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  1. syedusman1

    Critical Misunderstanding VISA Lodged 189 - ACS Assessment

    Hello Priya, I was contacted by CO and they referred me that i am short of 5 months of the experience, and asked me for justification. Now the curious case is they used my visa lodged date instead of EOI submission date. People on this forum guided very well and i did not try to justify my experience by giving part time letters etc. Actually i was following old ACS guideline of 2013 which created this confusion. I emailed CO and accepted my mistake, attached the old ACS guideline, and wished to withdraw my application. MY CO returned with withdraw and refund form, and i was very very lucky that i got fully refunded. Now as you cannot do any thing, and just have to wait for CO.... your best chance is CO overlooks it. CO are also humans, so they feel for the applicants My advise would be not to get tense.... go for meds, PCC everything and have strong hope that this point will not be raised. All the best!
  2. syedusman1

    Critical Misunderstanding VISA Lodged 189 - ACS Assessment

    Wait for your CO, and hope he overlook this. There are cases where people have got approval despite lesser experience. So wait and hope, normally CO asks to prove your experience, and in reply you can just inform them that you want to withdraw. They won't reject you if you tell them you will be withdrawing
  3. Hello everyone, I am not the Payer (used my brother C.C), the problem is on the last page, they ask (form 1424): 1: " You must provide a clear and well-supported reason for requesting a refund " and then they also 2: I declare that: • I am the original payer named in Question 1 or, if the original payer is deceased, I am the authorised person named in Question 18. ** [sIGN]** Problem is i am filling the form, It's perfectly good if money goes back in my brother C.C, but it seems i need to get the sign from the Payer (which i can) but the "reason of Refund" i need to enter is of mine, and there is no where I have to sign (applicant) It's quite confusing for me. Is it ok if i fill the form, and get his sign? or should i sign myself?
  4. syedusman1

    Critical Misunderstanding VISA Lodged 189 - ACS Assessment

    Hi guys, i think I have made my mind. I would be going for the withdrawal of application, and politely asking for the return of amount. I strongly feel ACS result letter format was substandard and even at visa lodging software they should have asked for a parameter with skilled met date as input. It would have stopped me a way earlier than where I am right now. A very hard lesson learned indeed, but at the end it's the consumer who suffers. Thanks, I will surely keep you posted
  5. syedusman1

    Critical Misunderstanding VISA Lodged 189 - ACS Assessment

    Thanks ozmaniac for always keeping in touch. I have contacted @Allan Collett. now it seems I have to choose one either be submissive and try to withdraw application and plea for refund, or try to convince CO of my part time experience, in which I am confused if they consider it or not, with my full time job. And if they do consider, what is the criteria and end result
  6. syedusman1

    Critical Misunderstanding VISA Lodged 189 - ACS Assessment

    Thanks guys, there are a coulple of things I did in last years, and can I ask them to consider as part time experience 1. I have an apple account on my name in which o have deployed two apps. one of them was completely other than my office (for a small organisation) the other was semi. As my company does not have expertise in iOS so I volunteered and learned it separately and developed an app of their use. But both apps are on my name, and I have a dev account with Apple. I am doing it since June 2014. 2. Last year I helped a startup university, created their website, helped them with their email setups, and I.T infrastructure. I am doing it from February 2014, till now. Update their website frequently. I can get a letter from them 3. Helped one of my friend in building startup in 2012, did interview trained their team. In 2013, helped them how to get business from freelance websites, analyse their software dev procedures. I can also get a letter from them in 2&3 I usually take very less charges and they too as cash, because they are from same city I am. i really never thought of it in my experience, until CO has asked now. Never thought that I can write it in my application as I felt my experience is above required. Guys do do you think I ahould Persue with above and try to convince CO , to count them as remaining 7 months experience? Thanks
  7. syedusman1

    Critical Misunderstanding VISA Lodged 189 - ACS Assessment

    Thanks Ozmaniac and Bungo for replies. I want to be honest, as i feel coming up with new experiences (like part time consultancy) would complicate things and CO will catch me for sure that i am making this up. You are right the only best two options for me now is, withdrawing and plea to have the money refunded. Or they give me some grace months which are now short of 5 months, and 7 from visa lodging. On the other hand, i sincerely feel ACS document is very complicated, and this confusion was created by their extremely poor format of experience result letter. They should have not written 2005 on my job start date as counted, on the first part. It may be a matter of 6-7 months that i can apply again, but getting $6k again, is something which comes very hard
  8. syedusman1

    Critical Misunderstanding VISA Lodged 189 - ACS Assessment

    Thanks a lot for the replies. The whole confusion started as the ACS evaluation that i got in which it is written On March 2014, last year: The following employment after September 2007 is considered to equate to work at an appropriately skilled level and relevant to 261313 (Software Engineer) of the ANZSCO Code. Dates: 09/05 - 04/08 (2yrs 7mths) Position: Senior Software Engineer Dates: 05/08 - 02/14 (5yrs 9mths) Position: Principal Software Architect They approved my experience of 8 years 5 months (last year(, my bad luck i overlooked that September 2007 is the requirement met date, because they mentioned my experience from September 2005 in letter. To be honest i thought it's merely a typo at their end. My EOI was on 9 Jan 2015, and Visa Lodge 31st Jan 2015 and my total points are 60 (IELTS : L:8 W: 6.5 R:7 S:7 , age 31) It's kind a wet sand right now, and i have to reply to CO also, which i am unable to prepare what should i write... Any alternate, any solution?
  9. syedusman1

    Critical Misunderstanding VISA Lodged 189 - ACS Assessment

    Thanks, Quinkla for your reply (It's an expensive mistake, considering you are just 5-6 months short of 8 years, and everything was done in misunderstanding) Will i get any refund if i withdraw? Secondly what should i write to "CO", they are expecting a reply...
  10. Hi All, I received a reply from my CO today against the visa application lodged 31st january, precisely as below: "according to your ACS skills assessment dated 14 May 2014, the above employment after September 2007 is considered to equate to work at an appropriately skilled level. Therefore, I have only considered your employment for the period from 1 September 2007 to 31 January 2015 (7yrs 4mths 30 days). Please provide further evidence that would satisfy at least eight years employment" This made me realized that though total experience shown at my ACS Skills assesment is from September 2005 (9+ years), but to count at skill based immi, it will be from September 2007(7.5 years) I understand this is a terrible misunderstanding i had, that my experience is counting from September 2005, which pushed me to launch the visa application for me, my wife and daughter. Now the thing is i am short of 7 months from the day i lodged application (31st January), and short of 5 months from today, to a total of eight years of skilled experience. I am continuing in the same company since last 5 years. My question is what should i do now? Can i ask the CO to pause my case till Sept 2015, as at that date i will have eight years of skilled assessed experience (my other all documents are also valid till date, like IELTS, medical etc)? Or Shall i withdraw my application? (paid a handsome amount, so i don't know if i can get a refund. What you guys say, that i should respond to the "CO"? I am left with few words now.