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    Opinions please... stay on student visa or return to UK?!

    Thanks for your replies He is too old for a working holiday visa unfortunately. When I say an online course, it's actually a college close to me that runs it and the majority of studying is done online. I know it must be eligible for a student visa because I know a couple of people who are doing it. I'm going to see a visa agent about it tomorrow after work so I'll know more then. My partner works in the mines as a concreter / operates machinery (hence why the pay in the UK would be such a shock to the system!) My dad is a project manager for a civil company in the UK and could hook him up with a job as soon as he arrived. We were seriously considering New Zealand at one stage, I love the country and would probably have gone there next if we'd never met. My partner has been turned off the idea though by the kiwi guys at work getting in his ear about the reasons why so many of them come to Australia (lack of work etc) and it's put him off.
  2. Hello I have been in Australia for almost two years on my WHV. I met my Australian partner here, we are now engaged and life is good. The only problem is that he had an ex girlfriend from Brazil and they had a partner visa together, which means we can't apply for a new partner visa until 5 years after he applied for the one with her (there are nearly two years left). So my question is... should I stay here on a student visa or should we go and wait it out in the UK? The international student fees are very expensive so I can't afford to study anything I am actually interested in, just an online Business course (the cheapest option). It will be a struggle for me to get by, but it is doable. However, would it be easier to go to the UK? What is the work situation like at the moment? Any advice for an Aussie settling in the UK (I feel like the drop in wages and weather could be issues for him). Any experience on the process of getting a spouse visa for the UK? Thanks for any opinions / advice.