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  1. behappy99

    Subclass 190 visa group

    Hi guys, i received 190 invite from NSW for job code 261313 today. Should i take it? I got couple of questions hope to get some help from you all 1st EOI - May 2017 with 65points(189) - did not apply for 190 that time. 2nd EOI - 27th APRIL 2018 with 75points (189), 80points (190) applied for 190 this time to NSW Should i wait for 189, now that my date of effect is so close and i can expect invite in 189 in another 2months max? Or Should i just take 190 considering that I'm waiting since long and how slow and less number of invites given in recent times? If i dont get job in Nsw and go for other location what will be the impact while applying for citizenship?
  2. behappy99

    189/190 Visas from Nov-Dec 2017

    We are waiting for our invite since April 2017 with 65 points under 189. appeared for PTE-a again to get good score and new point 75 effective from may 2018
  3. behappy99

    189 or 190 need help

    Applied yo Victoria. When 65points did not apply for 190 now the points increase to 75 applied to Victoria(190) but cut of score for 189 is also very close so is the confusion.
  4. behappy99

    189 or 190 need help

    Need help in deciding 189 or 190. I'm a software engineer i've applied in march 2017 under subclass 189 with 65 points but no luck so far decided to write PTE to get better points. I scored good in PTE so my total points stand at 75 effective from may 2018. Ive applied for 190subclass with 75points along with 189subclass. My guess is i might get 190 nomination first but my query is should i wait for 189subclass because score are better now or should go with 190 subclass.
  5. behappy99

    type 1 diabetes / childrens hospitals / perth wa

    Thank you so much Mamba, your answers cleared so many of my doubts. I was searching for answers from some one who is in similar situation. Thank you so much, this information is really great help.
  6. behappy99

    type 1 diabetes / childrens hospitals / perth wa

    Thank you also for valuable information. I'm going to ask same question again but relevant to my condition. I'm from India and thinking of PR in Oz. My husband is Type1 diabetic. My question is 1. For immigrants who have diabetic Madicare card is issued? 2. Do freshly arrived immigrants get benefit of PBS for existing medical condition? is there any waiting period to get benefit of this scheme. 3. I checked in one website about Lantus Insulin 100 **/ml 5X3ml which cost $453 in private. In this im not sure of quantity how much it is and why it is so crazily priced? If i dont get medicare card and have to pay insulin without concession all my salary will go in buying medicine. 4. There is 12month waiting period for existing aliment to cover in private insurance but no where i see specific about diabetes will that covered after 12months waiting period? or any other condition as after effect of diabetes is covered? Kindly answer very specifically as I'm reading lot and not getting a clear answer to my queries. Thanks in advance. Sushma