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  1. andy surridge


    Have been on a temporary work visa in New Zealand for six and a half years . Have now moved to Australia on an aged parent visa. I have a bridging visa type (a). Have been informed that even though i,m a UK citizen I cannot get medicare . Is this correct? Thanks Andy
  2. So the 143 is in . Suddenly major hiccup. Tried to change visa to a 173 its going to cost another 5000 bucks. At my age can do without it.
  3. andy surridge

    Visa options?

    Thankyou for your prompt reply. Just a couple of questions, I did not mention that we are bitish citizens on a work visa. Also can my son sponsor me into Aus any other way. Also is the two stage contribuitionary visa still in force?. Again many thanks. ANDY,
  4. andy surridge

    Visa options?

    Dear All, I am extremely new to this game, and what I am looking for is someone with a wealth of wisdom and knowledge?? Here we go, Both myself and my wife are on a 3 year work visa in New Zealand. I am 62 , my wife is 40 (60). They are saying here that i can extend my work visa for another year . All good so far. My Daughter and 5 grandchildren are resident here in New Zealand. My son is resident in Australia which is were we would prefer to be. But it would seem the only way to get there is by CPV. Which would set us back something like $80,000 nz. Is there any way around the finacial burdon this would put around our neck. Any help would be appreciated. Oh by the way Iam a fuel tanker driver , who also trains new drivers to load and deliver fuel saftely to sites both farm and service station,s. Andy Surridge