remember right. I had a friend who was a nurse from Oz. She got work in Edinburgh no problem at all. I do know she struggled to register in Ireland. I favour Edinburgh over Glasgow. Edinburgh is surrounded by areas like Fife where you can get a house cheaper, etc than paying city costs but still easily get in and out of the city. Winter in Scotland is long, cold and dark. That's the biggest reason I would like to move. A lot of time in winter is spent inside. With the fire on. You would probably swap your hot summers inside for cold winters. Visiting for an extended period of time in winter might be a good idea. I don't know if any of this will help but this post really interested me. I completely understand your dilemma as leaving Scotland for Oz, my family and all the benefits somewhat keeps me here. Could your husband come over for a 6 month or so (winter) period on his own before your family commits fully to the move? I hope it all works out.
  8. Speedo

    Hopeful 189 immigration but struggling

    Hi Jnozza11, Thats superb - It's great to know someone else out there is in the same boat. I am attempting to do all paperwork myself; I was with a migration agency previously but they turned out to be fraudulent and I lost my money. I was really upset about it as I checked their MARA registration as well. I'm really glad that's not the case for you. Reading posts on here is helping me know what to expect and how to organise police checks, health checks, etc. I'll send you a quick email with a bit more info on my situation
  9. Speedo

    Hopeful 189 immigration but struggling

    Hi all, Thanks very much for replying. Any information given is really valuable. I have phoned around a few migration agents and they always try and charge and extortionate amount of money to answer questions. Liseylooau - Great news! Well done on being granted a visa. I have thought about doing IELTS again, and probably would have if I got a 7.5 in the reading, but I got 7.0 for reading each time I sat it. I did a lot of past papers and got a bit tutoring for a sort time, it just won't move up. I think I might resit again if, when I get 60 points, I'm still not invited to apply. I I am starting to fill in the details for my EOI at the moment, with the hope of submitting it when I have the full points. I hope it is ok to do it that way. Thanks again
  10. Hi all, I have never posted before but I am looking for a little help. I have been putting together an application for Immigration for over a year now. I am a fully qualified Secondary Teacher and I have successfully had my skills approved by AITSL. For my IELTS (I had to sit it 3 times) I got L.8, W.8.5, S.8.5 and R.7 - this results in my English being proficient. I am currently sitting at 55 points but after 5 more months I will have 3 years experience as a teacher and will attain 5 more points, increasing my overall points score to 60 - whoo hoo - My questions are: Is my IELTS score high enough for skilled migration? Will 60 be enough for a secondary school teacher 189 visa or do I need to try and attain more points? Does it matter what my secondary teacher subject specialist is, i.e. is there a higher priority for English teachers over PE for example? Are there any other teachers out there that have achieved successful migration as it seems impossible? I am struggling a bit with the red tape and feel like my dream is very hard to reach at the moment. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance