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  1. Hey Folks, Hope you are all safe and well? Like many of you I am awaiting grant (hopefully) of a 491 for QLD with 95 points as a mechanic. I front-loaded my medicals and PCC in April 2020 when I submitted and they have now expired. I know the advice on here is generally that visas are almost a competition due to the limited number each state can grant so I am wondering if most of you are re-doing your medicals and PCC even though you haven't had case officers assigned yet? I would hate to waste money for them to expire again if it doesn't get granted in the next 12 months, but from what I can read you join the back of the queue so to speak once a case officer requests that the expired ones be renewed. Just wondering what everyone else decided to do? We are all in the same boat and I realise it could drag on longer than a year before we see consistent offshore grants.
  2. Anyone heard of anymore 491 non-essential offshore grants? I would be up for a FB group or Wattsapp similar to what they have for the 190's, to keep an eye on who's getting granted. Im on a number of generic 491/190/189 ones but its full of numptys trying to sell IELTS results, selling visas etc
  3. I'm in the exact same boat. we are a family of 6 and fresh medicals would be over £1000, I am happy to take the gamble as I know its basically a competition for visas and any delay in giving them what they request could mean the quota gets reached and we miss out. But my Agent has advised that it's best to just leave it till they request them as technically I could do them next week and then if this goes on for another year they will expire again and I'll be another £1000 poorer. I am really tempted to re-do both but Money doesn't grow on tree's and maybe I'm being reckless haha
  4. Best to call TRA. I think the pints test table counts only post qualified experience, IE after your apprenticeship finished. TRA may be referring to total time in that job including training/apprenticeship meaning if you did a 3-year apprenticeship then you can sit the exam. I did mine In Feb 2020 but I had 10 years of post-qualified experience at the time. 4 year City & Guilds NVQ level 3 in mechanics
  5. Yes very encouraging. My Medical expired last month and my PCC expired in April. TBH I don't mind re-doing them if they give me the damn visa haha
  6. A Gas fitter on one of the groups I'm part of was granted his QLD 491 yesterday, offshore with 90 points. He submitted February 2020 and they didn't request updated medicals or PCC which expired in February 2021.
  7. Hello, I have been on the AITSL website looking for info on getting a skills assesment for a secondary school maths teacher to apply for a 189 pr visa. Am i right in thinking there is no physical exam or interview and that it is a case of gathering qualifications , birth certificate and a loadof other stuff and then having it certified and then sending it to AITSL. It also gives the impression that you dont need to do a academic IELTS exam if you have a 4 year degree from university, Would we still need this for the 189 visa ? also after we have done the skills assessment does my wifes 4 year degree from uni count as 15 points as a bachelor degree from an australian educational institute or other recognised degree of a similar standard or will it just count as an award or qualification recognised by the assessing authority inthe assessment of the skilled occupation Thanks James & Claire
  8. skyeman

    Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    is the process complicated to become a teacher in OZ when you only have experience in the UK, do your qualifications count and its just a case of re registering with there teaching board. My wife is thinking of going back to teaching when our son starts nursery and has started asking me what salary etc she could achieve in queensland
  9. bit of a strange post i imagine but i have my reasons . I would like to move to a suburb for personal reasons like : we like the area, good schools, nice houses, things to see and do etc, Im not to keen on moving somewhere dictated by my job (mechanic) Im only in the early stages (IELTS next week) of applying for 189 skilled visa but thinking i would like to find the area we like and then job hunt. Reason for the post is to find out if anyone has landed and secured a good job they didn't set out to do or haven't done before. I have some experience in sales of construction equipment and have contacted a couple companies who said to get back to them when I land in Queensland. I have spent 9 years of my working life in the construction and motor trade and feel like id be happy to try anything that makes ends meet
  10. skyeman

    liveable salary for victoria

    Thanks for your input . is it a fairly modern house your in ? I kind of thought they would be poorly insulated because of the typical warm weather . I wonder if the recent builds are any better , wouldn't want to much temp flux in the house with young kids around . we're just after a simple life , a decent house , any old banger of a car to run around in . Be nice to make some friends and just enjoy what life has to offer there . Here in the UK it's all possessions and money and I'm tired of it. So much so I sold both my fancy cars and now run around in a 10 year old Peugeot estate
  11. skyeman

    liveable salary for victoria

    no that doesn't Include superannuation , I'm not sure what that is Cheers James
  12. skyeman

    liveable salary for victoria

    Hopefully yeah , be nice to buy a place if we settle , we have a house in the UK to sell , it's mortgaged but we ow slightly less than half the houses value and its only 3 years old . Had Australia on the brain for years and a few friends have moved there and not returned and are loving it although they are mostly single guys so less financial strain
  13. skyeman

    liveable salary for victoria

    atleast your getting to see new places and experience them as i said after a few years my wife will return to work and should earn about the same sa me maybe a little more so we should combine about $120,000
  14. skyeman

    liveable salary for victoria

    Where did you go instead? Im worried of the very cold winter in Saskachewan, im a sun worshipper
  15. skyeman

    liveable salary for victoria

    Mine will be the only salary for a few years, My wife is a secondary school teacher and would hopefully do the appropriate tests and paperwork to start teaching in Australia