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    vetassess assessment issue help~~

    thank you Rammygirl, I also have a question on this, the vetassess website says they do not have the final say on the points, it is up to case officers. Although they will give an option on my work experience, I wonder how important is vetassess opinion for case officer, will case officer follow their opinion? I have a friend who had a skill assessment from ACS, ACS deducted two years experience becuase he has an overseas qualification. But his case officer did not deduct that two years experience!!~~he is lucky.
  2. Aplus

    vetassess assessment issue help~~

    thank you CharlieV ,I have more faith now. May I know how many years experience they gave you? Did they reduce many years experience for your points?
  3. Aplus

    vetassess assessment issue help~~

    thank you, Bungo, I understand what is relevant qualificatin and highly relevant/non relevant qualification. I should rephrase my question, if I have a non-relevant qualification but with heavy work experience in the highly relevant field for my nominated occupation. Can it pass vetassess assessment? Would vetassess allow to use work experience to substitute a non-relevant qualification ? thank you
  4. hello everyone, i am new to this forum. I have a stupid question about vetassess assessment. I want to apply Architectural Draftsperson (ANZSCO Code 312111), I have many years work experience in this field but my degree is in IT. When vetassess says "If the qualification is not in a highly relevant field, " does it mean a qualification in any field(like IT, or education?), or it means a degree in a relevant field just not highly relevant? in my case, can I get a positive assessment from vetassess? thank you in advance~~