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  1. hi can u name a few recruiters like a website or an agency that i can Google around to get a better idea
  2. Hi, thank you for your reply i am 26 yrs old, and i have degree in - bachelors in science specialization - in visual communication. + 4 year of overall work ex in advertising.
  3. HI, thank you for your reply . just went through CSOL List, it is listed as 225111 Advertising Specialist 225113 Marketing Specialist would like to inform, that am an advertising professional on the ( OOH - out of home ) platform as a client servicing executive, with 3 years of work ex and about 1 yr of work on BTL before that . but i don't think that i would fit in the ( specialist ) part, as it would require about 8 to 10 years of work ex . any other advice on how to go about it would be helpful.
  4. HI, i have searched a lot through out pomsionz and there is no thread talking about the advertising sector in Australia . it will great help if you could throw some light, on how to go about finding a job in the advertising sector like ATL , BTL , OOH and full fledged ad agencies in Australia,