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  1. karenandchris

    Permanent Residency visa and pre-existing medical condition

    Thanks for all your input. I am pleased to say that our PR was granted! The Medical Officer of the Commonwealth who assesses your health uses 'Notes for Guidance for Medical Officers of the Commonwealth. These are available from Victoria State Library (you pay them a nominal fee, and they scan and email it over to you; and this includes the POM3 as well). Alternatively, you can subscribe to LegendCom (the database with all the guidance notes for all medical conditions on it) and take the relevant notes to your specialist so they can build a case. There are Guidance Notes for nearly every condition, and it sets out expected progression and associated costs which are used to judge case. https://www.immi.gov.au/services/Pages/legendcom.aspx Tbh, in my particular case I didn't find George Lombard or other mentioned agents particularly useful. I appreciate they are not medically qualified, but I got told outright no by George. Might just be my experience. tl;dr - take the relevant Guidance Notes from the Victoria State Library/LegendCom to your specialist and all the information the MOC uses is set out.
  2. karenandchris

    Permanent Residency visa and pre-existing medical condition

    Thanks for all your input! I've looked at the Parliamentary reports for the visa significant cost threshold, and a committee in 2012 (Disability Australia) changed the rules - there is also a lot of good information there. From what I can tell, the panel doctors only collect evidence, they don't actually make the decision, the Commonwealth Medical Officer does. There is a $35k limit over 5 years for care - they add up your costs and then add 20% for good measure and see if your under. Costs are only reasonable, not worst case. All info here - https://www.immi.gov.au/media/publications/pdf/2012/joint-standing-comm-enabling-australia.pdf I went to see a specialist privately and he assessed me at costing £5k over 5 years, which works out at $11-12k over 5 years with the 20% boost, so I think I am fine with that. The only thing I worry about is that I may "prejudice access to Australians trying to get kidney's" should I require a transplant. Has anyone else applied, with a kidney impairment? My function is now stable, but there is always a risk I might need one. Waiver's are not available/applicable for the 190 visa so it is completely up to the Commonwealth Medical Officer. I deal with immigration issues as part of my job, and most of the info is in the public domain so not too keen on an agent unless I see value added. Chris
  3. Hi all, My partner and I are now applying for a sub-class 190 visa following our Vic nomination. I have a pre-existing medical condition and I have done some research on this, and have gone to see a Consultant who has costed the care for my condition over the next 5 years (£5k over 5 years), which is less than the $35k 5 year limit DIBP put on conditions. Does anyone know of any further limitations on medical conditions? I have kidney disease, so may need a transplant at some point, but my condition is currently stable and the consultant I went to see confirmed that it would be a long time before I needed a transplant (if at all). Is there anything further I can provide to strengthen my case? Chris
  4. karenandchris

    Victoria Nomination - no acknowledgement

    Bizarrely, they'd already replied (said email was in Junk folder but I can't find it!) and we got nomination :smile: within 2 days! Thanks for all your help, now to do the visa application itself!
  5. karenandchris

    Victoria Nomination - no acknowledgement

    Yup, 2 years experience and foreign language skill. Meet all other criteria, so just waiting for ack
  6. karenandchris

    Victoria Nomination - no acknowledgement

    Would really appreciate some help - do people know if this is to be expected?
  7. karenandchris

    Victoria Nomination - no acknowledgement

    Hi Folks, My partner and I have recently submitted an application for Victoria State Nomination under the Primary School Teacher occupation. Submitted the application on 21st Jan, and not had an acknowledgement yet. Do appreciate it's 2 working weeks tomorrow, but wondering if we should give them a call next week to chase up? Is this what other people have experienced or it is unusual? Any help would be appreciated!