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    Moving to Canberra in 2015 thread

    Happy to meet up, get in touch once you're arrived and settled
  2. hefbat

    Car buying in ACT

    As promised in my last post, more questions... :-) Now that we've arrived, we are looking to buy a car. Here's the questions we have so far... 1) According to this, we don't need to get a new licence to drive, as we are on temp visas (457). However, do we need to have a drivers licence to buy, or to register, our newly bought used car? 2) Anyone have any advice/experience/tips when it comes to financing? Background - we are in temp accommodation until our container arrives in July. Job starts in two weeks time, so no payslips yet. Anyone in similar circumstances have any trouble (one tip I've seen elsewhere is term of loan won't exceed length of stay) 3) Any recommendations on where to buy a used car from in ACT (or where not to) Cheers Mike
  3. hefbat

    Thanks for the advice

    Hey all, we've finally completed the move and are enjoying our first few days in our temporary place in Turner. If this is what 'cold' is to Aussies I'll take it - much better than most Edinburgh summer days ;-) Wanted to thank everyone who offered advice and guidance on the board over the past few months on removals, airlines to travel with toddlers on (can't say enough about how good Singapore crew were), insurance, and so on and so on. If anyone with young children wants to meet up, feel free to drop me a line, I've got 22-month-old twins to entertain as I'll be stay-at-home dad for a while. More questions to follow, but thanks again for now. Mike
  4. hefbat

    Play date/coffee meet up

    Hey Minnie, my family moves from Scotland to Canberra tomorrow. I'm doing stay-at-home dad duties for foreseeable future with twin 22-month olds so if you are looking to meet up at softplays, etc drop me a PM.
  5. hefbat

    Moving to Canberra in 2015 thread

    Hey Andy, we're just two week away from arriving, so finishing up last bits and pieces here. Currently trying to determine whether the curtains we are leaving behind are washable or dry-cleanable, and how to find a replacement drain plug for the sink that fits. That kind of mind-numbing stuff. We've got temporary accommodation in the inner north sorted for a couple of months while we wait for the stuff to arrive...dreading the flight with 2-year-old twins but otherwise looking forward to it. Any tips on the prep/flight/move...things you'd wish you'd done differently, especially with a two-year-old of your own? Mike
  6. hefbat

    Childcare tips?

    Wanted to know if anyone had tips for finding good quality childcare in Canberra closer to the centre (where we expect we'll end up living as it's close to my wife's work). Tips on expected costs, waiting times, general availability and flexibility (do they prioritise a full week over a few days), and best way to get started looking...those kinds of things would be useful to know. Thanks in advance Mike
  7. Hi Bex, just to say my wife, toddler twins and I arrive on May 5. We'll be staying in the inner north for a couple of months while we look for a permanent rental and wait for our stuff to arrive from Edinburgh. I'll be home with the kids full time for the foreseeable future so would be happy to meet up with the kids during the day and explore our new home!
  8. hefbat

    Taxes on superannuation

    Got it. Thanks!
  9. hefbat

    Ideas for short-term accommodation in ACT

    Thanks all, found about 5 places that fit a price range between 3200k-4500k.
  10. hefbat

    Taxes on superannuation

    Hi all, I have a tax question regarding superannuation. Say I have a job with a gross salary 100k. The superannuation paid by the employer is 10% (apologies if I'm getting the terminology wrong, 'paid' may not be the right word). Is the tax I pay on my income at the end of the year on the full 100k, or the 90,000 once the superannuation has been removed? Any answer, or direction to a site that explains this clearer is appreciated. Cheers
  11. hefbat

    Reciprocal agreement and medicare exemption

    Thanks all, I think I've got it !
  12. Hi there, My family is travelling to Oz on a 457 visa where we will be working for the next three years. We will not be applying for permanent residency during this time period but will be Australian residents for tax purposes. I understand that we are covered by Medicare (once we arrive and enroll) due to the reciprocal agreement with the UK. Does this mean we still have to pay the Medicare levy and MLS or do we receive an exemption. Cheers Mike
  13. hefbat

    Ideas for short-term accommodation in ACT

    Good question. Found places on Airbnb for $2-3k a month that suited budget, no idea if this is realistic price outside Airbnb or gumtree ads, everything else involving companies seems much higher
  14. Hi all, relocating in May and looking for short-term accommodation while we wait for our stuff to arrive. Need to find a place with no internal stairs (ours love a good climb) access to internet, and with a second bedroom that can fit two cots. Anyone have any tips on how to find something affordable, the websites we've looked at are more aimed a one-week vacationers than parents like us! Cheers Mike