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  1. DT55

    Childcare subsidy on a 489 visa?

    When we became PR there was no 2 year wait for childcare subsidy (but was for other benefits). This was 5 years ago. Id check again just in case the person you spoke to made a mistake
  2. DT55

    Vacation Days (what's normal?)

    I thonk its company specific. I can take Long service leave at 7 and 10 years. Im in QLD. I can also cash in personal leave if you have enough and been with the company long enough
  3. DT55

    UK holiday- recommendations!

    You can get a steam train from Goathland to pickering as well. Nice walks around there if you're into that sort of stuff
  4. DT55

    Would you recommend using a Migration Agent

    You can (currently) apply for citizenship after 4 years which would remove the need to bother with the RRV
  5. DT55

    Need some help

    Sorry... Ignore. Just realised this is about your sister
  6. DT55

    Need some help

    If you were born in Australia to permanent residents doesn't that make you an Australian citizen?
  7. DT55

    British child

    Why would it make any difference? They have been married for 17 years with 2 kids so from the info given he surely qualifies. No reason not to sort out both at the same time as far as i can see?
  8. DT55

    Student Visa

    I dont think school fees are payable in Queensland for temporary visa holders (although this may change) but be aware if you need childcare you wouldnt qualify for the government rebate meaning it would be very expensive
  9. As has been suggested by two others, talk to a registered migration agent to see exactly where you stand
  10. DT55

    Grant after ex contacted

    Permission for what?
  11. DT55

    General help

    Timescale may be a bit optimistic as usually you require x years post qualification experience depending on the profession. Id run this past an agent
  12. DT55


    It was great. First christmas here 6 years ago. Park bbq in Caloundra follwed by a dip in the sea. Loads of people on the beach wearing santa hats.
  13. DT55

    Best bank

    True. But this includes no fees on overseas ATMs (or any overseas transactions) and they refund fees on the ATMs at servos etc. They also give you a few days grace if you accidentally go overdrawn. I dont say this about many banks but ive had a really good experience with ING. NAB may also provide something similar...i dont know..
  14. DT55


    But he does know the answer. If its urgent, you dont know what you're doing, and don't want to get it wrong then use a professional. You're not going to get anywhere being rude to people who are obviously trying to help
  15. DT55


    Can't you just be the secondary applicant on your wife's application? As previously suggested it might be good to talk to a MARA registered agent