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  1. goliveira

    Citizenship Ceremonies for the City of Yarra

    Yes, the councils that still host the ceremonies have a public schedule with all the upcoming ones, and they might even confirm if your name is on the list if it's close to the date and they already have the list; however, the City of Yarra does not have a schedule and does not receive a list because they do not host ceremonies, ever. Hence, there's no way for someone who lives in the City of Yarra to know when their ceremony will be or in which council, since it will surely not be in the City of Yarra.
  2. goliveira

    Citizenship Ceremonies for the City of Yarra

    Because councils can't answer these questions, not even the ones that are still hosting the ceremonies.
  3. goliveira

    Cancel PR to be allowed to leave?

    Thank you @Marisawright. However, in relation to the comment: This website seems to convey that voluntary PR cancellations would be possible through ImmiAccount: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/cancelling-a-visa Under "Request a visa cancellation", it says: Moreover, are you acquainted with lawyers that might have assisted people struggling to obtain exemptions?
  4. goliveira

    Cancel PR to be allowed to leave?

    Hi, With the outbound travel ban in place, I believe many PR holders will decide to move back to their countries of origin to make sure they can see aging parents, friends, and other relatives whenever they want. I understand that any PR holder would need to get an outbound travel exemption to leave Australia, and I am wondering if anyone here had the experience of making the decision to move back and secured a travel exemption to do so. If so, what did they state in their applications for the exemptions? I can also imagine that some might have applied, and, even after stating that they have no intention of returning, been denied an exemption to leave. If that happened to anyone here, I'd like to know if he or she has considered the option of requesting the cancellation of his or her PR so that he or she is no longer a permanent resident, and, therefore, not subject to the outbound travel ban. If so, what was the cancellation experience like, and has he or she effectively moved back? I can also imagine that the scenario above might have eventuated for someone who already became a dual citizen, and, if anyone has gotten to the point of renouncing their Australian citizenship as their only option to leave Australia at the moment. Thank you all.
  5. Hi, I passed my citizenship test on 7 April 2021, and, last week, I moved to a suburb within the City of Yarra, VIC. I am aware that the City of Yarra is no longer allowed to hold citizenship ceremonies, but I have no idea where they would be booking the ceremonies for its residents. Has anyone in this forum been recently invited to a ceremony while residing anywhere in the City of Yarra? (Richmond, Cremorne, etc.) If so, was it a presential or online ceremony? If presential, where was it? Thank you all.
  6. I can change my plans if I find a way to make some money in any of these two cities. I've already booked international flights to/from Perth, and I was planning to meet a friend in Melbourne to talk about some job prospects there. However, I could stay longer in Perth, or go earlier to Melbourne. Or even not go to Melbourne at all. It all depends on what I'll be able to find. I'll check the websites you mentioned. Thank you!
  7. I am going to Australia at the end of this month just to meet the first entry requirement of my new 189 Skilled Independent Visa. I am going now because my deadline is May 26th and will not be able to move permanently until June 1st, due to personal circumstances. I am going to stay in Melbourne for 10 days and Perth for another 10 days. I am wondering if there is any kind of temporary work that I could do while I am there, just to offset the costs of this visa validation trip. My qualifications are all in the computer science field, more specifically in software development; but I would be willing to do any kind of work -- including unskilled work -- just to make some money.
  8. Yes. We both plan to make 2 separate short trips to Australia before the deadline. I, as the main applicant, would travel in September and stay for 20 days. My spouse would then travel in December and stay for a week. Since our deadline is May 26th, 2015, I think the first entry requirement would be met by these 2 short trips, and then we would be free to finally move to Perth together in June 2016 and stay there indefinitely. I am just concerned because we would both be absent from Australia on May 26th, 2016, even though we would both have made one valid entry with the new visas by then.
  9. I am. Both grant letters came with "Visa conditions = NIL".
  10. I would like to know if anyone here has ever been unable to move to Australia before the visa's first entry deadline, and, therefore, made a short trip just to meet the first entry requirement on time. I find myself in a situation where I can only move to Australia 2 months after my visa's first entry deadline, and I am unsure whether arriving and leaving Australia before that deadline could bring me any negative consequences. In addition, it's also unlikely that my spouse and I will be able to travel together before the deadline due to mutual professional commitments. We can only find the time to travel separately, and I wonder if that could be an issue as well.
