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    2nd year working holiday visa?

    Does anyone know the time scale on a 2nd year working holiday visa i sent my application in with my regional work, all signed off and with a reference. ITs taken a lot longer than i have expected I've been waiting 3 weeks now, with no news whatsoever just the confirmation of a bridging visa. does any body know how long this is going to take, I'm starting to get nervous.
  2. i'd say the best spot to head to is Margret River, there is also a few spots close to perth, byword, bulls brook which all have farms and winearys etc. The best thing you could do is travel to them kind of areas and stick your nose in a few front doors I'm sure somebody will help you out. Just make sure you collect your correct evidence, payslips or character ref is usually a good form.
  3. Mark Jnr Roberts

    417 visa processing time - taking forever!

    i just wondered if you had any word back and how long it took? I'm currently 3 weeks into waiting now!