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  1. Sandsmuir

    Scottish football

    Celtic games for me!
  2. Sandsmuir

    Scottish football

    No laughing but do any channels in oz show scottish football?
  3. Sandsmuir

    Can mum stay?

    My father passed away very recently and I want to have my mother stay with us in OZ as much as is allowed. At the moment we believe she can come on a visitors visa for 90 days unless we are wrong about that! Can we get permission for longer periods? Are we able to make her a dependent on our own visa?
  4. So been in oz a month now. Found an area to settle and get on with starting a new life! Discovered that our 489 visa, despite being a 2 step PR visa in the eyes of government agencies is temporary. Although we are in on a skilled state sponsored visa neither of us can get a government job until we have PR! A bit of a set back to say the least and a bit strange that the state would sponsor us but then preclude us from state jobs! We can get by that by being a bit more adaptable i guess. The other strange thing i am having trouble with is medical insurance. Again we can only get visitors cover, which is expensive but does anyone know why we even need it when in the eyes of the oz gov until we successfully apply for PR we are just british citizens visiting so should we not be covered by the medical reciprocal agreement in place for visiting nationals?
  5. Sandsmuir

    Buy a car

    Looking to sort out a car for when we arrive in brisbane in a couple of weeks. Think leasing is out so its buying. Any recommendations of garages or best local papers/websites to look in etc. makes to avoid. Needs to be a good size family car, reliable as its going to take us up the coast.
  6. Sandsmuir

    Great Jobs wrong Visa!!!

    Prior to arriving next month in QLD I have been applying for various jobs. 2 in particular came up. 1 with QLD ambulance service the other with far north police liason. Got telephone interviewed for the first, all went really well, told I would be put through to the next stage of testing in Brisbane, then, email to say my Visa does not fit the criteria. Now on reading the requirements of the police job I been shortlisted for interview shows the same requirements which will probably preclude me from that job too. the problem is we have a 489 visa which gives us 4 years to qualify for an 887 PR Visa. we just need to live in regional qld for 2 years and work full time for 1 year to make the grade to apply for an 887 visa. Trouble is, it looks like I will need to job around in temp jobs for 2 years before being able to apply for permanent jobs! How is that going to affect things like renting etc? anyone else experience this?
  7. Sandsmuir


    No it isnt. but thats where they were holding the next phase of testing. the post was in cairns.
  8. Sandsmuir


    so getting real excited about our imminent arrival! been applying for loads of jobs and about 3 weeks ago I got a hit. Asked to be on hand for a telephone interview, did that, went really well, told that I had breezed through to the next stage. was asked if I could be in Brisbane before the end of April, I said Yes! this was too good of a job opp to hum and haw about whether I could make it out by then! sitting waiting for a fixed date when I get an email saying I dont qualify due to my visa????? its a 489 2 step permanent residency visa. to convert to a 189 I need to live in regional qld for 2 years and work full time for 1 year and I got 4 years to do it. wtf?
  9. Anyone have experience of this. I have 2 phones on my contract (1 each for the good lady and me). 1 of the phones are at the end of the contract and the other runs out in october. We arrive april. We like our phones as they are great for us. If we unlock them before we go and then start a sim only on these phones in OZ can my uk current provider deactivate my phone from the UK if I dont pay the remainder of my contract?
  10. Sandsmuir

    Dont want to part with my car

    Thank you (at least some of you) for the support! Some of you probably think I was daft to have bought in the first place! Hopefully I have explained in a post just before this! This post however is my car's epitaph! It was declared dead yesterday, written off and is heading for the breakers yard! :ssign3: "my poor porschey, you were not with us long but you made your mark. We looked to move you to a far flung continent to help warm your bones and keep you young but alas the UK weather took its toll on you. You were strong in every way, so quick over the tarmac but you just couldn't escape the rain pishing in through your sunroof when we let you rest outside our house. That toxic rainwater found its way into your wiring loom and cpu and blew out pretty much everything. You didnt know whether you were coming or going. The memory of your computer control display fading to nothing as we made the heart wrenching decision to disconnect your battery for the very last time will be etched on my mind forever"
  11. Sandsmuir

    Dont want to part with my car

    may seem crazy but at the time we didnt think we would actually get the Visa! We had had some issues with kids from my first marraige and medical stuff for my wife so we fully expected to be delayed for quite some considerable time but as we hunkered down for the long haul the agent called to say we were sorted! shocked is understating it!
  12. Sandsmuir

    Dont want to part with my car

    For heavens sake! You'll hurt its feelings saying things like that!
  13. Sandsmuir

    Dont want to part with my car

    Yes I suppose that is 1 solution! Not quite what I was looking for though! Cant imagine my good wife and excited kids agreeing to stay here in the UK for another 10 months so I can keep my car! Lol!
  14. Sandsmuir

    Dont want to part with my car

    I got myself a porsche cayenne turbo as part of my pre-planned mid life crisis. 6 weeks later we get out visa granted. I am gutted that I cant take my car because i have not owned it for more than 12 months yet. We definitely cant afford to buy the same car in OZ as the prices are astronomical compared to what I paid here for it. Is there ANY way around this 12 month rule? Uk to Qld.
  15. Sandsmuir

    World tour of QLD!

    Thanks Pom Queen!