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  1. Just fyi... asked a friend in Australia to call dibp and they said that if showing the experience which has not been assessed results in a change in points then it should be assessed... this is true especially in my case where the experience is with a different organisation
  2. i have all the evidence.. but on advice from a friend who works in australian consulate.. i'm going by the safe route and get assessment done again... also.. i've already appeared for ielts and waiting for the result.. will know if i get 8 in all by sunday.. thanks for help
  3. can anyone help me out here? should i remove the new experience and wait for skill assessment for new one to come thru?
  4. Hi All, Below is my situation. I was working for organisation A for 6 years and 8 months till December 2013. In February, i Joined Organisation B at the same designation (Senior Business Analyst - IT - 261111). In May, i had my skill assessment done, but in my naivety, as i did not want to inform my employer that i'm planning on migrating to Australia, i only showed the reference letter from my previous employer i.e. 6 years and 8 months. I got my assessment result in June, and ACS deducted 2 years making my experience 4 years and 8 months. I recenly got my ielts result and got a band of 8 (min 7.5 so 10 points). So here is my points Age - 30 Qualification - 15 English - 10 Job - 5 / 10 if current experience is counted. I want to now, whether i should go ahead and show my current experience which is 9 months now making overall 5 years and 5 months, despite that my current experience has not been assessed by ACS. Would diac accept if i show them the reference letter and salary proofs from current employer. Cheers