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    Help with Teacher Job Application?

    Hi, I am a teacher and will be moving to Perth with my family in July. I would love to get in contact with a secondary school teacher to discuss the kind of things I should include in my cover letter when applying for my first post in Australia. There is plenty of educational lingo in the UK and a number of key areas which you are expected to touch on in an application, any advice on how to construct my application to provide an area coordinator/head teacher with what they are looking for would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Stuart
  2. StuartandElaine

    Arrival Accommodation Help!

    Hi our family of 4(3 & 1 yr old)are arriving in Perth in July and need some short term furnished accommodation, relatively near CBD for 3 months. Have searched on line and found one or two options but most are pretty expensive. Any advice on what people did on their move greatly appreciated