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  1. laurahair

    Moving state on a 489

    I did complete my online studies. Once I moved to the sunshine coast which was considered regional for my 489 visa they accepted my enrollment. When I first enrolled I had just moved to the Gold coast so the college could see that I was in breech of my postcode regional area for the 489. You should be all good though if you are living in the Sunshine coast that is considered regional. Good luck with your PR
  2. laurahair

    Moving state on a 489

    Hi @Wadho I got my pr in June last year after applying the previous September. I got a call from them asking to resubmit my police certificate as I uploaded it in the wrong format, I was approved straight away. No other questions asked. Good luck with yours. We ended up staying in the sunshine coast after getting PR
  3. Hey I was asked about chemical straightening! I was asked how I would do the process and then he asked questions about how to check if it was ready. He did give multiple choice answers. This is the section that I failed on. I YouTubed videos of it for my resit and I passed. If you haven't done one I would recommend just youtube. Good luck!!
  4. laurahair

    489 visa covid-19

    Hi all. I hope everyone is well! I'm sure there are alot of people in this situation and just wondering what people are doing or advise out there. I am on a 489 I applied for my 887 visa in September but am living in the sunshine coast. Since I moved here in December I have not had any luck getting work because I am not a PR and I don't see me getting one anytime soon. My boyfriend has a full time job since Feb. We are nervous if he looses his job what to do. If we went home to Ireland we will breach our visa conditions assuming we will be gone for longer than 6 weeks so would that mean we wont be aloud back into the country when things settle? Also they have added another 6 months wait time onto the 887 visa timeline, bringing it to 24 months from application to approval [emoji24]
  5. laurahair

    Moving state on a 489

    Thank you for your replies and advise. I got in touch with a mara migration lawyer and she said it's ok that moved from the NT after the 2 years. But I still need to be in the specific postcode classed as regional until my 887 comes through. So I have signed a new lease in sunshine coast and am leaving gold coast. She also said because I haven't worked in the gold coast that I should get away with it. Fingers crossed the visa will all go to plan from here.
  6. laurahair

    Moving state on a 489

    Hi I'm just wondering has anyone been on a 489, did the required 2 years and applied for the 887 and then left the nominated state and still got there 887. I did my 2 years in the NT applied for the 887 and then moved to Queensland. A migration agent had told me when applying for my 489 that I could do this so this was always my plan. I have only been here for 2 months and have not worked yet, but I did change my address on the immi application. Yesterday I applied to study online and I got a call from the college saying I am violating my visa conditions and cannot study outside of the NT. I have rang the NT migration who refered me to department of immigration. I called them twice today with different questions. One person saying I need to live and work in a specific postcode in Qld and another saying once I submitted my 887 immigration won't ask for any info post my 2 year commitment. Has anyone done the same and what was your outcome. Tia
  7. Hey any qualified hairdressers in Darwin at the minute looking for a casual hairdressing job. We are very flexible if you only want to stay in darwin for a few months or weeks that's OK. But mainly needing someone for the month of December/January You can pm me here. Thanks
  8. Hey The salons don’t seem to advertise much on job sites. I have found they look for staff through there Facebook pages, or they have signs up on the window. Everyone is saying Darwin has quietened down a lot recently, house prices have gone down and so has rent. I found it easy to get work but I had to walk into salons and drop my cv in. As for my bf he is a cabinet maker and there is no work in his trade up here but he got a job in warehouse, so it’s all good [emoji4]
  9. Hi Rae I haven’t been on this in so long. I have been in Darwin for the past 10 months. Loving every minute and the long process was well worth the wait. Also before I came to Darwin I was dreading having to stay here for 2 years on the 489 but the time is flying here and the sun is always shining. Good luck with the visa process Laura
  10. laurahair

    Moving 457 employers

    Thanks for the replies
  11. laurahair

    Moving 457 employers

    Hi I’m asking on behalf of my employer. My employer has applied to become a sponsored salon and has a girl who she is wanting to hire though a 457. The girl is currently working elsewhere on a 457 but wants to leave ASAP and come work for us cash in hand until my employer can sponsor her. If the visa does not come through before she reaches the 90 day limit to find a new employer is there a bridging visa or will she be runing her chances of my boss sponsoring her. Hope this makes sense. TIA
  12. Hi brills I was the same as Vicky with the visa, I was going to apply to qld but while waiting for the vetasses cert hairdressing was taken off the list. I was fed up at that stage and went to New Zealand for a year. I came back last September and put my eoi in for NT in November. I have been offered a 489 visa just last week. I submitted the application and 2 days later was asked for medicals and the other documents. I have my medical booked for may 2nd, that was the nearest appointment. With regards to making the videos I set up a camera on a tripod and recorded a full haircut, colour, hilites, perm, mans cut and beard trim. I downloaded a movie editor online and muted them and set them on quick speed so they were about 7mins long. I also did a voice over explaining my technique. I also took photos of upstyles and sent them aswell. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. laurahair

    190 application timeline

    Thanks Shells Good luck with your move, so exciting IELTS 16/08/2014 positive Vetassess 26/06/2015 EOI submitted 13/10/2016 190 NT submitted 21/11/2016 70points
  14. laurahair

    190 application timeline

    Hi there Has anyone recently applied or been approved for a 190 or 489 visa? How long was your timeline from the time of application to NT. TIA Laura Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. laurahair

    Vetasses duration

    I got my result 4 weeks after the technical interview but it took about 4 months after my interview to get my certificate, which you will need when applying for visa. In total it took 7 months from the time I sent in my first documents to getting my certificate. I did email vetasses a few times asking about the time frame and they emailed back each time!! Good luck Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk