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  1. I'm about to submit my application for assessment, and needed some clarification (with authoritative reference if possible) on how work experience is calculated in RPL application and for Diploma: My brief profile is: I have 12 years of work experience (June 2003 to present). I completed MCSD (ACS recognized vendor certification) just this month. I lack tertiary qualification so I'll be submitting an RPL. Assuming all my 12 years are considered as 'relevant work experience', or say just 10yrs. 5yrs of that would be deducted to meet the 'skilled' requirement since I have a recognized diploma. Are the remaining years (5 or 7 depending on ACS consideration) counted towards skilled employment or not?
  2. I'm looking to get accessed for 261312 - Developer Programmer, however I'm a User Interface and Front-end Developer. Yes, I know programming and have MCSD vendor certification, but its not my primary skill and duty at my company. So in the ANZSCO list, the "Closely Related Core ICT Units" are: Algorithm design and development Compilers - (Compiler Construction, Compiler Theory) Data structures Formal languages - (Formal Methods, Functional Programming) Object Oriented Programming Operating systems - (Unix, Linux, Xenix, Network OS) Programming - (C, C++, Objective C, Visual C, Basic, Visual Basic, Java, Assembler, Cobol, Pascal, PL/1, Fortran, PHP, Pearl, AS3, FoxPro, and similar) Software Engineering Testing strategies and methods - (Software Testing) ...and Additional Closely Related ICT Units are: Artificial intelligence Automata theory Business Information Systems Computer Science Critical Path Method Database design or Database implementation Database Management Systems - (Relational Database, Object Oriented Database, RDBMS) Expert Systems File Processing Human Computer Interaction Information Systems Introduction to ICT - (Introduction to Computer Science, Computer Theory, Introduction to Business Computing, Computer Science I) Introduction to Information Systems Management Information Systems Object Oriented System Design Object Oriented Systems Analysis Object oriented technologies Project Management Quality management - (Quality Assurance, Software Quality) Requirements gathering Software validation - (Software Testing) Structure of languages Systems Analysis or System Design Systems Programming User Requirements Definition Web Engineering - (Web Design, Internet Engineering) ... of these, the bold units are exactly my skills, others I'm not sure cause its technical jargon which I don't understand. The other relevant codes are: 313113 - Web administrator 261212 - Web Developer ... but since they're NOT in the SOL, I won't be able to apply for 189. Can someone please suggest me what to do? Any designers and/or front-end developers successfully assessed by ACS for 'Developer Programmer' ? What did your employer list as your duties?
  3. nimbuz

    RPL or not? Please advise.

    So you're saying, even though I have a Diploma recognized by ACS and specifically mentioned in the Summary of Criteria, I cannot claim 10 poins for: "Diploma completed in Australia, trade qualification completed in Australia, or qualification or award of recognised standard"? I don't think so. Can someone please confirm?
  4. nimbuz

    RPL or not? Please advise.

    I'm about to apply for ACS assessment, but it still unclear to me whether I should go the RPL route or not. My credentials: 12 years of work experience as 'Developer' (Jun 03 - Sep 14). No tertiary qualifications. Diploma (MCSD: Web Applications) awarded in Feb this year. My question is, if I submit RPL, will ACS: Acknowledges the diploma, but according to RPL deduct 8 years to meet the skill level, consider the remaining 4 as "skilled employment", OR; Consider the Diploma as ICT Major and deduct 5 years to meet the skill level, but no "skilled employment" since the diploma was awarded only recently. In case of #1, I can claim 10 points for Diploma and 5 for employment, which is great. However, with #2 I can only claim 10 points for Diploma, and no points for employment. What do you think is more likely - #1 or #2?
  5. nimbuz

    RPL or not? Please advise.

    Thanks, useful info there. In my case, diploma was awarded only recently so I'm not sure how much of the experience will count. But from your case, its clear that even vendor certifications (IT Diploma) are considered in an RPL application AND they do consider pre-qualification work experience. So scenario #2 is likely. Can someone else in a similar situation please confirm? Thanks
  6. nimbuz

    RPL or not? Please advise.

    MCSD is recognized by ACS, so no questions there. My work experience has been in IT relevant to the ANZSCO Developer Programmer, so no worries there either. I just want to know whether RPL + Diploma will get me the desired 15 points or not. I'm severely confused there because some websites mention that only NON-ICT Diploma holders can apply through RPL. If its an IT Diploma, its Group B and not RPL.
  7. nimbuz

    ACS assessment and RPL

    According to the "Summary-of-Criteria-2014": So someone with no tertiary qualifications but 8+ years of relevant work experience. What would be the assessment? Considering 3 scenarios: 8yrs of experience substitutes for education? In that case, 15 points can be claimed for education? But that doesn't make sense. 8yrs of experience makes the person 'skilled'? In that case, 15 points can be claimed for work experience? Makes sense but ACS says it considers "skilled employment" on after the education has been completed which in this case is none. 8yrs of experience is acknowledged, and positive assessment provided. But no points, either for educaton or work experience can be claimed? Can someone with a successful RPL application share their experience how it works? Many thanks!