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    189 Visa November Lodge Gang

    Hey everyone.. I lodged my EOI today for 189 visa with a total of 65 points as social worker...Hoping to receive invite in the next rounds. Skills assessment.: 19/09 Ielts results: 14/11 EOI: 15/11 I have all my police checks and I am going to book my medical as soon as I lodge ☺
  2. Thank you! I do not know the exact dates of my employment. I know the months and year but can't remember the day. Is it okay to just put in the first day of each month or does it have to be exact?
  3. Hi everyone.I received my IELTS results today and luckily have gained 20 points. I am now going to lodge my eoi but I have a few queries before I do. I hope you can help.I am not claiming points for work experience as I only have 11 months post qualification therefore do not have enough for points. 1. Do I still include all jobs iv had in the last 10 years and tick them as not relevant. 2. If doing this should I include the unpaid work experience I did as part of my study as I have this on my cv.Thanks