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  1. DT55

    How to Get Ready to Receive UK Pension

    Thanks Andy - that’s useful to know
  2. DT55

    How to Get Ready to Receive UK Pension

    Thanks. Useful to know as you have the option of taking a larger lump sum with the NHS pension. Also is the lump sum taxed at 15% rather than marginal rate? cheers
  3. DT55

    How to Get Ready to Receive UK Pension

    Interesting. So in layman terms, say you have a NHS pension which pays a lump sum and then regular payment- they are taxed differently? - Lump sum. Only taxed on any gains since you left the Uk? Is that right? - Regular pension - taxed at your marginal rate? Thanks
  4. DT55

    Your last meal....

    Monster munch!
  5. Yeah same. Biochemist skills assessment was just education and employment history. So much overlap between biochemist and biomedical scientist but the skills assessment requirements couldn’t be further apart. That’s why I suggested considering using an agent (maybe Paul above) as there be a much easier route that what the OP Is currently pursuing
  6. Is the biomed science route your only option to migrate? We considered this route years ago but found the AIMS skills assessment ludicrously difficult. We migrated under a similar but different route (biochemist) where the skills assessment was much much easier - this was years ago mind. Maybe worth consulting a migration agent to see what options are availabile?
  7. DT55


    Hi, Are moneycorp not operating in Australia from December? Got a message from them this morning with words to that effect saying they were closing my account? cheers
  8. Yeah I think Dave Ramsey (and Barefoot) like to refer to this as ‘Conscious spending’ and I think for me at least it works. When I had a credit card, even though I paid in full every month I definitely spent more which is one of the reasons I don’t have one any more.
  9. For general advice on this I think the Barefoot investor or Dave Ramsay’s baby steps are both good places to start
  10. Interesting. We shipped over our tumble dryer and it’s been sitting in the garage for 8 years not doing anything
  11. DT55

    Bank Account

    Agree with the above post. We set up our Westpac account from the uk got off the plane and picked up our cards straight away from our nominated local branch. Really easy. Since switched to ING as they don’t charge international transaction fees and refund domestic and overseas ATM fees
  12. DT55

    Post from the UK

    Yes. Was sent a birthday present in March and is yet to turn up
  13. DT55

    Age a problem?

    I work for a Private Pathology company and there always seems to be jobs like this advertised In the multitude of collection centres dotted around.
  14. DT55

    School Fees on a Sponsored Visa

    Note also that if you need to use out of hours school care you would have to pay full whack$$$ on a temp visa. If you had PR you get government rebates on this.
  15. DT55

    Opening Australian bank account from UK

    Do NAB still sponsor this site? Could ask them?