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  1. We have all been incredibly patient, felt like it was never going to come. Container goes today and flights are in 10 days what about you?
  2. AMAZING. Huge congratulations. You lodged 1 month after me and got your grant 1 month after me
  3. Visa granted Friday 7th October. It's been one heck of a wait, 29 months to be exact.
  4. That's awesome. Get them flights booked I did my medicals on the 12th and I'm glued to my immi account haha
  5. Huge congrats buddy. I uploaded my new medicals/form 80/PCC Wednesday the 14th September and really hope i'll be soon. What was your state and occupation? IIRC you submitted early 2020 like me?
  6. I got case officer contact 5 weeks ago for new medicals and new form 80's, but no grant yet
  7. Hey Folks, I have a query, please, regarding submitting an expression of interest for a QLD 190. I applied for a QLD 491 2.5 years ago with 95 points, which is yet to be processed, and my wife was listed as a dependant. We have now decided we want the security of Permanent Residency for our family as it is a huge move, and we would like to apply for a 190. My Wife has just completed her skills assessment as a secondary school maths teacher & passed her English Exam with full marks. She has also registered with the Queensland College of Teachers and is registered to teach in QLD. Can she apply for a 190 as the main applicant even though she is listed as a dependant on my submitted 491? Her points are 90 for the 190 QLD. The wording below from the migration QLD website doesn’t answer my question with certainty, as my wife hasn’t actually applied for a skilled regional (provisional) visa (subclass 491). As she is dependent on my application, does she qualify technically as having NOT applied for a 491? Note: If you are a current holder of a Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491) or have applied for a Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491), you will not be eligible for nomination for the Skilled Nominated (Permanent) visa (subclass 190). This restriction also applies to the Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489). I would rather not withdraw my 491 application if possible. In the ideal world, we could submit the 190 in my wife's name and then if my 491 is granted soon, then we go over on my 491, and then once hers is processed, her 190 would supersede our 491? I guess what QLD are trying to avoid is wasting one their allocations/quotas on someone who has already applied for a 491 with them? I was more than happy with the 491, and still will be when it's eventually granted. However, 2.5 years have passed, things have changed a little, and given the housing crisis in QLD we would like to buy a property as soon as we land. It's an absolute fortune in extra fee's to buy on the 491. Does anyone have any idea if they will accept an EOI from my wife for a 190 or if they will class her as having applied for a 491? She was a dependant, I did not claim any partner skill points. Kind Regards, James
  8. Congrats. requesting new medical and PCC? When did you submit? I submitted April 2020
  9. skyeman

    491 offshore

    wohoo..huge congrats. I submitted April 2020 for a 491 with 95 points so really hope I hear soon did they ask you to re-do medicals or did you get a direct grant?
  10. skyeman

    491 offshore

    I submitted around 800 days ago off-shore for a 491 with 95 points. Uploaded medicals and PFF back in July 2020 which have since expired. Uploaded new PCC in July 2021. Not heard anything from a case Officer but like you I have seen lots of 21 and 22 grants. Apparently, CO's are prioritising recently submitted ones with medicals and PCC done as it's much faster for them to process and clear the backlog. They are hugely understaffed.
  11. Every employer I have spoken with has said they are desperate for staff and can't fill many positions. I've seen a couple of off-shore grants over the weekend, one was a telecoms engineer and the other was an events organiser. Didn't catch that state but both were 2021 submits I think. one was a 491 and one was a 190
  12. Has anyone seen any Non-PMSOL off-shore grants? It's gone very quiet, perhaps while they look to fill up their quotas before the end of the immigration year? A few states have now reached their quota, so hopefully, the CO's will move on to start clearing the backlog of visa applicants?
  13. I'm 31 now, submitted at 29
  14. Just had a look back and it was a 190 NSW offshore electrician (general) lodged in December 2019 and granted 14th April. I, like you, suspect all the 2020 and early 2021 submits will hear before the end of the visa year. An interesting theory I received from someone on one of the groups is that most of the states are approaching the quota caps for nominations and that they usually close in May. At this point they have no reason to have CO's assigned to processing thousands and thousands of EOI's/State nominations and then these CO's are freed up between the closure in May and the start of the new visa year when they will be given a new quota. It does sort of make sense as there is a lot of EOI's being approved recently which must be using quite a lot of resources. That's a shame about accidentally overclaiming points. Shouldn't that have been picked up at the skills assessment/EOI stage when you submit your CV to them clearly outlining how many years you have been working in that occupation? That's a huge backward step for you for an accidental 5 point overclaim. Whas it a case of accidentally including pre-qualified experience? I have redone our police certificates, did that several months ago as I hoped if a CO opened my file and saw i had proactively updated my out of date police certificates that maybe they would let the expired medicals slide given how expensive they are....haha what a fool. I'm almost looking forward to doing the medicals again as at least that means I've had CO contact
  15. Those 3 were Mechanics but admittedly they are just the ones that stood out as it's my occupation. I think I also spotted a Gas fitter and an electrician but I can't remember the details. I try not to obsess over them and screenshot them because as you know yourself it doesn't mean ours is on its way. Like you, I have been told by many reliable sources ( employers, senators etc ) that there is a huge shortage of tradies across most states. I was surprised when borders opened and they announced they needed 200,000 skilled workers that we didn't see a surge of grants. Pre-covid 491 was a high priority and many of us went for it instead of the 190 because of the priority processing and quick state sponsorships. I have a job offer, I have saved money to support us moving, we have good points at 95 and we front-loaded the medicals and police certificates, we thought we were in a really good position. Just hit the 24 months mark since submitted