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  1. Thanks very much, soul destroying to see we were the last ones to get PR at the beginning of March. I’m sure it’s no consolation, but the media are beginning to report the fact that the country is losing a huge amount of money by not allowing immigrants into the country.
  2. Hi everyone, I’ve been trying to check up on people’s progress on the visa tracker and mine has strangely disappeared. Can anyone give me the link...ta muchly. Two months has passed since we received our PR. At the time we were in NZ awaiting the email and were lucky to get back. The lock down has been severe, possibly not as bad as Europe but bad enough. I think the bigger problem is going to be the effect on the economy and of course China is ramping up the rhetoric and stopping trade. I wouldn’t even think about buying a house now and I would also keep money in the UK as well as Aus and play the exchange rates. We can get loo rolls now though[emoji16] Bridgie
  3. I can’t believe I’m writing this.....Bridgie has left the building. PR has been granted today, we have been wandering around Auckland checking emails hourly since Sunday. The stress has been incredible and now the relief is immense. There’s only one thing left to say,,,,, G’day Mate.......
  4. Congratulations and well done for setting up this thread[emoji106][emoji106] Bridgie
  5. We sent a screen shot of the bank receipt to PVC email address. Bridgie
  6. Hi, When you get the notification to go off shore (only applicable if you’re in Oz) they give you notice to tell immigration within 7 days your travel plans and you have 28 days to leave the country. We have been here on a 600 visa for a year with the proviso that we leave every three months. We had previously booked a trip to China to coincide with the three month time period. The corona virus has made that trip untenable. We then booked to go Bali and after we booked Australia made the announcement re China that they would only allow Citizens and Permanent Residents to return to Australia after Quarantine. We took the view that we would rather face quarantine in NZ than Bali if the same conditions were applied to Bali or NZ. In the meantime we received the notification to go offshore for grant of visa so it has tidied up well. The only fly in the ointment is the footnote on the email asking you to go offshore. They advise you to be offshore for 5 working days our trip falls short by a day. If it comes to it we’ll book another flight and stay until grant. After all the costs over 4 years of back and forth it’s a small amount to stump up however, once back in Oz we don’t plan anymore offshore jaunts for a loooooong while. Bridgie
  7. We are playing dodge the Corona Virus holiday at the moment, go off shore next week to NZ for visa grant after cancelling China then Bali. We’re looking forward to not going anywhere after 4years of constant travelling. Bridgie
  8. Just received notification to go off shore to be awarded visa. You have to show your travel plans within 7 days of receipt of the email and leave Australia,if you are on shore,within 28 days of payment of 2nd Vac. You are required to be off shore for a minimum of 5 working days. Bridgie
  9. Just when I thought no one loved us and we had been forgotten!!! Boom Request for 2nd VAC arrived. I’ve never been so happy to pay $87200. Did someone say “ it’s Wine O’Clock[emoji3][emoji3][emoji485]” Aussie Bridgie.
  10. Not daft at all that’s what the forum is for. I’m afraid the bad news is there has to be a completed form 80 for both of you. Bridgie
  11. Our son was not asked for the $150. This was completed by Commonwealth bank Sydney CBD. They were very well versed in the operation. Bridgie
  12. Likewise we were told we needed a UK police certificate even though we haven’t been in the UK for 12 continuous months since 2006. Hey ho 412$ later , they arrived in 13 days and have been submitted. China trip cancelled unsurprisingly and now trying to guesstimate when and where to go off shore. Also providing you can show that you have applied for the certificate etc it is acceptable to go over the allotted time span for the request for further information. It was on our email they sent for further information. Never a dull moment. Bridgie
  13. Commonwealth bank will allow you to increase your BPay limit to 100k. It’s very easy to do if you have access to your online account and you don’t have to go into the branch. Bridgie
  14. Thanks, That’s exactly what I have done. It’s a bit bizarre because a Spanish police certificate has a page added if you are not a Spanish nation whereby they check in your country of birth whether you had a criminal record there. Hey ho we’re more concerned about our trip to China at the moment to validate our PR. Bridgie