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  1. Hi Sujit !! The process is not really lengthy when you compare with any other country of the world. I would a say that 8 week trip is fine. Just in case a case officer is assigned and wants to have further details then, what will you do ? In my case , i received the grant by email and no case officer was assigned... Some members who had a case officer assigned will also comment. You too can be lucky if you have a clear case. Good Luck
  2. Gentlemen !! I have a small doubt about sending of Docs for CoR. I'm planning to send : A cover letter, Credit card authorization , Form 419 and certified true copy of the "Continued Competence course".My doubt pertains to sending a copy of my PR. Should that be certified too ? (Since i received the grant by email and I myself have a soft copy, Is it required to be Certified too ?? !!) Please advise in case any of you remember something. Regards
  3. Thanks for your advise Capt C and Capt R Well , just called up AMSA regarding the same. They've asked me to fill out a new 419, and send it across, they've also asked me to leave the assessment Fee and send a Cover letter with my Form and the Documents. Solves most of it .... However the part that the Endorsements like Tanker Endorsements and ECDIS won't be issued by AMSA if these ENDORSMENTS are a part of my Original Licence was also clarified during the Telconv. But thanks to all of you for a prompt response !! Cheers Regards
  4. Chief Mate S, Thanks for the Reply !! Well when I appeared for the Orals, I was not given the option to Fill in Form 419, in Jan 2015 in Sydney. More so , when i Called up Canberra office Call centre on Friday I was asked to send in a Filled in Form 419 , Now the trouble is that when i filled in the soft copy of this Form 419 (pdf) , it is asking me to send the Assessment Fee once More of $215 AUS although I have passed the Orals , apart from the CoR fee and the GMDSS fee. Chief Mate S/Capt C , do you recall anything more from this filing of the Form 419 (like was it a physical form or did you do it on a terminal and did you fill up the sea service details again on this form etc. ) Hope to hear from you and Capt C , soon. Also appreciate the efforts of Capt C asking older/senior members like CaptR and Latitude83 to assist. Regards Capt K
  5. Dear Rohit Thanks for the response. I called up AMSA, Sydney (appeared for Orals from there) where and they asked me to speak to AMSA Canberra office where my case has been finally transferred. Getting a Certificate from the course provider is another task that i have in hand now. Well .... these endorsements are something that we will need to work upon now. Just the final word regarding the CoR , if it should be filled up and sent now at this stage is my only question. Can someone please comment. Thanks in advance. Regards
  6. Hi Capt C Thanks for your response. When I started the process in May 2014, they were using both form 419 and the older system. At that time I was unaware and got my assessment done and orals booked using the older system. Now that I need to apply for the CoR, I wish to know more about this .... May be some older member can assist .... Should I just send my documents and a credit card authorisation form OR Do I start a frsh 419. Thanks in advance. Regards
  7. Hi Friends !! Just needed your advise on One issue regarding the 'Certificate of Recognition' as i have now completed the various other formalities,including PR, continued competence, medicals, Orals .... can somebody please advise me about the procedure to apply for the COR. Some of you have recommended using Form 419. My other qeustion pertains to the Endorsements like GMDSS and Dangeruous cargo Endorsement like Oil and Gas.Even ECDIS - is given like an Endorsement in form 419. How do i proceed - i asked AMSA if i can send a credit card authorization and scanned , attested/notarized copies of these documents , but they insisted on physical copies. Can some you who have recently done this - be kind enough to give me a head start. Regards
  8. Lodged in late March 2015 ;Visa 189 received in 1st week May; No case officer assigned. Cheers
  9. Well Its' a 2 day course which is available in colleges in Australia. Not required before the orals. But required before you apply for the COR. Cheers
  10. Pretty much agree with views of Capt C as I also claimed 15 points since i have degree instead of 10 points of advance Diploma awarded by AMSA after the orals