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  1. thank you so so much taken a massive weight off of my mind, ill slowly hack away at form 80 anyways just incase i do get asked i have it!
  2. :err: hello everyone just double checking for the partner visa whilst in Australia. Ive filled out form 47sp, and have also started filling out the dreaded form 80.....THEN i come across another form called a 1221!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do i have to fill in this form 1221 aswell, ive googled it and it looks as though i have to? also processing times currently for the partner visa is 12-15 months, i lodged our application one week ago and i am uploading everything as i go, it says i have up to the decision time to upload documents, is this right? obviously im tryinn to get it all done asap. ive been granted my bridging visa A immediately, but no one has even looked at my application yet? so im just panicking to makesure i have completed all these forms on time ! your help is really appreciated. thanks
  3. Thanks for your replies, just to confirm; we read that documents do not need JP certification if you are applying online. Does this count for all documents? We have collated all required evidence as suggested in the migration workbook as well as all of our personal identification documents and we were planning to visit the JP tomorrow and have all of them witnessed as we are unaware of exactly what the online system will ask us for after payment. If this isnt the case, we might save us a long wait in the JP office!!
  4. Hello, im about to submit my application for the Partner Visa, i actually pressed submit and then it brought up the payment method. I just wandered at what stage do you upload all your evidence for them to look at ? and even the certified ID that they require? Once paid for the application do i then immediatley get granted my bridging visa then i have a certain amount of time to upload my documents?? a little confused with the process after the SUBMIT button. Thank you
  5. Ryan Canavan

    lodge de factor subclass 820/801 by email or in person ???

    hey thanks for your reply, ive decided wisely to submit mine online. Quick question we just have to pay for the application now, after you pay, do you then go onto submut all your evidence and ID documents etc?? thank any help would be much appreciated
  6. Ryan Canavan

    Partner visa application 47sp

    Hey everyone ! In the booklet it states things you must have ... One of the pieces of identification or evidence you need is a copy of your old passport ! I honestly do not have this and would not have a clue where it is ! I've read a lot of people back a couple of years ago have said you don't need this and they didn't even realise it was in the partner migration booklet! Please help if you have an idea for lodgement in 2015! Much appreciated thank you
  7. Hey guys, my partner and i are 3 weeks from lodging our subclass 820/801 defactor visa. We are wondering which is the best way to lodge it, do we go and lodge at Brisbane in person? or should we do it electronically?. Anybody who has any hints or tips on this that would be awesome?,I am also a little confused as if we lodge application in person do we have to take originals or photocopies of evidence?. thanks
  8. Ryan Canavan

    Legal team or "do it yourself" partner visa application

    It's just that you'd hope that with using an agent would take some of the stress and worry about the whole thing! So far out of the 3 people we have dealt with, the sales agent told us our visa option wasn't an option, I had to prove him wrong... Our Australian migration specialist in the UK gave my partner advice that would have had her deported upon arrival which was backed up by the agent they forwarded us to in Oz then our Australian agent just proved that she doesn't understand the temporary visa 100% as after speaking with her we found out conflicting info after calling immigration ourselves.. We are still with them as maybe I'm just looking too much into it but, considering they have the future of me and the person I love in their hands, it's getting to me...
  9. Ryan Canavan

    Legal team or "do it yourself" partner visa application

    Hey guys, thanks for your comments. We were considering doing it ourselves although we are in a pretty unique situation. We just scrape into the requirements for a partner visa application due to the fact we dont meet the 12 months "living together" clause. We still qualify as we will register our relationship, although we are hoping for travel and work rights so we don't want to take any chances. So far, we arent having the best experience with GM. Can someone reccomend a honest, empathetic agent they may have used?
  10. Hi Guys, My partner and I are planning for a partner visa in the near future. We are tossing up between doing the application ourselves or paying a specialist. Its quite a huge fee to use specialists ($3.5k) so just wondering what advice you may have. Thanks