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  1. Nomadic

    Travel Insurance - Cancellation Cover - Limitations

    Yeah you are right, I did a bit of searching over the weekend and can't find any yet. Might need a real broker to find this. It's that old paradox of only being able to get insurance if you're unlikely to need it. Noticed your signature AliQ good luck with your return to Auz. Did the same myself the return I did to the UK between 2010 and 2015 helped to convince me. Despite the distance in the long run, better off in Auz.
  2. Hi all, My immediate family, wife, kids etc. are all now Australian Citizens resident in Auz. As expats both my and my wife's parents are elderly UK residents. We are looking to book a Ski holiday to NZ next year, which will run to a fair few $$ with all the family and associated costs. I am looking for Travel Insurance that will cover cancellation in the event of our parents becoming critically ill or passing away unexpectedly. So far the mainstream companies I have been checking only appear to cover cancellation due to illness where the parents reside in Australia. With exclusions like "Seen a Doctor in the last 90 days or be using any prescription medicine" appearing in the PDS. I wonder how many 75+ people are lucky enough to be this free of niggles. Has anyone been in this situation and found coverage?
  3. Nomadic

    Ping Pong!!

    Ah yes, sure you will find this topic a few times on here. Shortly returning to Auz from UK. Spent 6 years in Auz, been back in the UK 5, now leaving UK on a permanent basis. You'll never find a perfect answer, but you will spend a long time searching - so try to enjoy the journey. Be flexible, because just when you think you have it all pinned down life throws something in unexpectedly. And if you're not sure try to keep your options open. For myself and my wife the balance went to Auz for work / life and a future for the kids. Also getting out of the mortgage trap. Exchange rate happens to help, but that's just luck. Time will tell!
  4. Nomadic

    Welcome test - just ignore me please

    I guess it really depends what exactly you are doing with that sixpence - enough !! Thanks for confirming it's all up and running I shall now join the flood of posters.. ETA for Geelong arrival is 1st week of August assuming Job offer is confirmed next week.
  5. Just wondering if anyone has used HiFx to move their money from the UK to Australia recently. Or for that matter any other reputable financial organisations. Last time I came out I used HSBC UK -> ANZ which worked fine and the rate was good, but you do have to move a good amount to make this work. (Realise this is not quite the right forum but didn't feel posting it in Moneycorp's partner forum, seemed a little rude)
  6. Nomadic

    Welcome test - just ignore me please

    Thanks, nice photo by the way, mybe the PM thing needs me to establish some kind of reputation first, i'll just post my questions and see what kind of responses I get..
  7. Nomadic

    Welcome test - just ignore me please

    Now replying to my own threads, must be going insane. If you happen to read this and feel like humouring me, would you mind snding me a PM so I can see if that works too.. Happy days..
  8. Having trouble sending a PM wondered if my account was not enabled so decided to try a dummy post.. Moving back to Auz from UK shortly to Geelong area. Will be looking for rental for about a month while I find my feet - funrnished apartment would be nice, or this time of year might get a cheap holiday let in Torquay. Working professional male. Anyone used HiFX recently - used them about two years to go from Auz to UK, wondered if there are any stories out there.. Good to be coming back... really good...