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  1. Sean Golding

    Student Visa

    Does anyone know the minimum level of qualification I have to be enrolled on in order to qualify for a student visa? The course I wanted to enrol on is a Certificate IV in Programming, as it will give me the practical experience that I need to back up my current studies. I have an HND now, the equivalent of an associate degree. But to qualify for a student visa do I need to be studying a minimum of a diploma? Or is that just for streamlined visa processing? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Sean Golding

    Super refund and re entry

    Hey guys, I left Oz about a year ago when I finished my WHV and I did a tax return and a superannuation refund. I miss the place like crazy and I think it may be worthwhile to try and get my head down for a couple of years and work towards a permanent migration. Will the fact that I refunded my super pose some extra complications for me? Could it restrict my chances of getting a visa?
  3. Sean Golding

    Perth, WA or Brisbane, Queensland...???

    I've lived in both, Perth wins hands down! Brissy is nice, and cheaper, but it's hot as hell and not in a good way, going so far to the beach isn't great either. Perth all round is better in my opinion, great beaches, longer and more enjoyable summer although it's more isolated so you can expect delivery times on internet shopping to be a little longer. Something for everyone in Perth, as long as you can make the $$$ as its also more pricey. Have a look at Fremantle I love it there!
  4. Sean Golding

    Emigration Advice

    The student route is going to be a tough one for you given your age. It is tricky actually at any age. The only way I have found as a student which is a route that I am considering taking a risk on is 2 years training at a tafe college doing a trade qualification which is on the skilled occupation list, followed by a graduate visa, a job ready program skills assessment with TRA and then a points based migration, but bear in mind I will be risking £20k for the move and tuition fees and the career I am studying could be removed from the SOL at any time so it's a huge risk. But by the time you complete your studies you are unlikely to be able to claim any points for age! I don't see this as an option for you. I think your options are very very limited. I would get your kids a good education here, so that they can migrate when they are of a suitable skill/age or pick somewhere in the EU where your migration options are broader. Also you could look into possibly investing over there I am sure there is going to be some sort of visa available for a business owner that employs Aussie citizens. Good Luck
  5. Sean Golding

    Student Visa 2015

    Better to study a trade qualification. If the trade remains on the SOL by the time of graduation you can apply for a Graduate (18 month) visa, Bear in mind that working 20 hours a week will barely be enough to survive let alone pay tuition fees, which will likely be around $28k AUD for the 4 semesters required. It's not an impossible route, but definitely not easy!
  6. Sean Golding

    Work on a student visa?

    When I say a cash job I mean just doing odd domestic bits for friends, such as refurbishing their decking, painting their house etc. A lot of my friends over there are professionals and get confused as to the concept of using a screwdriver. Other things for instance is my former housemate/landlord couldn't iron clothes (and was too lazy to learn), so he would reduce my rent in exchange for doing his ironing haha. Odd bits like these may just cut down my expenses enough to make $500pw comfortable. Fortunately I don't smoke, rarely drink and eat pretty healthy. My expenses are often low and favourite past times are cheap/free in Aus. My whole ambition for being over there, that great outdoor life!
  7. Sean Golding

    Work on a student visa?

    I am intending to give up sleep here in the UK for a year or so and continue to moonlight full time until I have an appropriate amount of savings. I want to at least be able to cover 4 semesters education (approx £15k) plus an extra £7-10k in reserve to cover flights and relocation costs, visas, a cheap vehicle over there and some general living expenses. As long as I can earn $4-500pw and live again in a shared house I will be fine. It would just be nice if I could survive more comfortably and not be counting every cent! I'm quite handy fortunately so I'm sure there's always going to be a few small cash jobs knocking around with friends. I was just trying to figure out how my former housemate managed it, I guess she was probably breaking her visa conditions. Do you know can you be self employed on a student visa? Thanks
  8. Sean Golding

    Work on a student visa?

