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  1. krisskross

    When to transfer savings?

    I have an AUD account here in Norway, i was thinking in converting my savings here, bring some cash when i land, go to NAB and verify my account and then transfer it all.
  2. krisskross

    When to transfer savings?

    Hi, I am moving to Australia, for good, in 3 months from Norway. I have opened a bank account with NAB and transferred few NOK to NABs AUD account, just as a test. Should I transfer all my savings when I land in Australia or before that?
  3. Hi, Funny question ahead I am moving to Melbourne in few months, and I would like to bring my PC with 2x Screens with me (I am a software dev). My problem are these 2 screens, they can fit inside a travel bag, but will the airline or the border control in AUS mind?
  4. krisskross

    Withdrawing / canceling EOI after invitation?

    @Pommie ANSCO 261313 Software Engineer. It looks like I can not cancel EOI, ill have to wait for the invite to expire
  5. Hi, I applied for 189 visa back in May. Later on, I applied for VIC SS and got invited to apply, I was instructed to create a separate EOI for 190 visa, witch I did and lodged my visa application, payed the fee and uploaded the docs. However I did not cancel 189 EOI, and now I got the invitation to lodge my application. Since I opted for 190, should I withdraw 189 EOI or wait for it to expire?
  6. krisskross

    Programmming jobs in Australia

    Seek is full of fake job ads, that is my impression based on what people are saying on expatforum and whirlpool. Can anyone comment on Brisbane? Its interesting for me because of its climate! I am sick of seriously cold and cloudy weather here in Oslo.
  7. krisskross

    Programmming jobs in Australia

    I was interested in general, but to be precise, web development full stack, PHP or Java, JavaScript, AngularJs ....
  8. Hi all, How is the job market at the moment for software developers / engineers / programmers in Australia? Is it still slow? What are your personal experiences? I am interested in mid/senior level positions, 5+ years of experience.
  9. krisskross

    ACS and PhD assessment requirements

    Hi, I wrote to ACS concerning my PhD diploma and paperwork. ACS replied that they need: Letter from a supervisor providing a clear indication of: * Percentage of ICT and percentage of non-ICT (e.g math, stats, etc). * % of original development/implementation work done - what languages were involved. This is unfamiliar to me, did someone submit this kind of document?