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    Which Company to Use

    Found Anglo Pacific to be best priced, Nick our account manager answered all questions we had, sent us as many boxes as we wanted for free just deposit taken which goes towards shipping costs. All arrived here in Aus on schedule and smooth process with contact from Australian partner they use. I would warn to pack things super carefully as, we had a couple of items that were broken on arrival - plates and moroccan bowl, but 95% arrived in tact. we sent 11 tea cartons in total. Overall would recommend
  2. Been a while since I visited the website, like many people I guess once you move the questions you need answers start to dry up and everyday life takes over. But I feel I owe the forum some of my time now that I am here in Australia. Whats Great: - the weather, it is currently May (the equivalent of end of November in Europe) and its 20 degrees most days. Getting colder at night time but still drops to only maybe 10 degrees. In saying that there was a cyclone a few weeks ago and it rained for a week straight pretty much. - Ocean, we moved very much for the outdoor life and to be in a city with beaches. We live 5 mins from the beach in Eastern suburbs and can run along the coastal path, swim in natural salt water rock pools (free) and even now in May the water is a warm 20 degrees. - People, the australians are super friendly and in our first weeks here we had 3 occasions at bus stops where people suddenyl engaged us in conversation. - Cost of Living, you might think I am crazy with this one but after all the scare stories we were told about how expensive it was for everything from food to utilities we are pleasantly surprised. Loaf Sourdough Artisan bakery $6 about 3 pounds and we barely use electricity with no heating. Wages - We are both earning more than in the UK for similar roles that we did in UK, although working hours might be slightly longer and only 4 weeks holidays. Whats Not: Rent - so general cost of living I gave a plus to but rent is pretty nuts. It is going to your biggest outlay and buying anywhere within an hour of CBD you can forget about it. Sydney is in a major property bubble with prices rising 15-20% in last year alone. But rents are affordable if you are earning average wage for Australia. Broadband - its expensive, slow,not many unlimited options and takes weeks to get connected I hope to expand on many of these topics and write some key guides to how certain things work like rental market, utilities, removals from UK etc. in coming weeks. Until then hope this convinces people to make the move and ignore the scare tactics of how expensive Australia now is
  3. djfuddy

    PCCs multiple countries - initial entry date

    We applied in November, had PCCs from 4/5 different countries and I think they chose the earliest one. Definitely not the last which was the UK we got in November. Visa was issued end of January 189 Visa with last initial entry date in July 2015. So if you not planning on going straight away, maybe delay getting them. Lesson I learned is that you can put in your visa application without having PCC, so once lodged final application you have about 2-3 months before a case officer will be assigned to get PCCs.
  4. djfuddy

    Cost of migration

    Unless your situation is complicated I would do it yourself. Agent will only tell you what to do and when, you still have to collect all the paperwork, book medicals do English test etc. Why go through MARA intermediary when you can get direct MARA agent, they use then as consultants then two people being paid to do one persons job. Book out your weekends for paperwork, make complete list of process and evidence you need and save yourself the cash to pay all the fees. They soon mount up with police checks, notary services, registered post costs to Australia for skills assessment.
  5. djfuddy

    Arrival Accommodation Help!

    Airbnb is great, you get a discount for longer stays over a month and you only need to give one months notice to leave. Plus you pay first month rent up front but Airbnb holds the cash until move in day so pretty secure. We have booked somewhere in Sydney for 3 months but it gives us the option if we find the right place to leave with months notice. The rental cost for the studio we are renting is actually around the same price as renting in the same area.
  6. djfuddy

    Places to live in Sydney

    Well done mungbean As a new arrival did you have to offer a few months rent up front or offer higher than asking rent? Or what in general did you have in your rental pack showing funds, current employment status etc. I have heard of 1form is this used by all the agents? Appreciate yours and other people's input
  7. Be interested in knowing your overall impressions of living in Cronulla? Did you always plan to live here or been elsewhere first? Top 3 plus points and top 3 dislikes? Can't wait to arrive in Sydney and spend time exploring different areas
  8. Yes wuss correct!! In my defence I was lazy young but at time. Next question is: enough going on in cronulla or spend life catching last trains out of centre Sydney. No party animal just like good pubs and live music.
  9. I love Bronte too :laugh: I lived in Randwick for 3 months and loved it. Only thing was having to jump in car down to Coogee for beach. Is there many companies or work opportunities in Cronulla itself or is everyone commutes out during the day? I work in charity/housing/government sector on data analysis/research/policy side.
  10. Using public transport Considering Randwick coogee bondi tamarama bronte Maroubra Always wanted to move to Australia to be by the ocean.
  11. We have been considering living in Cronulla or Eastern Suburbs in Sydney. Cronulla looks slightly more affordable on the rent side but will include commuting into city for work. Eastern Beaches will be closer to work opportunities but rents and demand for places will be higher. Any advice on which is better option and general feedback on living in Cronulla welcome
  12. Thanks for responses, greatly appreciated
  13. We are going to Australia on 189 visa, do we need health insurance to cover first days in Australia until we do Medicare application? Or are we covered as 189 visa holders from the moment we arrive? Anyone else got one way insurance? We are only in Hong Kong for 2 hours and in transit in airport. Advice or links appreciated. Added complication is that my partner is German, I am covered by reciprocal health with Ireland but Germant doesn't have it.
  14. djfuddy

    189 turnaround times / advice?

    We applied 24th November 2014 and our grant was issued 29th January 2015, so about 8 weeks. We had 65 points, front loaded everything offshore from UK. Check out the spreadsheet mentioned which gives good idea of where they are with applications. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AkrdCphtU8u-dGJQSWROUlZ0bThIaUF2VW9zdUZmMlE&usp=sharing#gid=0
  15. We used UKForex and their rate was 3 cent better. Great service and would recommend