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    Backpacking from Melbourne to Cairns in Feb 2015

    Hey everyone, Thanks for the replies and advice, i will probably do as you suggest and get a tent when i get there, and as I've found out, the hostels aren't cheap. i can work if i please as i have a years work and holiday visa, and I'm sure i will for a few weeks. The main reason for this was to see if i can find anyone in a similar situation and travel with them or them with me etc. i was alsop intending to use the couch surfing website that many people swear by, to find places to stay each night!
  2. Hi Frances, how are you? how long are you planning on staying in Melbourne for? my names Sam, I'm also 21 and I'm flying out on the 4th of February. i have written a thread, but its got to be reviewed before they post it. I'm planning on backpacking up from Melbourne to cairns with as little expense as possible over 3ish months.. If your around in february still, it'd be nice to have someone to meet up with as I'm not meeting anyone when i get there anymore.
  3. Hi everyone, Im flying into Melbourne on my own on the 4th of Feb 2015 and getting there on the 5th. I’m now unfortunately travelling on my own because my friend who i was meeting in Australia has let me down and decided to go back to the UK. The basic outline of what i wanted to achieve while over in Australia was to see beautiful things and meet lovely people. starting in Melbourne i wanted to work my way up the east coast like most people do (possibly flying over to tasmania while I’m there for a few days), hitchhiking if possible and living cheaply, staying in hostels or sofa surfing. i want to see as much natural beauty as I possibly can. Im up for near enough anything, camping, hiking, biking, hitchhiking, possible car rentals. I’d like to be able to meet some people in Melbourne or anywhere further along the line to make friends, hopefully travel with, because its starting to sink in that I’m travelling there on my own, and its getting very daunting haha. My budget isn’t massive, so depending on how long i decide to stay (i have a years visa) i will probably just try and travel over a couple of months up the coast. i may spend a couple of weeks working, maybe fruit picking just to get a bit of the culture in me. I hope i can get into contact with a few people in a similar situation! My names Sam Oxley and I’m a 21 year old male. i would really like to get to know some people over there or who are going over there before i get there. Private message me on here. Many thanks, and i look forward to hearing from you. Sam Oxley