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  1. newtoallofthis


    We’ve heard it’s a wonderful school, they have great sports excellence programs and our children are incredibly sporty. We went to have a look around and it just felt right for us and our son. Which Gold Coast school would you recommend?
  2. newtoallofthis


    We are moving in December and wondered if anyone had any insight? We need to be in catchment for helensvale primary and high school, would ideally like to be in a nice family area, but we live in Sydney at the moment so no idea where to start!?
  3. newtoallofthis


    Hi, just wondering if anyone has any experience living in helensvale. We are looking to move here at the end of the year as we have heard the high school is great...
  4. newtoallofthis

    Sydney to QLD- mermaid beach?

    Thank you! After spending two weeks looking around we have also fallen for runaway bay! We looked at a lot of houses while we were there and loved it! Maybe if we end up moving there we can meet up! Haha
  5. newtoallofthis

    Sydney to QLD- mermaid beach?

    Thank you ? we both work in schools
  6. newtoallofthis

    Sydney to QLD- mermaid beach?

    Hi all, we moved from England to Sydney in June and although my husband and I earn a fair amount between us we have found that the property here is just too expensive. We don’t want to live in an apartment and that seems to be all we can afford here. We are thinking of moving to QLD, and have come across the areas Southport and Mermaid Beach. Does anyone have any experience of these areas? We have 3 children from toddler to high school so we need great schools and childcare. And we love the beach so need to be near one- that’s something we can’t comprise on :) Any help gratefully received!
  7. newtoallofthis

    Rainbow street Vs south coogee

    We have a place and we're in catchment which is why I was surprised they wouldn't show us around! Good idea though, I think we will go for a walk around end of school time xx
  8. newtoallofthis

    Rainbow street Vs south coogee

    Thank you! We went to look at both but Rainbow wouldnt let us look around claiming it was too disruptive for the kids!!
  9. newtoallofthis

    Rainbow street Vs south coogee

    Just wondering if anyone had any experience of these two schools? Trying to decide which to send our 8 & 10 year olds to..
  10. newtoallofthis

    moving before visa granted...?

    Will i be able to apply for a tourist visa with a defacto visa processing?
  11. newtoallofthis

    moving before visa granted...?

    I am English and my partner is Aussie. We are currently living in England and about to submit our defacto partner visa application. My question is, my partners grandfather in Australia has gotten ill, can we submit the visa here then go to Aus before the visa is granted in order to be with him? Thanks in advance
  12. newtoallofthis

    Document Certification for Spousal Visa

    Not sure if onshore is different but we are currently applying for our offshore partner visa and we only needed to certify, passports, birth certs and the declarations made by our friends and family. Maybe colour scan them and email them to yourself or save on laptop so you have a copy?
  13. newtoallofthis

    where do i go for help[?

    also to add i am applying online and im at the point where its ready to submit
  14. newtoallofthis

    where do i go for help[?

    Just a quick question, is there a helpline or someone i can contact re my visa application? I cant seem to find one, i just have few questions to make sure im applying for the correct visa. I don't want to end up paying for the wrong one or finding out there was a better/cheaper alternative. im applying for a de facto visa, have been with my aussie partner since Nov '14.
  15. newtoallofthis

    how much should i write? (de-facto visa)

    Mine is 2.5 pages long....and so far my other half has managed about a paragraph of his! :err: Also got some statements from my parents and my best friend and two stat decs from his mum and sister as they are aussie citizens.