    No it doesn't affect it according to the government website as long as it is registered as part of my course. I believe I can also work in exchange for board/lodge but not receive financial remuneration. Think it will be a very tough 2 years if I am realistically only going to earn $4-500 per week. I can work unlimited hours during the holidays though which is a perk. https://www.immi.gov.au/students/visa-conditions-students.htm
  9. Sean Golding

    Work on a student visa?

    Ah not to worry I think I have just found my answer anyway. It is not mandatory to be paid for any placement work, however I can be paid for it should the employer wish to voluntarily pay me, although he doesn't have to...pffft think I would be lucky to get someone to volunteer wages haha. http://www.fairwork.gov.au/about-us/policies-and-guides/fact-sheets/unpaid-work/student-placements
  10. Sean Golding

    Work on a student visa?

    Hi guys, I am looking at going back to Australia on a study visa and was wondering what the situation is for working while studying? I will be doing a TAFE course which requires placement alongside classes, placement has to be sourced by myself (Carpentry). Am I eligible to be paid for placement work (as I believe this doesn't affect my 40 hours per fortnight that I am already allowed to work)? My housemate when I was living there before was doing social work whilst studying at TAFE and she was working and being paid for full time hours, she said she was not restricted on work as it was related to her course. Is this correct or was she technically breaching her visa conditions? I would just like the opportunity to make a little extra cash while studying as 20 hours a week wages don't go very far at all!
  11. Sean Golding

    Graduation Visa - 485

    I have actually been looking at taking the exact same route as you, doing carpentry at TAFE followed by a Graduate visa and a Job Ready Program with TRA for PR Skills Assessment. However I am being told that you can only get the full Level III Certificate if it is studied as part of an apprenticeship. Apprenticeships are only open to Aussie citizens. Maybe your work placement covers this part of the qualification? As far as I am aware, in order to do the JRP you have to be "Employed" as the company will have to be registered with TRA. However I would contact TRA regarding this as it is a permanent place of subcontracting so there may be exceptions since you won't be contracting to lots of various companies. I think it is more so that on a contract it's easier to prove the amount of hours you have done as this is a requirement for certain steps of the program. The 485 visa itself will give you the same full working rights as a permanent visa, you can do whatever occupation, if any, for the duration of the visa. It is however wise to work in your nominated occupation in order to claim points for Australian work experience and to gain skills assessment. You will also need to do step 1 in the Job Ready Program with TRA to gain skills assessment for the 485 visa itself. What exact qualification did you do?
  12. Sean Golding

    The Future of Trades on the SOL?

    Thanks, looks like it's likely a fingers crossed scenario then!
  13. Sean Golding

    The Future of Trades on the SOL?

    Hello guys, this may sound like a strange post...as nobody can predict the future...but I have been looking around the internet for references for the SOL for previous years and I can't seem to find anything. Basically I am trying to see how long certain trades have been on there to try and hazard a guess as to the future demand of such trades. I am currently training to be a carpenter, and realistically I know I will have to work 3 years full time in the UK before I can apply for skills assessment, I am hoping (and praying) that my skill will not be removed from the SOL in this time. So would anybody know how great the demand is for Trade workers? Is the market starting to saturate or is there a growing shortage?
  14. Sean Golding

    City and Guilds vs NVQ (Carpentry)

    Excellent thanks for the reply, at least I am on the right track then assuming it isn't taken from the SOL in the next couple of years. TRA requires 3 years full time experience post qualification I believe, but I need them anyway for 5 points unless I could find a sponsor before that. May go and do a year in NZ on a working holiday visa in the meantime! Cheers
  15. Sean Golding

    City and Guilds vs NVQ (Carpentry)

    That's great thanks, did you do your skills assessment through TRA or VETTASSES? And did you do your qualification through apprenticeship or other means? I am just interested as I read somewhere that the skill level for a carpenter had to be AQF IV or AQF III alongside 2 years on the job training in order to qualify? I am currently doing a fast track course with Able Skills and was hoping to attempt to get the ball rolling in 3 years time once I have met the eligibility requirements for TRA.