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  1. ljruss2013

    UK Mail

    Hi all don't know if this has been broght up before as I cant see anything about it. Myself and my Family are looking to leave the UK on the 5th Dec. On every site I have seen online about emigrating that has a checklist of things to do it says to redirect mail. Whats the best way to do this. I am looking to keep My joint bank account open here in the UK and keep a hold of my UK Credit Card incase of emergencys to start with anyway. How do I redirect my mail to OZ are the only options to my parents address or via the post office.??? Thanks for any assistance.
  2. ljruss2013

    457 - Current processing times

    Hi all our nomination and what not is due to go in tomorrow. I am transferring within my company to there new Australian Branch and cant wait to start. My Company is using Visa Executive. They say we should hopefully have our visa within 8 weeks from submission if no issues arise and supposedly there shouldn't be. Has anyone used a company fore visas before ?
  3. ljruss2013

    Bon Voyage Party in UK

    Hi all just wondering if anyone who has had a Bon Voyage Party before moving to OZ had any advice. We have hired a hall for ours but are thinking of having an Australia theme party just really wanting to hear if anyone else could give me some ideas of what they had for theirs ?? Any Help appreciated.
  4. ljruss2013

    Movecube ala Tetris

    This looks really good we are planning on having a large move cube for us moving good to see what sort of stuff you can get in it..
  5. ljruss2013

    Living in Point Cook

    Hi I see its been a while since this thread was last spoken about would be intressting to hear how you all still feel about Point cook.??? We are a family of 3 moving to point cook in Dec 15 and am really looking forward to it.
  6. ljruss2013


    Hi all we are due to move Dec 2015 to Melbourne (Point Cook) our son will be 4 and turns 5 in the may. We have been told that he will need to go to a kindergarden as the school intake says that to start prep they need to turn 5 before 30th April. So I take it Kindergarden is like Nursery here in UK. Trying to find out the costs for this really hard to find out from here. Has anyone had any experience or anyone have a rough guide of Pre-School fees. We are heading out on a 457 Visa incase that makes any difference. Many Thanks
  7. Hi all. We are a family of 3 (2Adults 1 Child under 5) looking to move to Melbourne on the 5th Dec 2015 stupid time I know but start my new job on the 3rd Jan 2016. I am going out to Oz in November for 1 week for training to return home and fly back out with the family the following week. Is it possible for us to look for somewhere to rent when I go out in November or will it need to wait till we all come out. Also If I go to view properties before we all move out can I do the rest remotely i.e. set up moving in date and what not before we all leave or will I have to find somewhere to rent on a short term basis ? If we need to go down the short term rental route does anyone have any ideas of where to start with that ? Thanks in advance
  8. ljruss2013

    457 Visa and UK Passport

    Hi there just a quick question on entering Australia on a 457 Visa how long do I need to have on my UK Passport is it 4 years? or the usual 6 months ? Many Thanks
  9. ljruss2013

    Transfer with existing company to Oz and Skills ?

    Yes we were. I know that if we did the 457 visa we could apply for the stream that you are talking about its just the thought of paying for 1 visa and then in 2 years time paying for another and going through all that all again.
  10. ljruss2013

    Transfer with existing company to Oz and Skills ?

    Many Thanks for your help in answering that one. I have a young son. If we went out on a 457 visa to Melbourne would be have to pay school fees ? I remember seeing somewhere before that they charge school fees and after telling my employer this I was told the 186 would be better then.
  11. Hi all I have been offered an equivalent job to mine (Sales Manager - Medical) in Oz with the company that I have been employed in for the last 8 Years. We are now at the early stages of Visa options. We have been given the visa option ENS Subclass 186. After reading into everything now that we have got past the giving me a job offer and what not we are about to start the sponsorship and visa stuff. On looking at the visa stuff I notice that I need to have a skills assessment from VETASSESS. On looking at all the information I have been given i.e. (ANZSCO 225412) it looks like I need a degree to be assessed. Now I don't have a degree. I have 12 years experience in the Medical Sales work and 8 years with my current company. How can they assess my skills i.e. Degree and what not when I don't have one ? Would my experience outweigh my need for a degree. and if so what would I be assessed on ? Or would I be exempt from the VETASSESS ??? Any information that can be provided would be fantastic. If someone has had a similar experience please share. Many Thanks in Advance
  12. ljruss2013

    Point Cook

    Hi all anyone any experience of Point Cook. Is it a nice place to live. We are looking online at the Area just now and had a look on here but not much information on what the area is like i.e. Transport Links, Shopping and what the suburb is actually like ?? Any Help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. ljruss2013

    Renting with Dog

    Hi all I have seen on a couple of different sites that it is hard to find somewhere to rent if you have a pet. We currently have a 3 yr old Cocker Spaniel and were thinking over bringing her over with us but am now unsure if we cant get the sort of house we are wanting i.e. a new(ish) build. Anyone have any experience in this ? Many Thanks
  14. ljruss2013

    Do UK TV's work in Oz?

    Don't know if this is a stupid question or not but on taking your TVs to Australia did you just plug them in using an Australian Style Euro Adapter or did you change the plug (Again being stupid) is that easy to do ?
  15. Hi all so we are a family of 3 moving to Melbourne in December (Still don't know exactly here) but was wondering if anyone could give any hints at where is best to go for TV,Phone and Broadband. I know it is really early to start thinking about things like that but a) I like to be super organised and b) it is a must because of my OH with work. Iv seen varied reviews about Foxtel and Telstra any help. Also how quick could we possible get at least broadband from a company seeing as we wouldn't have built up a credit score or anything by that time. Many Thanks