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  1. archlever

    457 - Current processing times

    Congratulations Ignatius! All the sorting out begins in earnest now!!
  2. archlever

    457 Visa-English requirements for spouse

    There is no English language requirement for visa purposes if you are a dependant on a 457 application.
  3. archlever

    457 - Current processing times

    Hi folks, our 457 was granted this morning! Heard absolutely nothing until the status against each individual changed from "processing, please wait for the department to contact you" to "granted". They sent the original grant letter to my employers. My timeline was as follows (bearing in mind I needed my AHPRA registration for visa grant) : AHPRA application received 16th January, granted 18th February. Visa applied for on the 21st of January (everything except AHPRA uploaded), AHPRA uploaded 18th Feburary, Visa granted 26th February. I did my medical in advance on the 16th of January using my health declarations. I knew a medical would be required for me due to my occupation. My employer did a little bit of emailing (both for AHPRA and Visa as they were the authorised recipient on the application). It may be co-incidence but things seemed to move very quickly after my employer did some chasing. The visa office was Brisbane. Hope everyone's visa comes through soon!
  4. archlever

    457 - Current processing times

    Thanks Crooksfamily, Mine has been at processing please wait for the department to contact you since the past couple of weeks at least (for me and my family). Now that I have uploaded my AHPRA approval things should move in the next few days. I am scheduled to start work in the middle of April. Fingers crossed. All the best for your move.
  5. archlever


    I had my medical in Birmingham and was sent a copy of the results in the post but not their recommendation (category a,b or c). This should be uploaded onto the my medicals bit in your immiaccount once the provider uploads them. It should then say "health has been finalized for this applicant..." if it is automatically cleared. However, your case officer can still ask for more information at any stage or so people have told me!
  6. archlever

    457 - Current processing times

    Congratulations Crooksfamily! I'm still awaiting the outcome of my application. Since I am a doctor my visa cannot be granted without confirmation of registration with AHPRA which I uploaded on the 18th of February. My ImmiAccount status says InProgress and at the application page it says processing next to each applicant. Did your status change befforee the visa was approved (such as case officer allocated etc)? Or was it just that it was granted and that was the only change? When and where you planning to move to OZ? Cheers.
  7. archlever

    457 - Current processing times

    Thanks Ozmaniac! Still waiting on my visa decision (lodged 21st January). My daily morning ritual now includes logging on to the immiaccount and pay my respects to the "in progress" status of my application! :wink:
  8. archlever

    457 - Current processing times

    A quick question. Did anyone need to take the IELTS for the 457 visa? The DIAC website suggests a passport from the UK would be enough to fulfill the English Language requirement? I have been assessed for and meet the Elglish Language requirements for my profession (medicine), though my IELTS is over 10 years old. Any advice appreciated. Cheers
  9. archlever

    457 - Current processing times

    Had my AHPRA approval through today! Application received 16/01/2015 granted today 18/02/2015 after some chasing and a letter of escalation from prospective employer. Have uploaded this to my Immi account 457 application. Now just a matter of waiting I guess. Any ides on timescales from this point on? I have applied on the 21st of January (uploaded everything except AHPRA on the 21st), had my medical finalised and the visa is showing up as processing. Cheers
  10. No experience I'm afraid but they do say... "have lived, or been primarily based in one or more countries other than Australia for six consecutive months or longer, when aged 18 years or more." Make of that what you will. Were you based in one country for more than six months in your gap year?
  11. I'm afraid it's for all professions as the change has been endorsed by all National Boards. I have looked at the nursing registration form and the criminal history check appears there as well.
  12. archlever

    457 - Current processing times

    Hi, AHPRA received my application on 16th of January (not a peek from them yet). I had my medical upfront and applied for my visa. The online application says "processing", I assume it will not move forward till AHPRA have granted registration.
  13. As of the 4th of February 2015, all new applicants who have lived outside of Australia for more than 6 months need to apply for a International Criminal History Check, before sending their application to AHPRA. This check needs to include ALL countries that you have lived in from more than 6 months from the age of 18. Here is the link: http://www.ahpra.gov.au/Registration/Registration-Process/Criminal-history-checks/International-Criminal-History.aspx Something to be aware of for new applicants or if your application will land with AHPRA after the 4th.
  14. archlever

    Doctors' thread

    Thanks Eggy! You've had an interesting time with your visa and AHPRA to say the least! But it's reassuring to know that I seem to be following the right process... My application should be with AHPRA today and I've finished my RANZCP and AMC. I've also had my visa medical upfront through My health declarations yesterday. So, I'll apply for my 457 visa next week. I did check with my employer and they seem to have the business sponsorship sorted and I have a TRN. I'm currently in a locum post and have told my employer that I'd probably stop work around end of February (barring any surprises in the process). We are planning to fly out in early April so will be good to have a couple of weeks "rest" then get stuck into the moving process (renting house, booking flights, saying goodbyes etc). Also am waiting till the end of this month to tell our lil ones. The younger (3 and a half) should be ok, our 7 year old will need prep as he loves his school and has lots of good friends here! Hopefully we can get him excited eventually about the move! I might take you up on the offer of help when I come to booking removals, renting out etc! Thank again!