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  1. Hello PomsinOz, I've got a fairly complicated issue with a 189 Visa which I need some advice with. I sat the Plumbing TRA in June on a working holiday Visa (which has now expired), and made a bit of a mess of it so I still have to return to complete it. Victoria University have emailed me saying I can return to finish the assessment, but it can only be done in Australia/London. Since I'm in New Zealand right now, I would prefer to do the test in Australia. My issue is that I can't find out which Visa I need to enter Australia to finish the assessment (probably a mornings work left to do). I have tried contacting the Australian consulate in Auckland, and they never got back to me. If anyone can help me with this/point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Paul
  2. Hey guys. I'm currently in the process of doing a 189 visa, living in Perth on a WHV. I have the forms to book my Plumbing TRA, but I'm pretty lost with it. I have my P45 from my only UK Plumbing job (did all my apprenticeship there too), but it doesn't have a start date. I have my P60 for 2010, would I need P60s for every year of employment? I'm also having to do my application from outside of Australia, as my WHV expires before I hit 25, and would prefer to use a good agent if anyone has one to recommend, that will charge a reasonable rate, and is willing to put forward my visa whilst I am not in the country? Thanks for any help, Paul.
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    189 or 457...

    457, then do your skills assessment in Australia.