  11. I would like to add that I also took the PTE-A after 3 failed attempts of getting a band 8 in the IELTS General. However, I also had to take PTE-A a total of 3 times. In the last attempt, my scores were finally above 79. They were: L:88, R:90, S:84, W:90. In all of the attempts, I took the test completely alone in front of a PC in an air-conditioned testing booth. I used Pearson's testing center in Sao Paulo, Brazil, twice, and an affiliated testing center in Curitiba, Brazil, for the last attempt, due to schedule availability. I also took their online scored practice tests, and I think they helped a lot, for they are scored by the same automated scoring system that scores the real test. In addition, by taking the test 3 times, I noticed that their question bank is definitely very small. I could find several repeated questions in the second and third attempts. Thus, we can conclude that if one takes the test many times, in the end he or she will be knowing most of the questions. Moreover, I was very satisfied that I could see my scores improving at each new attempt; something that never happened with the IELTS. However, I was very dissatisfied with two major issues that I found in their testing system: 1) During the listening part, you never known how many audio tracks you will have to hear to answer the coming questions. Nevertheless, the time keeps running, even during audio playback. Thus, an unpredictable period of time is always subtracted from the total time allowed to the Listening part. 2) When you write the essays or summaries, if you let the time expire and let the system automatically move on to the next question, it is likely that the text you typed won't be saved at all, and you'll lose all marks of that question. You always have to make sure to click the "Next" button before the time expires.
  12. Well, yes. But I noticed that the domain for the Immi Account system is still *.immi.gov.au. It seems that they still didn't complete the transition to the new domain. Apart from the guy's name at the end, it all really looks like a generated email. It's for the 189. Do you know how to call them from overseas? I'm not in Australia. And I noticed something else: http://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Work/Work/Allocation-dates-for-General-Skilled-Migration-applications According to this page, they allocated applications up to 1 May 2015, and my application is dated 26 May 2015. But, of course, it's not clear whether the information on the page is updated. Perhaps my application was not really allocated. Maybe someone is reviewing applications to make sure they are complete in a pre-allocation phase. Something like triage ... On the other hand, the page also says: So, according to this, maybe it is already allocated and I was not notified about it yet.
  13. Yes, I triple checked everything. And the worst part is that there is no "request complete" button for me in the Online Immi system. The email the CO sent me said that "Applicants are required to provide scanned copies of requested documents by return email to gsm.allocated@immi.gov.au.". Near the CO's signature, it also says "GSM Adelaide", and I wonder if it makes any difference. I also noticed that he sent me a PDF attached with information regarding the proof of functional English, dated 2013, which is clearly outdated. It doesn't even contain info about the new English tests they started to accept last year. It's hard to believe that these people can be so imprecise in their communication.
  14. Apparently, my application started to processed by a CO yesterday. He sent me an email requesting the medical examinations, police certificates and spouse's proof of functional English. However, I had already uploaded police clearances to my application and also the results of my spouse's PTE Academic test with scores much higher than the minimum required. So I replied to him asking whether there were any issues with the police checks or the English test. But, so far, I received no response. In addition, I find it really odd that the status of my application in the Online Immi system is still "Application Received", and the last updated date is still the date when I first submitted it. I also find it odd that the email the CO sent me is not listed in the Correspondence section of the Immi system. I wonder if the process has been like this for anyone else.
  15. Dear All, I uploaded two documents to my visa application in the ImmiAccount, and I chose the wrong 'document type' in the combobox of the upload form. I chose "Work Experience - Australian, Evidence of" where it should have been "Work Experience - Offshore, Evidence of". I can't find a way to correct this. Apparently, once documents are uploaded, it's impossible to detach them or fix their descriptions. Has anyone faced any similar problem? I'm not sure if I should "do" something to get this fixed, or if I should just wait until a case officer starts processing my application, notices my mistake and asks me to fix it somehow. In addition, there doesn't seem to be any e-mail address that I could use to contact the department and ask about this. There is the "Notification of incorrect answer - 1023" form, but it doesn't seem applicable to this issue.