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  1. PandaPaws1988

    Move back to Aus again?

    Hi, this is my first post on PIO so here goes :-) - sorry its so long! I moved over to Perth WA in Oct 2011 from London with my partner, after a horrific 2 year wait for a visa for him to start a company in Perth. 8 months into our move we amicably broke up and still to this day remain great friends. I continued on in Perth with great jobs and travelling around until May this year when I got mysteriously ill, and the doctors in Perth couldn't figure it out. I decided to go back to London for a 3 week trip to spend some time with my family (and to get away from a horrible breakup), and luckily I did because 2 days after landing my appendix ruptured - the NHS is amazing! I recovered well and started dating a long time friend so decided to stay for the summer at least. I now have a contract job for the next year and have been travelling around Europe on weekends which is brilliant. That being said I have a dilemma at the moment. Now that I have recovered and its winter here (I haven't really experienced one for 3 years!) I am deciding whether to go back to Perth or not. I guess this is down to the fact that when I left in May I didn't realise I wouldn't be going home. I went back to Perth for a week in August which turned into a mess as I bumped into my crazy ex and the encounter left a bad feeling, but I cant judge a place based on one person. I loved my time in Perth for the 3 years I was there, most of it being single and without any family which I didn't mind that much. I had a great life there, brilliant salary, lovely friends and the outdoor lifestyle I always wanted as I wakeboard and run. London is fantastic too, but I feel like I really grew up in aus because of being alone and maybe thats why I feel like its home now. My new boyfriend who I've known for years has family out there, and said he will happily go. But I am so used to my decisions just affecting me, and its difficult to ask someone else to give up the life they know just for you. But in my heart I know I want to go back and if I wasn't in a relationship I would. Do I give it more time as its only been 5 months, or just go for it again? Thanks guys :-)
  2. PandaPaws1988

    Move back to Aus again?

    Thank you to everyone who posted and for your personal experiences :-) Lots to think about and its not all doom and gloom. Christmas and new year in the UK should be brilliant. Any move will be early next year but I think it's definitely on the cards. Take care everyone.
  3. PandaPaws1988

    Move back to Aus again?

    Hi oddball - yep it's been a roller coaster! :-) my boyfriends job means he can get a 457 employer sponsored visa, or at worst a working holiday visa until he finds an employer - he's under 30.
  4. PandaPaws1988

    Move back to Aus again?

    Thanks Que Sera, Sera :-) My nurses were especially brilliant, so all the respect in the world to your sister. I'll talk it over with my sister and friends a bit more, but I think you're right I do already know, it's just how to do it now. Thanks again and best wishes