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  1. I have the same hopes for next year.
  2. Slawka

    CGT UK to Australia

    Hi, I think you do not have to pay CGT if this was primary home. Please refer to below link however there is info related to Australia. https://www.ato.gov.au/General/Capital-gains-tax/Your-home-and-other-real-estate/Your-main-residence
  3. Slawka

    PTE vs IELTS

    Please check this thread http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/migration-issues/231707-ielts-v-s-pearson-test-english-academic-pte-academic-my-personal-findings-6.html
  4. Slawka

    189 Visa Grant Delay

    I don't think so. I was traveling few times after lodging visa application and my agent didn't ask for any extra documents. Visa was granted. So good luck
  5. Slawka

    Savings Advice

    Last year when I applied I didn't have to show any savings and for sure not for skills assessment! Good luck
  6. Slawka

    Australian Bank account 22.05.2016

    Hi, Congratulation for your visa ! I am client of HSBC and they have branches in UK and in OZ. It was pretty easy to open Australian bank account. Also they have global view for all your accounts and easy transfers between UK and Australia. Down side is that exchange rate is not as good as brokers however you can negotiate with bigger sums. Good luck!
  7. Hi It doesn't make sense what you are going to do. If you have nomination for 190 it is much easier to include your wife as a dependant. She doesn't have to meet any special requirements as you are main applicant. She does need IELTS with functional level of English otherwise you will be obligated to pay additional fee for her it was AUD4500 last year if I do remember correctly. Oh and she can complete her IELTS after you will apply for visa so it will not stop you. Additionally if she's got refusal last year how you can be sure that she will get visa after you. DIBP may ask you why you didn't include her in your application etc.
  8. Slawka

    visa issues for gf who is pregnant

    AJ is correct, only baby born in Australia to parent who has PR will get citizenship.
  9. Slawka

    Visa granted...where to start??!

    In HSBC you can keep UK account plus you can have HSBC Australian one and very useful global view for your both accounts. Also you can have either UK or Australian address. To the list I would add: - search for temporary accommodation after your arrival and book if you know when you are traveling - research of area where you would like to live
  10. Slawka

    Applying for jobs with a 189 visa

    I've seen also visa status in CV.
  11. Slawka

    Car Seats - Transport options.

    I used to travel with car seats within Europe and BA allowed me to take pram plus car seats for my twins (they are below 2 now). Car seats were additional checked baggage. You have to check allowance with airlines. We are going to move to AU, however as per above comments we have decided to hire car with car seats at the beginning and buy approved car seats once we arrive.
  12. When bringing a dog you may have to consider 4 weeks in quarantine so even though you may not need this short term accommodation as a dog friendly. I do believe you will be able to find your permanent home during this four weeks. Good luck.
  13. Slawka

    where do people tend to look for jobs in aus?

    I think that most people who want to move to Australia search seek web site.
  14. Try this free tips from Pearson - pdf http://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct...99804247,d.ZGU